10 Types Of Stone Sculptures That You Must Buy

about 3 years ago
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Nothing beats the simplicity and class of a minutely carved stone sculpture. Stone arts are the most exquisite even when they are the rawest and the most primitive ones. While the stone sculptures used to be mundane and routine a few years ago, new budding artists in the industry have almost ushered in a revolution in which the art is viewed. 

With new design techniques and guts to experiment boldly with new concepts, modern artists have revived the age-old art of sculpting in magical ways. In this article, we will get to know about 10 types of Stone Sculptures.

If you are looking towards redecorating your home, you might want to consider exploring a whole new world of stone sculptures. They have evolved with changing trends and times. Many a stone sculptures for sale are available online on e-stores. 

You can browse through an online stone sculpture gallery on these sites and pick out the best one for you. But then, when a myriad of choices present themselves to you, it’s very obvious that you might get confused. Here we list out choices of stone sculptures that you will get online. 

Skim through them and decide which one you want to keep in your home. Here we go!

10 Types Of Stone Sculptures

Indoor Stone Sculptures

As the name conveys, indoor stone sculptures are meant to adorn the interiors of your home. If you have a spacious room and are looking towards granting a raw, rustic look to it, indoor stone sculptures might just be the thing to save the day for you. Buy Indoor stone art online  from famous, as well as budding artists across the internet.

Stone arts are available in varieties depending on the space available in your home, your tastes, and your budget.

Outdoor Stone Sculptures

Outdoor stone sculptures are mostly rough type of stone sculptures. These stonework are suitable for space outside your home. You could keep these stone sculptures alongside your pavement, or use them as staircase embellishments. Always keep the amount of space available outdoors in mind to choose the right shape and size of the sculpture that you should buy. 

You can find many types of stone sculptures for outdoor decoration here

You can order one according to your choice depending on where you are going to keep the piece.

Abstract Stone Sculptures

Abstract Stone Sculptures are the new trendy thing in the market. New age artists are very assumingly taking the lead in the field and coming up with new ideas to explore. If you think that your personality is best reflected in bold and out of the box art, abstract stone sculptures are the ones you should buy to decorate your home. 

There is no fixed theme that is represented in  an abstract work. It entirely depends on artists’ imagination. You can buy unique abstract stone sculpture online inexpensively at e-stores, like ShowFlipper.

Garden Stone Sculptures

As the name is a giveaway, garden stone sculptures enhance the looks of your garden. Marble Stone is usually used to carve garden sculptures. Do you have a lawn in front of your home and are seeking to give it a new look? A garden stone sculpture might be a great addition.

They are simple, look classy, and go with the natural settings of a garden. You can buy statues, stone pots, bird feed holders, or other stone artifacts online based on how you wish to renovate the looks of your garden.

Modern Stone Sculptures

Modern stone sculptures get inspiration from modern art. They are very similar to abstract stone sculptures in concept. But, they constantly evolve with time. While the traditional stone artwork stays limited to the scope of statues, pottery, and other beat designs, there are no limits on what form an artist’s imagination can take when sculpting a modern art.

If you like experimenting with your home decor, you must try unorthodox modern stone sculptures.

Underwater Stone Sculptures

Now this is one of the most interesting types of stone sculptures. Underwater stone sculptures are basically meant as an adornment to underwater architectures. You might want to take these underwater stone sculptures home to adorn your aquarium at home or office. 

These underwater sculptures are made with usual quality stones coated with some water-resistant coating to increase their durability. A bit of maintenance is needed to keep these stone sculptures in a good state.

You can buy underwater stone sculptures online from almost all the sites that sell sculptures online.

Antique Stone Sculptures

If you are a collector of antique artwork, you might want to add an antique stone sculptures in your rich collection. These stone sculptures are very rare and mostly traditional in their approach. If you are going for a classy, royal look for your new home, consider buying one from an online art store. 

The prices of these sculptures might be a notch higher than regular stone artworks, but they are totally worth it. That's because of their rich legacy and fine artistic finish.

Geometric Stone Sculptures

These types of stone sculptures are a subsection of abstract sculptures and take inspiration from geometric shapes. These are very widely used even in Feng-shui based artifacts. Keep them at home to induce positive energy based on the shape that is best for your situation. 

The geometrical artworks can also be purely atheistic in nature without any spiritual significance. If you like playing with shapes, you can buy these sculptures online.

Sandstone Stone Sculptures

Made up of sandstone, these stone sculptures are known for their durability and longevity. They usually require less maintenance and are easy to handle.

You can buy these silica-based sculptures from almost all art-based sites online.

Limestone Stone Sculptures

These stone sculptures are made up of limestone and mostly contain calcium carbonate as their main constituent. These sculptures are easy to maintain, except that they are fragile and can break on falling. You can go for them if you are looking for a simple and elegant decor.

Now that you are aware of the choices you have got, go get a piece or two of these beautiful sculptures for your home. Happy Shopping!

You can buy sculptures online here, or if you are a sculpture artist, you can sell sculpture online here.

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