10 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Art To Sell Art Online

about 5 years ago
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With the advent of the internet, the art business has undergone a paradigm shift in how it operates. Gone are the days when people used to flock art galleries and art exhibitions to interact with artists and buy their art. The Internet is now helping artists to make money from art online. Artists can now exhibit their artwork online to sell art online. Are you are one such artist or planning to sell your art online? Here, we will discuss 10 ways to drive traffic to your art. But before that let us know,

How To Sell Art Online

There are many online platforms that let you sell your art. ShowFlipper is one of those online art studios and an artist management company. It provides an art selling platform to emerging artists from around the world to make money. With over 500 artists from over 53 countries, it has an impressive collection of art to choose and buy from.

Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Art To Sell Art Online

Driving traffic and making money on ShowFlipper is easy as a pie. Here we will tell you 10 easy steps on how you can earn money by selling art online.

As an artist, you need to register with ShowFlipper and create an account first. Your account will be created as a “Show”, and you as an artist will be called a “Show-tainer”. You can upload the best of your creations on your ShowFlipper account and your Show starts.

Invite Friends and Connections

Once your Show goes LIVE, you can invite your friends and people in your network to visit your ShowFlipper profile by sharing your profile link.

Share on Social Media

Share your profile on your social media directly from your account dashboard. This way you can drive your social media traffic on your SF account. You can also share your artwork on social media directly.

Connect with Fellow Artists

You can connect and invite fellow artists from your ShowFlipper account. When fellow artists will visit your profile, they will automatically help drive traffic to your profile from their network.

Email your Fan Base

Send emails to your fan base about your profile on ShowFlipper. That way, your regular fans will be able to interact with you on a daily basis.

Promote Positive Customer Experience

Reach out to your buyer base through your SF profile. This will help your buyers to connect and interact with you on an interpersonal level; all the while looking at your SF profile.

Go the Extra Mile

Incentivize your fan base and buyer base to visit your SF profile. Giving them discounts or sneak previews of your new art. Your SF profile is equipped with such amenities.

Create Exclusive Presentations on your SF account

From your SF account, create exclusive presentations for your admirers and fellow artists and share them to drive traffic.

Create other Marketing and Sales Collateral

Write blogs, articles, start commenting on others creations on your SF account or share on your account to drive more traffic.

Use Wet Canvas, Reddit, and Quora

Use social listing and commenting sites like Wet Canvas, Reddit, and Quora to ask questions, answer queries. These will drive massive traffic to your SF profile.

Amplify your efforts by sharing your SF profile link through online, offline and mobile channels

Your SF account gives you tools to link all your online, offline and mobile channels with a single click. The more you interact and share your SF profile link across channels, the more traffic you shall get.

The benefit of driving traffic to your ShowFlipper Page

  1. ShowFlipper has a massive network of artists, art collectors, art buyers, art curators, art dealers and art affiliates from around the world.
  2. With your SF account, your creativity reaches to these groups, which increases the visibility of your work and helps you gain recognition.
  3. You get to earn unique views. Artists can earn unique views on their Shows through our unique TRP Model. It pays you USD 0.003 every time a new visitor on your profile views your creations.
  4. The TRP Model helps you earn money every day even if your creations do not get sold.

Are you a creator?

Do you create artwork which is good enough but is unable to sell to the right buyers online?

Sell your art online through ShowFlipper. With less than 30 minutes on your page every day, you can earn money!

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