10 Stunning Jewelry Storage Hacks

about 6 years ago
product By Vaibhavi Desai

We know you have a huge collection of jewelry. And also that your trinkets are as precious to you as the classy, costly ones (the necklace your grandma gave you a bit more precious maybe). 

And there is no way that you can take losing any one of your favorite chunks of jewelry. But it can get really messy to store all of your collections at one place. You closet after all is just a small space. And that is why we are here with some awesome jewelry storage hacks.

You can easily manage and retrieve any of your favorite pieces in no time with these DIY jewelry storage ideas. If keeping things arranged has never been your forte, you will still find these jewelry storage ideas really easy to implement. Read on.

1. Store Your Chains in a Straw

Unclasp your chains, pass them through a straw, then put the clasps back together. Do this with all your chains. You can now store all your chains together without having to worry about them getting tangled. Every time you grab a straw from your closet now, you will actually be picking up a chain. Retrieving your chains was never so easy before.

2. Keep all Your Jewelry in a Plastic Zip Lock Bag

You will be able to store more pieces in a lesser space by wrapping them up separately in plastic zip-lock pouches. Keep all these pouches in the box to make good use of space. Not only does it enhance your storage space, but also prevents your jewelry from getting rubbed off against each other, hence, eliminating any chances of damage.

3. Make Your Own Handmade Jewelry Holder

Use the things around you as a holder for your jewelry. You can use large buttons to hold your earrings. Just hang your danglers from a big button and lose the fear of losing them ever again. You can string the other two holes of the button and hand it from the hook of your closet even. Similarly, you can use a pill box to store small studs and rings. Store one piece in each compartment of the box and you are done. You can even get the box decorated to make it look as appealing as your jewelry.

An ice-cube tray can serve as a good jewelry holder as well. Not only will it keep one piece separated from the other, but also keep them organized and clean. You can wrap an ice-cube tray in a gift paper to make an attractive jewelry case. Keep your trinkets in separate compartments and then wrap the tray with a plastic sheet. Remove the plastic sheet when required to get to your jewelry.

4. Use an Old Photo Frame as Your Earring Holder

That old obsolete photo frame that you were going to throw away can act as a really handy jewelry holder. Take the inner cardboard lining out of the frame and fix ribbon loops to it along its upper edge using some glue. You can stable the ribbon loops on to the frame, too. Now fix the cardboard back into the frame. Your earring holder is ready! You can now hang your earrings from these ribbon loops. Similarly, you can use bangles to hang your earrings from.

5. Use a Match Box to store your Pins

A matchbox can be a really potent jewelry storage device. You can easily store your clips and pins in these small boxes. Keeping your clips and pins separately in different matchboxes will help to keep your other jewelry safe from a risk of getting abraded with your sharp pins while also protecting your precious velvet jewelry purse from a tear.

6. Keep Your Diamonds and Studs Away from your Gold and Silver

Diamonds and studs can rub against each other and against your other pieces of jewelry. It is always wise to wrap them up separately in a velvet piece of cloth and store them separately from your gold and silver jewelry.

7. Keep Your Golds and Silvers Wrapped in a Paper

The Gold and Silver Jewelry are easily corroded and oxidized. This is especially true of silver. And while oxidized silver is in vogue across the online jewelry stores that sell jewelry onlineyou won’t want your shiny silver Jhumkas to get oxidized any time soon. One way to prevent that from happening is to keep your metals wrapped in a newspaper. You can then double the wrap and use a soft cloth like velvet for the second layer of wrapping. This also prevents your jewelry from bending and breaking.

8. Let Your Jewelry Dry Before Storage

You came back from a party, removed your jewelry and kept them in the box right away? That is a bad practice. Can you imagine what those sweat beads that were showing on the necklace you were wearing or the perfume that was still on your earrings would do them once it gets a damp, cool place to settle down and react? That is why you should always wipe your jewelry with some baby powder after taking them off and before putting them back into that box.

9. Use a Transparent Box to Store your Jewelry

You should try using a transparent box to store your everyday jewelry as it helps you tell one from another, allows a quick scan through, and helps you place and pick out what you need easily. You can use labels on the wraps too to easily get to the desired piece of jewelry when in a hurry.

10. Make Use of the Space Efficiently by Using Different Boxes for Different Categories

Use different boxes for different pieces of jewelry. Store your earrings together in one box and your chains (in a straw) in another. Similarly, use a different case for your rings than the one you use for your pins. This classification will save a lot of your time and space given the same type of jewelry can more easily be organized together.

And that is pretty much it. Try these jewelry art tips and hacks and see if you are able to place your favorite piece quicker when you are already very late for office and your haste is unexplainable. You can devise hacks of your own too like using an old pair of studs as a pin to hang your chains from on a soft board. These tips can be real day and time savers for you if you are a real jewelry queen. Let us know if and how these hacks helped you. You can thank us later. You are welcome already!

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