5 DIY Jewelry Hacks Every Girl Should Know

about 5 years ago
product By Yogesh Deshmukh

No matter how enormous the size of your collection of jewelry is, if you ever come across an eye-catching pair of earrings or a simply striking pendant, what are the chances that you would duck the thought of buying it? Is zero your answer? Take another instance. You go out for shopping grocery. Is it possible that you very innocuously wander into your favorite jewelry store and come home decked with shopping bags from the jewelry store instead of the grocery store? If yes is your answer, you are a jewelry hoarder. But what if we told you that there were better ways to utilize the jewelry you already own than to buy new ones? That will be great, right? Welcome to Jewelry hacks-101.

In this article, we are going to introduce you to some really cool jewelry storage hacks and jewelry care tips so you can easily boost up your style statement using fine jewelry.

List Of Some Amazing DIY Jewellery Hacks

1. Use a Coat of Clear Nail Polish to Keep Your Jewelry Sparkly

It’s not possible to buy new jewelry every fortnight and you really cannot afford to buy expensive original ones every time you go shopping. And that is why you make do with your favorite imitation jewelry. But it breaks your heart to see them wear off and lose their charm and shine as time passes by. You cannot stop the passage of time, but what you can actually do is to prevent your jewelry from wearing off just like that? Some of your clear nail polish will do the trick.

Note that it is nail polish we are talking about and not nail paint. Both are essentially the same thing except that the nail polish is sans-color and is meant as a finish to your nail paint application. So take the piece of jewelry the health of which you are bothered about and clean it soaking it in a mild soap solution for a while. Take your jewelry out, dry it out by wiping with a soft dry piece of cloth. Now take some Nail Polish and apply a thin coat of polish over the surface of your jewelry to reveal a shiny, restored gleam. Let the polish dry well before putting the jewelry back on. You can do this to your pendants, earrings, bracelets, rings, and chains as well. The coat of polish will prevent your jewelry from tarnishing and make them last longer.

2. Put a Ring Around Your Chain to Get Your Own Statement Jewelry

So, you have a ring and a chain and are so bored of wearing them that you don’t know what to do of them anymore. How about you slide the ring into the chain to get your own statement jewelry? You can experiment with the kind of ring you will use for this purpose. You can use a name ring for your own customized stylish necklace. Or a simple, classy one for the Lord of the Ring feels? Sounds good, right?

3. Restyle your old necklace by adding a bracelet to it

Your old neckline grazing chain is no more doing the trick for you and you are looking to buy a long one to go with the latest dress you bought. Easy that. You can find a long necklace or even a chain extender to increase the length of your old chain itself at any online jewelry store. But, what if we say you don’t have to spend your bucks for that? You must have had a matching bracelet or an anklet that goes a lot with the given chain at some point in time? Rummage through your jewelry box, find that bracelet, unclasp the chain endings, put both the ends of the bracelet in the clasp and tada! There’s your elongated chain. Carry it with style and you might be the new trendsetter.

4. Add a Dash of Color to Your Classic Plain Jewelry with some Nail Paint

If you are bored of wearing the same old plain stone earrings every day, you can add a bit of color to your life as well as your old pair of earrings by painting the stones with your favorite colored nail paint. Just be careful to not touch the metal around the stones. Carefully paint the stones and clear off the extra spillage with a thinner. Let the paint dry and your colorful earrings are ready to be flaunted.

5. Use a layer of Vaseline to Protect Your Skin From Jewelry Abrasion

Sliding your bangles in and out of your wrists can be a real pain sometimes. Same goes for that troublesome earring that hurts your earlobes if worn for long. You can leverage the wonders of humble Vaseline to solve this problem. Just apply a bit of Vaseline to the region you fear might hurt while putting on jewelry and you will see the whole task becomes a lot easier.

That’s it! You are now armed with some pretty amazing jewelry hacks that you can use everytime you are getting late for a party and don’t know how to put your jewelry on quickly and painlessly or are in the need of something new devised from your old things. There is no harm however in buying a piece or two of jewelry once in a while to add to your collection and come up with some hacks with them again. And we know we don’t need to tell you the names of sites that sell jewelry online for the many years of shopping have taught you well. So, buy some new ones, experiment with old ones and let us know if you devise a hack of your own.

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