Fabrics have been used as a medium for expressing creative art since ancient times. Numerous artists have taken this textile art legacy forward and come up with innovative designs! You can now enjoy and buy the finest quality fabric art at ShowFlipper. Designed by celebrated artists from around the world, view an entire range of art print fabric here

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Fabric Art

If you are an admirer and collector of fabric art, ShowFlipper is where you should be. With an amazing number of options in art on fabric; you can choose to buy anything for yourself or your near and dear ones.

Whether you understand fabric art techniques or not, each of the masterpieces listed on our studio is sure to kindle the creative inner-you! If you are interested in any specific form of fabric artwork like African fabric art, you must browse through our collection as we have the most exotic collection!

At ShowFlipper, we understand the gap between art crafters and admirers, and therefore, we work towards bridging this gap by showcasing some of the best of art with fabric from artists all over the world, who have put in their creativity and skill to craft each of these masterpieces.

We provide an impeccable platform for both the buyers and sellers. If you are an artist who wants to showcase their talent of working with vintage fabric or linen fabric art, you are at the right place!

Making the most of our worldwide presence, you can exhibit your talent and skills to the entire world. We are your online studio for fabric art!

We also provide you with the opportunity to earn from your own fabric art shop!

We are driven with a mission to provide an international platform for every new artist The collection that we currently exhibit is one of the most exquisite and exotic in the world.

Of the many types of collections that we exhibit, the most popular ones include the all-beautiful motifs of floral fabric, crafted by designers from all around the world. They are so beautiful to see that you can't resist yourself from enjoying them at your hand!

You can browse across our unending collection to find exactly what you are looking for. We showcase a range of varied and myriad fabric patterns to choose from.

We understand the value for money and so, we offer these pieces of art at competitive prices. We do not believe in exorbitant pricing, because as they say, "Art is priceless"!

To have a visual feel of how beautiful art looks like, you must browse through our collection of fabric art patterns on our website.

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