10 Easy Steps To Write A Book

about 3 years ago
product By Vaibhavi Desai

An author is someone who blends their ideas and thoughts with words. Book writing is not a piece of cake; it requires skills and hard work. In this blog, we shall look at the 10 easy steps to write a book.

The first basic of writing a book is that people always value the content of the book they are buying. The second basic of writing a book is how to sell books successfully.

New book writers are so fortunate to write, publish and sell books online. Many online bookstores give an amazing platform to publish new books without the hassle of traditional book printing.

Following are the 10 Easy Steps To Write A Book

Clarity on the topic

Get a grip on the topic of the book to write. Start with an idea, and then develop it into a sentence. Then write a paragraph on the idea. Then write a whole page describing the idea in short. And from here build up the storyline. Keep the structure as beginning, middle and end. Do not complicate the storyline.

Define daily targets

While writing a book, keep a daily target to achieve. Set targets for character development, word count, research, etc. This way, you can achieve more than sitting and planning to write at a stretch. Even if it’s a few hundred words is fine. Remember, it is better to start something rather than nothing.

Set a time of work

Setting a daily time of work will give you creative consistency. Never fail deadlines. Setting a daily time frame to write will habituate you to write at that time no matter whatever comes.

Sit at the same place

Just like setting a definite time to write, you should also have a consistent place to write. Be it any place, but this place should remind you of your consistency and deadlines.

Determine the total word count

Always keep the final outcome in mind. This way, you can skip over unnecessary details and complete your book. You can break down the total word count into chapters of a specific length.

Weekly deadlines are a must

Weekly deadlines actually help you get started on your book. It helps you to make a definitive progress week after week. Let the deadlines be in terms of words, character development, plot development or research.

Get feedback

While working on your book, try to get honest feedback on your writing from anyone among your peers, friends, family or if you could get an opinion from an established writer themselves. This way, you are assured that you are on the right path and can modify your book before it is too late.

Commit to shipping and publishing

Complete your book and send the manuscript to publishers for publishing. Release your manuscript on online bookstores. Do everything to get your book in front of people. Try to sell it online.

Accept failure

It is okay if your book is a dud. The key here is not to lose hope and continue writing with new vigor.

Write again

Every expert was once a novice. Hence the key to becoming better and better at writing is a book is the consistent effort to write another book.

Writing your own book is an experience itself. If you seriously want to pursue a career as a full-time writer, these 10 tips will certainly help. The other thing you need to have while writing a book is the belief in yourself that you can write better and better every day and create a masterpiece.

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