7 Best Drama Books You Cant Miss

about 6 years ago
product By Pallavi-Bhonde

People love to read drama books online. They have a hint of suspense mixed with entertainment to keep reader hooked. With mobile and kindle and various other readers friendly smart tools, people can read good drama books available on online bookstores. In the following article, we will go through a list of best drama books available out there.

Here Are The Best Drama Books To Buy

This Mirror In Me, by Denis Fitzpatrick

This is a psychological drama book which tells the solitary and lonely life of a brilliant mathematics professor. Every evening the professor gets all dolled up. She thinks he is going outside on a very memorable date with the man of her dreams. The only problem is that she is single and lonely.

Every evening she gets dressed up in new clothes and puts up makeup only to sit in front of her large cabinet mirror. All this while dreaming of having a rocking social life.

Buy this amazing book for $4.01 here.

Who Will Weep For Me, by Peter Glassman

This crime drama chronicles the life of five school chums who are very much influenced by the mob culture. All go their separate ways with one becoming a detective, other a lawyer, another one actually becoming a mobster.

Years later, they meet at a college reunion and renew their bond of friendship.

Later, however, when the only female in the group of friends ends up dead, the motley group of friends vows to avenge her death. Their trail ends on a certain person disliked by the group. Although this person seems to overpower the friends; it’s the mobster friend’s syndicate delivers the much-needed justice.

An excellent crime drama of everlasting friendship and revenge. You can buy this novel for $2.99 here.

The Duty Crew, by Peter Glassman

Set in the times of the Vietnam War of 1972, this period drama tells the story of three brave women of a hospital. In this, one of the best drama books, the women not only save lives but also uncover a plot to terrorize.

Buy this amazing book for $2.99 here.

The Druid Stone, by Peter Glassman

In this political drama, NY Times reporter Morgan Kane and Library of Congress worker Martha Sorel are the chosen “Warriors of Light of the Druid”, when the High Priest hologram spirit of the Stonehenge reveals itself to them to stop an imminent Third World War.

It’s a fascinating read. Buy this Drama Novel for $2.99 here.

My Name Is Kevin, by Peter Glassman

Kevin Dowd is a petty ATM thief who under the perfect alibi of Alcoholics Anonymous meetings robs people. Detective Doreen Pousant is an alcoholic policewoman who is very near to catch Kevin. In all this, she uncovers a deadly plot of economic depression and terrorism which made Kevin an unlikely hero.

Buy this novel for $2.99 here.

Notes In A Mirror, by Helen Macie Osterman

Mary Lou has just shifted into her new apartment. Shortly she dreams about a dead woman who lived in the apartment in the early part of the century. Soon she finds herself facing messages from the same woman. What is happening to her?

Buy this supernatural drama novel for $2.99 here.

The Happy Hat, by Peter Glassman

What happens when the woman whom you love is the woman you are investigating? Buy this amazing crime-love drama novel for $2.99 here.

These were some of the best drama books out there that you must read. What do you think about them? Any drama book that you would suggest readers to read? Drop your valuable thoughts in the comments section.

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