5 Best Mystery Novels from Indie Authors

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Mystery and Crime novels are the best sellers on online bookstores. As indie authors are non-aligned to publishers, the only way they can earn money is by publishing mystery novels online. In this article, you will get to know about the Best Mystery Novels out there. Let us go through the list.

Best Mystery Novels by Indie Authors:

The Cleaner by Mark Dawson

John Milton is a secret service master assassin working for MI6 and British Military. He considers himself an artist. He is the “Go-To” person for eliminating the worst of the criminal scum.

But John is also a sensitive human being and the years of being a brutal master assassin are now tormenting him and vow to lead a peaceful life and make amends for the deeds he has done.

He is called one last time to save a boy from street life. John finds himself pitched against a formidable enemy. To make matters worse, another master assassin is on his tail to eliminate him, sent by his employer.

Mark Dawson is a British author and has worked many odd jobs before becoming a lawyer. First bringing to justice the money launderers from around the world and then as a counsel for celebs pursuing newspapers and tabloids for libel.

Cup of Blood: A Crispin Guest Medieval Noir Prequel by Jeri Westerson

In 1384 London, Crispin Guest is a medieval Knight-turned-Detective, who is investigating the murder of a Knight Templar, which he thought was an order that went extinct 75 years ago.

Even before he could make a progress, he is abducted by the henchmen of the French anti-pope. Added to his predicament is a court woman with an un-put-down-able proposition, a woman from his past and a young turk called Jack Tucker.

As Crispin inches towards to find the murderer, he realizes that the scheme could be the work of a former ally, now adversary. Can Crispin Guest trust anyone?

Jeri Westerson is an LA-based author. Before a career as an author, she had many odd jobs. She writes “Medieval Noir” which is a combination of detective stories with medieval mystery.

The Root Of All Trouble by Heather Webber

Nina Quinn is a landscape designer and lives in Freedom, Ohio. She is not averse to the vagaries of nature. But soon gets entangled in the investigation of a murder mystery when a storm uproots a dead tree which has the rotten skeleton of a shady contractor and philanderer.

It seems that the dead man had plenty of kill bills on his tail and everybody seems to be a suspect. But is it so?

Heather Webber aka Heather Blake is a Cincinnati based author.

Holy Island: A DCI Ryan Mystery by LJ Ross

DCI Ryan has been given a sabbatical from his services as a homicide detective. He takes this opportunity to vacation on the Holy Island of Lindisfarne in Northumberland where there are sea air, peace and quiet.

Ryan’s peace is disturbed when a young island girl named Lucy turns up dead and curiously arranged at the Priory ruins; for which Ryan volunteers to investigate.

Ryan is helped by another local woman Dr. Anna Taylor who is a difficult proposition for Ryan.

The investigation is far from simple as Ryan and Anna are struggling with their past. Paganism and island politics is making it hard to nail the murderer hiding in plain sight.

LJ Ross is an English writer who is also a former lawyer. She lives in Northumberland.

Steeled For Murder by KM Rockwood

Jesse Damon has been out on parole after 20 years in prison for a murder conviction. He has a detection device strapped to his ankle. He finds it difficult to live a civilian life. However, Jesse gets a decent job at a steel fabrication plant. Is seeing a lady at work and life seems to be getting on track until, Mitch, the forklift driver turns up dead in the warehouse.

The detective on the case wants to make Jesse a scapegoat and will do anything to prove that Jesse is guilty. However, Jesse is not the murderer. Then who murdered Mitch?

KM Rockwood novels are based on his experience working in the steel fabrication industry and the county prison department.

Who Are Your Favorite Mystery Indie Author?

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