4 Awesome Fabric Art Forms You Must Know About

about 6 years ago
product By Payal Garg

Fabric creation is an art in itself. And when artists work on fabric, results turn out to be stunning.  I saw my mother and my grandmother work on different types of fabric art. They further transferred this ultimate knowledge to me and my sister. 

They informed us about and taught us various types of fabric art. As a result, my love for fabric art started developing. In this installment of art articles, we will get to know about some awesome Fabric Art Forms.

In my childhood, I used to see my mother weaving crochet teacup mats. They looked really delicate and nice. Then I came to know about the crochet art as I got older. Gradually, it became more interesting as the little knits when joined together become a larger entity. Their union made a beautiful outcome at the end. This is the Fabric Art Form with which we are going to begin with.

Fabric Art Forms or Different Types Of Fabric Art

Crochet Fabric Art:

Crochet is an ancient fabric art form, which is used to knit a fabric. There are various designs which define fabric details. It may be knitted like a net fabric, with little holes in it. Moreover, it may be knitted in knot style as well. 

The designs are very complex, but they look absolutely wow when they are complete. My mother tells me that she used to copy the designs of her neighboring friends and created variations on her own. This type of fabric art is now exclusively available for sale on Online Fabric Art Shops.

Embroidery Art:

The second type of fabric art is the embroidery art. Our mom had a small frame, a needle, and a thread to do embroidery. I used to wear those embroidered dresses very happily. I still remember my best childhood fabric art which had lavender fabric and yellow embroidered on it. 

Later on, we bought a machine for embroidery. Now it was easier. With the passage of time, now I am a mother as well, but I don’t get enough time for embroidery. I remain busy with my job and my children.

Embroidery is not only limited to threads. It also consists of applying beads, pearls or stones on fabric. Also, it is very complex, but awesomely beautiful work. If you want, you can look out for some amazing Embroidery Art Online and buy them.

If you can do embroidery yourself, online platforms even let you sell them these days. Showflipper is one such online platform that lets you sell fabric art online.

You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy art, and that’s pretty close.

Hand Knitting:

Hand knitting is the third form of Fabric Art and one of the most common forms. People, especially kids can be seen wearing hand-knitted sweaters, caps, scarfs, gloves, etc. It is usually woven using wool and pretty easy fabric art form.

If you are master in hand knitting, SHOWFLIPPER welcomes you. You can sell Fabric art online here of any kind.

Quilt Art:

Quilt Art is a really artistic form of fabric work. Small pieces of fabric are sewed together to create a designed quilt. The design is made according to the pattern selected. Quilt art may have printed designs joined together sewn together. 

Some quilt art does not have prints upon the fabric, but during articulation of this fabric art, some print is created intentionally by artists by pasting small pieces with each other. This traditional fabric art type is famous in some South Asian countries mostly.

I have great repute in my heart for quilt art form. It takes so much mental effort for creating prints by sewing fabric pieces together. To buy artwork of such artist is an acknowledgment of the creator’s efforts.  I have bought one quilt fabric for my daughter. It looks elegant with magnificent design on it. You can get a quilt artwork too from an online quilt art store.

Among the types of fabric art, quilt art uses both traditional and modern techniques. The imagination of artists is taking this fabric art form forward. If you are a fabric artist, you can easily sell fabric art online.

The Scope of Fabric Art:

The fabric art has a very vast scope. It includes more than only teacup mats. It includes weaving a sweater, a pair of gloves, a pair of socks, a shirt, or a skirt as well. Painting experts also weave paintings with the help of crochet.

 A doll’s face or a complete doll, anything which suits your temperament comes under fabric art. In my childhood, I used to have a doll made of fabric art form. This doll was created through a DIY tutorial in an empty glass bottle.

If you have what it takes to create fabric art on your own, above were the type of fabric art that you can give a try.

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