5 Most Anticipated Must Read Fantasy Books

about 6 years ago
product By Monika Shrivastav

Fantasy has always been a topic of admiration for writers and readers alike. Also, fantasy novels always have had a cult following. Take, for example, Terry Pratchett, who wrote 47 novels in the fantasy genre. All these books can be put together in sets of 5 mini-series within the whole list.

Fantasy has also been the "go to" genre for Hollywood everytime it failed to deliver blockbusters. The best examples being the MCU and DCEU. Some book lovers like to read fantasy books online and always on the lookout for new titles to get published. So, we decided to present you some must read fantasy books.

Here Are The Most Anticipated Must read Fantasy Books in 2018

We have already covered a list of Best Selling Fantasy Novels. The novels included in those list are series fantasy books, such as Harry Potter, LOTR, Narnia, etc. However, in this installment, we are going to cover some single must read fantasy books.

The Cruel Prince, by Holly Black

This must read fantasy novel tells the story of Jude. She, along with her sisters is orphaned by a vengeful faerie lord. Jude is determined to gain the power to avenge the wrongs done to her and she is very close to her dream.

Jude is ruthless in the pursuit of her revenge. But, she is also finding it extremely difficult when it comes to matters of her heart. Why? because the realization of her revenge is the annihilation of her love.

Will she be able to avenge and find love at the same time?

Everless, by Sara Holland

This must read fantasy book tells of a fantasy future where time is literally money. This is the story of Jules who is against the time bureaucracy to earn some more time for his dying father.

Jules is literally running against time to buy some time. Will he succeed?

The True Queen, by Sara Fine

The third installment in the trilogy after “The Imposter Queen” and “The Cursed Queen”. This is the story of Ansa who is true Queen of a magical kingdom on the verge of collapse.

Many help Ansa, but it seems that she will have to become more than already she is.

Between the Blade and the Heart, by Amanda Hocking

This is one of the must read books. It is about Malin, a mortal Valkyrie of Odin and she is tasked to bring back escaped immortals back to Valhalla. But a rogue attack on her mortal home, she is forced to question all that she knows.

Does this realization pit her against her belief? What if she is an actual immortal GOD? Will she go, rogue, herself and bring disgrace to the legendary Valkyries?

Beneath the Haunting Sea, by Joanna Meyer

Talia is the empress in exile. Her mother has been killed by the sea. As it happens, the death goddess is keeping the dead captive under the sea. Can Talia defeat death?

What if the death goddess has schemed such an elaborate plan to provoke Talia to seek her? Will Talia be ever ready to face her own demons?

In The End,

Tell us what you think of these must read fantasy books. Also, if you know any fantasy novel that you would like others to read, let us know in comments.

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