7 Must Read Terrifying Horror Novels From Indie Writers

about 6 years ago
product By Monika Shrivastav

Most of the horror stories and novels are inspired by really spooky real-life events or urban legends. Horror as a genre really came forth as an independent niche with Bram Stoker's Dracula. After that, came in the wave of horror books and novels. Surprisingly, readers loved reading these books and would hook to them until they finish reading. In this blog, we shall take a look at terrifying horror novels written by Indie Writers.

Here Are The Terrifying Horror Novels by Indie Writers You Must Read

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This doesn't mean you should stop going to gym and start visiting online horror book store. Binge reading terrifying horror novels or binge watching horror movies will not help you shed weight.

Harvest Home, by Thomas Tyron

The Constantines have shifted their home to the countryside for a better life for their daughter. They are living in a 19th century home in a tiny English village. The family soon starts getting dreams of a spirit which unfortunately has a sinister agenda.

The Fold, by Peter Clines

In this, one of the terrifying Horror Novels, Mike Erickson is a common man with specific skills. His friend calls him for help for a classified device in the California desert. However, as secret reveals which disturbs the peaceful life of Mike and may rip off the fabric of reality.

The Little Stranger, by Sarah Waters

Dr. Faraday is a physician in this horror book. He is called to care for an ailing member of the Ayres family at Hundreds Hall which is a Georgian mansion with sinister agenda of its own.

Mr. Shivers, by Robert Jackson Bennett

A man is on the search of a certain Mr. Shivers who has murdered his daughter in the most grotesque way. Will the man get to Mr. Shivers or will he perish?

The Ruins, by Scott Smith

A group of friends is on a summer break in an ancient part of the Mexican jungle. There they get stuck and are under attack from a spooky entity eating away their sanity. Find out what happens to the friends in one of the most terrifying horror novels.

Summer of Night, by Dan Simmons

Set in the sleepy town of Elm Haven, Illinois; a group of adolescents is caught in the scheme of a preternatural mystery associated with the demolition of a schoolhouse built in 1960. Will they be able to solve the mystery?

Pandemonium, by Daryl Gregory

The author weaves a parallel universe where good and demonic spirits possess humans. The story is of Dan who is in possession of a deadly and mischievous entity in his childhood. As an adult, Dan wants to break free of the possession. Will he succeed or die trying?


I hope you have a scary time reading these terrifying horror novels. Do you know any other such horror book that you'd like to share with us? Let us know. And to explore more such horror movies, visit ShowFlipper's online book store.

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