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about 2 years ago
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Thursday, 17.1.2019:


1.     A book on the life of contemporary painter Surya Prakash has been compiled.

Six decades of work by artist Surya Prakash, have been compiled into a book that pays rich tributes to the contemporary painter. Surya Prakash’s inclination towards abstraction was not isolated and his paintings have always depicted a beautiful medley of abstract forms with seeming a reality, giving birth to the genre of abstract reality. The artist’s entire body of work over six decades has been compiled into a book titled Abstract Reality. 

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2.     A complex in Kanyakumari displays 108 paintings and murals on “Ramayana”
The verdant Vivekanandapuram campus spread across 100 acres of coastal Kanyakumari has been enriched by the 15-crore ‘Ramayana Darshanam’ exhibition complex. The entire story of the Ramayana has been narrated through murals and oil paintings in the complex.
   The ground floor of the two-story Ramayana Darshanam complex showcases 108 magnificent paintings on significant episodes in the Ramayana. It took four years for Chennai-based artist Bhaskar Das and his assistants to complete the panels. 

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3.   Gallery in Italy urges Germany to return a painting stolen by the Nazis in World War II


 MILAN -- The director of the Uffizi Gallery in Florence is urging Germany to return a Dutch masterpiece stolen by Nazi troops during World War II, dramatizing its absence by hanging a black and white photo of the work with the label " in three languages.
Eike Schmidt said in a New Year's appeal Tuesday that the still-life "Vase of Flowers" by Dutch artist Jan van Huysum is in the hands of a German family who hasn't returned it despite numerous appeals. Instead, intermediaries for the family have demanded payment for its return to Italy."The painting is already the inalienable property of the Italian State, and thus cannot be 'bought,"' Schmidt said.
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4.    Painting by Adolf Hitler to be auctioned


The Nazi dictator combined his twin hobbies of war and art according to recently unearthed paintings. The painting coming up for sale in Shropshire portrays a captured British tank covered in German markings, which is situated in front of a bombed brick wall on the Somme battlefield. The other artwork in question depicts a more tranquil winter river view, thought to have been painted by Hitler in 1916. To know more about the event visit here.
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5.    Scientists Have Found the Rare Secret Ingredient Rembrandt Used to Make His Paintings Vibrant.
The discovery could be critical in helping to preserve the Dutch artist's masterful paintings for future generations. Dutch and French scientists have discovered the secret behind Rembrandt’s brilliant and life-life impasto technique.
Citing a research paper published in the scientific journal  Angewandte Chemie,  the Daily Mail reports that the team has identified a substance called plumbonacrite, a rare compound thus far only identified in works of art from the 20th century and in one painting by Vincent van Gogh. The information is vital for understanding Rembrandt’s work—and could be crucial for conserving and restoring his masterpieces for future generations to enjoy.
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  World’s largest painting set to be displayed at Kolkata’s  Victoria Memorial.
Kolkata’s iconic Victoria Memorial is scheduled to undergo a complete makeover by January-end and is set to display, after at least two decades, “The Jaipur Procession”, believed to be one of the largest oil paintings in the world. The 23-ft wide by 16.5-ft great masterpiece by Russian painter Vasily Vereshchagin shows richly caparisoned elephants advancing majestically with horses and footmen in a procession in front of the Amber Chowpar in Jaipur in 1876. The Prince of Wales and Maharaja Ram Singh of Jaipur are seated on the first elephant. Done during the British Raj, the painting was formerly the property of Edward Malley of New Haven in the US. It was acquired by the Maharaja of Jaipur and presented to the Victoria Memorial in 1905.
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7.     Possible Michelangelo painting was stolen from a Belgian Church
 Two women visiting the church to lay flowers at its nave alerted the pastor to the painting’s disappearance last Friday morning. According to local newspaper Het Nieuwsblad, the thieves appear to have broken into the building several hours earlier, with surveillance footage revealing an unknown man stepping out into the street with the painting hoisted on his shoulders around 5 a.m. Given the canvas’ sheer size, it’s likely the burglar had at least one other accomplice, Van Raemdonck tells Het Nieuwsblad’s Cedric Lagast.

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Friday, 18.1.2019 

8.    Germany celebrates the 100
th anniversary of the Bauhaus Art Movement

Germany celebrates the century-old art movement this 2019. Bauhaus is a German concept which has come to define a form of expression involving mass production and simplicity. The year 2019 marks the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus design movement, a German concept which has come to define a form of expression involving mass production and simplicity. Hence the celebration!

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9.    UK galleries to celebrate the works of da Vinci with 12 exhibitions

Leonardo da Vinci, one of the world"s most famous artists, has no doubt a great collection of his work. UK galleries decided to celebrate the work of Leonardo da Vinci with 12 exhibitions. Da Vinci was born near Florence in 1452 as the illegitimate son of a young lawyer and a teenage peasant girl. Da Vinci's works are to go on display simultaneously at 12 British galleries to mark the 500th death anniversary in 1519 of this great artist.

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10.    Andy Warhol’s iconic polaroid portraits to have their own exhibit in London


Before the digital age of smartphones and selfies, there was a world full of Polaroids. And there is by no doubt, none other artists who are better able to bridge the gap between the artistry of analog photography and the instant gratification of digital photography than Andy Warhol. To honor his work, the authorities in London decided to have Andy Warhol’s Iconic Polaroid Portraits, Their Own Exhibit.  Warhol preciously guarded his Polaroids, relentlessly chronicling life until his death in 1987.

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11.    Long lost photo album of Jane Austen's family found

Pride and Prejudice author Jane Austen is a treat to history and literature lovers. Some lost photographs of Jane Austen’s family found on eBay. A book purchased on eBay has some never seen photographs of Jane Austen’s nieces and nephews. It's like a new year treat to all the classic novel readers and others as well. The book named Victorian photographs has some strong evidence of Austen's personal life.  Her family had strong influences on the famous her writing.

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12.    Van Gogh’s Sunflowers taken off the walls of Amsterdam Museum for restoration


The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam has announced that the iconic Sunflowers painting has been removed from display for research and restoration. The painting famously contained only three shades of yellow and ‘nothing else’, will be undergoing work till February 22. This decision comes after scientists found that the light-sensitive yellow paint used is causing the flowers to turn brown.

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