5 Amazing Types Of Ceramic Wall Sculptures You Must Buy

about 3 years ago
product By Monika Shrivastav

The art industry is always just one step away from discovering something new to shape up things. Ceramic is one delicate material which has had been used to create sculptures and décor items for ages. Though the artifacts crafted of ceramic require a tad bit of extra effort to maintain and keep, the elegance and simplicity of the ceramic pieces just make them an ultimate favorite when it comes to home and office décor.

There is a wide range of ceramic artwork present online. A trending fad in the décor industry is the phenomenon of ceramic wall sculptures. Various online ceramic sculpture gallery feature different types of ceramic wall sculptures for sale.

Showflipper is one such online store offering wall statues in all varieties, shapes, sizes, and designs based on what you would like to buy. Each piece of art featured on these websites and e-stores comes directly from the sculptors. You can check their art galleries to skim through the artworks.

Here Are The Types Of Ceramic Wall Sculptures To Buy

Traditional Ceramic Sculptures

Traditional ceramic sculptures are one of those types of Ceramic Wall Sculptures that mostly follow the tried and tested classic concepts and styles of sculpting. Subjects explored in this domain are inspired by aesthetic motives instead of issue-based or subject-based motives.

A vibrant use of color combinations and creativity is there in such traditional sculptures. Polished ceramic is generally used for these sculptures to give artwork a finishing touch.

You can find these types of ceramic sculptures and ceramic statues for sale at any of the various online art galleries on the internet. While providing you with more options to choose from at reasonable prices, online shopping also cuts off your transportation expenses to carry the artwork home which can be quite a spectacle to witness when physically done yourself.

Modern Art Inspired Sculptures

As the name suggests, the modern art-inspired ceramic wall sculptures are more motivated by subject and storytelling rather than just being aesthetically sound.

Many modern artists are now coming up and experimenting with new ideas which went otherwise unexplored. These modern art based sculptures can be abstract, shapeless, or very sharply defined based on the artists’ imagination.

These art pieces go well with office spaces and modern living room settings. And, you can buy them at any online sculpture store. There is a very vast range of modern ceramic sculptures available in the market online. And they are too good to be ignored, especially if you are looking for a cheap option for redecorating your living or work space without burning holes in your pocket.

Feng-Shui Ceramic Sculptures

Feng-Shui based ceramic sculptures take inspiration from Chinese Spiritual ideology. People treat these artifacts as medium to attract positive energy to an environment setting and repel any negativity that might prevail. These ceramic wall sculptures are based on different concepts of feng-shui.

You can find these types of ceramic wall sculptures in different sizes on almost all e-stores dealing in ceramic arts. Sizes decide how much of belief you want to reflect in your living area. Feeling lucky yet? If not, bring the luck in with ceramic feng-shui.

Wall-attached Holders

Ceramic is a material of excellent strength despite being brittle. But the brittleness of the material does not reveal until its dropped. Much less of a chance in the case of a wall attached holder.

Designer ceramic holders attached to walls are slowly making their way into home décor. You could use them to hold flowers, books, or whatever you want.

They make a feasible choice if you are looking for a utility value in your purchase. You can buy wall ceramic sculpture online from any online art gallery.

Wall Hangings

Wall hangings can never go out of fashion and so when ceramic wall sculptures become a thing, they make their way to the wall hangings, too.

Attractive and inexpensive wall hangings are available online in beautiful designs and colors to give your home or office an edgy look in just a matter of moments. You can make a purchase at any art site online.

So, which type of ceramic wall sculpture are you going to buy for your home or office? Do let us know in the comments and also share your photos.

If you are really looking forward to shopping for some ceramic artwork, online art galleries can cater your entire requirements. In case you are wondering where you can start from, sites like ShowFlipper host a huge range of all kinds of ceramic sculptures for sale. So what are you waiting for? Open your browser and shop your heart away. Let’s ceramic things up!

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