Art In Romance


Art in Romance-Art in Romance,is from romance series,which have been working on for years.Price NOT include shipping.Ship 2-3 business days and up to 15-10 days International,depending on geographical region.NB.This piece is NOT the original,its a print. is a Fine Art .The original artwork is created by John-Powell

A giclee print on paper OR canvas,size:20x16,folded in tube,shipping by FedEx, UPS OR Post office.

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  • Your Painting Is Just Adorable, Excellent Design.
  • I Want To See More Paintings. You Have An Awsome Style!
  • Really Nice Style. Do You Have More Paintings Of This Type?
  • A Very Creative Artist!
  • Romantism In Colour. You Gave The Perfect Definition In Your Work.
  • Romantism In Colour.
  • Nice Feast Of Coloured Lights!
  • Nice
  • Like An Exhibition Of Human Beauty.
  • I Love The Blend Of Colors!