10 Creative Photography Tricks You Need To Try

about 5 years ago
product By Payal Garg

Photography is an art of experimentation. One can create beautiful professional looking photos with tricks that alleviate the image.

Pano Stitching (AKA Brenizer Method)

Pano Stiching or the Brenizer Method is best used for panoramic images which is a single image of an expansive space. Nature photography, landscape photography, food photography are some of the types which can be created using this method which capture the subjects and their surroundings in a single frame.

Spray Bottle

This method is the least used and can turn a photograph in a piece of art. This trick can enhance your food photography, still photography, still life photography and even give a new dimension to bokeh.

The right way to do this trick is–

  • Spray water on the part of lens you would like to create an effect.
  • Control the foreground bokeh.
  • Keep your lens dirt free.

Mixed Lighting

This method is difficult and hence many photographers steer away from it. The reason being that mixing of lighting can discolor the final outcome and the subject can look nothing as expected. Although with a little more practice, the quality of images increases. This is one of the advanced photography tricks and can do wonders for glamour photography, still life photography, photo canvas, travel photography, nature pictures. The desired effects can be achieved by separating the light sources and temperatures from overlapping on each other. This subtle balance can be achieved through split toning and temperature tuning.

Long Exposures

A long exposure photo shot with the sky or any other non composite background is one of the best kept and easiest trade secrets of photography. This trick can do wonders for nature photography, still photography, glamour photography, fashion photography, landscape photography, architecture photography. Long shots feature can be achieved through Rear Curtain Sync on off camera flash.

Free Lensing

This trick can be achieved without a tilt shift lens and thus can be a cost effective way. This technique has a certain DIY work which gives glamour photography, fashion photography, travel photography a new distinction. This effect is achieved through the use of broken lens that lets natural or artificial light to bleed through the edges which creates different types of flares and develops new colors. Apertures in this trick are useless as the lens is stopped at a specific number and is disconnected from the camera.

Tilt Shift

Another advanced photography trick. A tilt shift means an off plane focus that helps to focus on multiple subjects all at once which creates interest and correct perspective. Being a nontraditional perspective, it takes time to understand the working of focus plane. This trick can be for fashion photography, landscape photography, and still life photography.

Shoot Through

What objects can be used to create effects? A cylinder, a pipe may be. Clicking photos through objects can yield unexpected results and photographic perspectives. Many conventional and non conventional accessories and objects can be used to create effects such as flares and even create the golden hour effects. This trick can be used for glamour photography, photo canvas, fashion photography, nature stills etc.

Atmospheric Aerosol/Fog

Adding natural phenomenon effects in an un-natural setting is the ultimate piece of art for any photographer. One of the most sought after effects is of the fog or snow. This trick can be used for indoor fashion photography, photo gallery.

How to recreate the fog or snow effect –

  • Fill the scene of photography with the required amount of fog or snow.
  • With the help of paper fans or reflectors, waft the fog or snow around.

Whip Pan

This trick will help you achieve straight lines across photos with a lense that has built in image stabilizer.

How to create this effect –

  • Slow down the shutter speed to 1 second or less than.
  • Keep the tripod head loose.
  • Press the shutter button and pan across in the desired direction.
  • Freeze the subject with rear curtain sync.

This trick is useful for landscape photography, nature photography.


If you want to have reflections in your photos than any three dimensional object like a glass cube, diamond or a prism to add additional compositions. This trick is best used for glamour photography or for creating photo canvas.

How to create this effect –

  • Bring the cube, diamond, prism near the lens.
  • Twist or turn to pinpoint desired effect.
  • Make a note of the exercise.

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