5 Ethnic Embroidered Dresses You Must Buy

about 4 years ago
product By Monika Shrivastav

Embroidery is a method of decorating fabric using the yarn or thread. The fabric may be of any kind of chiffon/silk or cotton. Well, there are many embroidered dresses you see, from bridal dress to a Queens’s gown, every formal dress looks incomplete without embroidery.

Attending weddings is a common thing. So, we keep seeing brides with beautiful dresses. Most of them wear heavy ethnic embroidered dresses which make their look & day perfect.  You can definitely buy these dresses from market or an online embroidery store.

In this episode, we get to see some of the best ethnic embroidery dresses on Showflipper.

Here Are The Best Ethnic Embroidered Dresses

CREATION 9 Embroidered Dress

The first one among these dresses is a blue frock. It is named as CREATION 9. The embroidery on this frock is absolutely classical. The fabric artwork is fully delicate. The design is suitable for any personality. Look wise, it is classy and adorable. No one can stay silent when sees this amazing dress. You would yourself utter “wow” when you’ll see yourself wearing this dress and looking in the long mirror in any party. To be honest, if you are a lover of embroidered dresses, this dress is a must-have.


This dress is ideal for the bridal wear. This is a designer dress. You can buy it for your party wear too. Among all the people, make a style statement with getting the best of the best dresses online. The dress has a golden contrast. The color of embroidery is silver. It creates an excellent pair with red. Thus, the amalgamation of golden red and silver, with a hint of blue is the palette of the dress. Its complete essence lies in its dupatta; that is bordered with all sides of the border. The fabric chosen for this masterpiece is the most delicate one. Thus, it is a complete package of excellence by the designer.


Among these dresses, CREATION 7 is the wonderful lavender dress. The color makes me remember about the Twilight Saga. Lavender is the symbol of tranquility. It gives me comfort and makes me soothing to see and comes with a beautiful lehenga and dupatta. Also, it has a combination of precious golden color and is one of the most beautiful embroidered dresses available online. This dress is wearable for the bridal wear as well as party wear. Once you buy this dress you will definitely recommend it to more people.


CREATION 6 is a dress that is associated with royalty. It reminds about a beautifully embroidered dress which was associated with some Mughal Queen like Noor Jahan or Queen Jodha (Emperor Akber’s wife). The embroidery done is really beautiful and the fabric is really delicate. It is the very trendy style of the Indian Maxi with an embroidered dupatta. The red colored dupatta enhances the dress\\\' grace. It will make you feel superior beautiful when you will wear it. Golden colored fabric associated with golden embroidered work on the dress is the essence of royal virtue.

The price is just moderate for this dress. You cannot get such a beautiful dress online at such a low price anywhere else. You will really go for it if you view this masterpiece.

Every girl has a dream of wearing beautiful embroidered dresses. Mostly, the middle-class girls get a chance to wear antique like CREATION 6 on their wedding day. Don’t let any random dress spoil your big day. You may go to  Creation 6  tab on ShowFlipper to view this dress.


CREATION 5 shows the emerald colored excellence. It is one of the best-embroidered dresses online you must buy. The artwork of embroidery is very classy in the front. All over the dress has little sparkly diamond-like stones. This beautifully embroidered dress has a brown colored embroidered border. Neck embroidery supports the wearer to decorate yourself with fantastic jewelry.

The beautifully embroidered dress is full of life with fashionable frock style. You can use this dress as an excellent party wear. The color supports both the morning and the evening time for party wear. The style of frock resembles Anarkali style.

If you are fond of embroidered dresses and do not want to visit any place to buy it. Then, online shopping is the best solution for you. You can buy any dresses online.


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