5 Easy Fabric Art Designs You Must Learn

about 4 years ago
product By Monika Shrivastav

Fabric Art has been very popular among artists for thousands of years. The roots of fabric art design began from ancient Egypt. Artist created cloth art designs for their artwork. These designs were articulated in many varieties. The most interesting and popular were their cloth sculpture. 

They created their idols using this art-form. Similarly, there was the trend of rugs and wall hangings as well. Different types of patterns were made on the fabric.

There are various types of fabric art a fabric artist must know about while stepping into this art-form. Thus, I have compiled this list of some Fabric Art Designs that you must learn about as a Fabric Artist.

Here Are The Best Fabric Art Designs To Learn

Egyptian Fabric Art

Firstly, just like the Egyptian fabric sculpture art, you must learn some new designs. It shows magnificent fabric patterns which are available in different colors. 

These glittery artworks are fun to see. They have got beautiful fabric art patterns which sometimes refer to different objects according to your mental state.


It is one of the most famous fabric art design every fabric artist must know about. Embroidery, as a fabric artwork has been very popular for centuries. This artwork can be performed with hands and machines too. Classical designs are usually made with needles and thread.

Our school teachers used to teach us some of the fabric art patterns easy to make. These designs can be enhanced with the use of beads and other accessories. This art was very popular among the royal dynasties.  

Also, you can find the fabric art designs like the oriental queens and princesses used to wear in their regime. You can find some good embroidery artwork at an online embroidery shop or an online fabric art gallery.

Hand Knitting

Another one of the famous fabric art designs, hand knitting is an ancient fabric art as well, since it works by joining strands of the thread and weaving them into a single entity. Now, the machines are performing this task too, but the artwork associated with the handmade cloth art designs has no counterpart. These look classy as compared to machine art.

Hand Knitted Bags

Handknitted items have been very popular since the beginning of time. Also, you must have seen your Grandmothers or mothers knitting socks or sweaters for you. Even today this art is alive and many people are practicing it. So you must learn this. Hand knitted bags is another fabric art design you must learn about. 

The design is made with twisted woolen strands, joined and knitted with the needles. The fabric pattern is chic. Knitted bags can be used for both casual and formal events.

Wedding Dresses

Weddings are always incomplete without the heavily embroidered clothes of the bride and groom. Designs are embroidered and the accessories used in them make the dresses to twinkle like the stars in the sky.

If you learn to work on the wedding dresses, then you can earn a handsome amount for yourself, since there are a lot of weddings every day. And especially during the wedding seasons, you can become popular if you have really good skills.

Fabric Art Hardships

Fabric art design is a result of endless artists' hardships. An artist may pass through different states of mind while completing their fabric art pattern. Similarly, the artwork for sale is a hope for artist's life to cult problems in no time. The designs will not only be the artist's hope, it will be the outcome of the struggle of his survival with his creativity. We must do honor the artists for keeping alive the fabric art.

“My soul fed, With needle and thread”.

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