Art Work And Marketing Mistakes

about 4 years ago
product By Hardik Kothari

It is a known fact that most artists struggle to get their work sold. Be it musicians, authors, painters or designers; everyone is in search for a perfect publisher, production company, or gallery. Creating an artwork is completely different from marketing it. However, artists today don't need to knock doors to market their work. There are various ways by which they can do it themselves.

Audience misses your fine art

Several artists are clueless about what their audiences' likes and dislikes. If you want to market your fine art work to the world, you need to know that you will be promoting them to your targeted audiences and your work should be suited to their preferences.

It is unwise to try and sell landscape painting to audiences falling below 18 years of age. An artist needs to research his work, his audiences and their needs well before stepping out to promote his work to them on a large scale.

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Keeping your contemporary art available all the time

A lot of artists are so involved with their work that they become unavailable to their buyers. For great art marketing, an artist needs to know the importance of interacting with their prospective buyers.

Giving their art work a good presentation goes a long way in forming a solid fan base in the long term.

Not thinking of themselves as a brand

It is known that artists struggle to make their mark in their field. Rejection, ridicule and critical comments become a part and parcel of an artist's life. An artist needs to know that he is a brand in himself. They create products like oil paintings that are edgy, creative and out-of-the box. Lack of self confidence binds these quality acrylic paintings and oil paintings to themselves.

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Once they have a loyal audience, they automatically become a brand. Sites like ShowFlipper operate primarily in turning artists into brand names through their endless promotional activities.

Not responding to fan mails

One of the worst things an artist can do is ignore his own fans. This practice is very common among artists who are neck deep in their work, promotions and marketing.

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However, it is wise to always respond to a fan who is taking the trouble to email, comment, and interact with an artist. An answered email shows that the artist respects the love and appreciation that he receives from his audiences.

Avoid Plagiarism of art work

Plagiarism is the most infamous tactics that many artists resort to. One should understand that what works for one artist may not give similar results for another. Every artist has a unique style, target audience and ethics.

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Artists put their heart and soul into creating a product and just one marketing mistake put all efforts in vain. They need to understand the importance of promoting, branding and marketing their art work in the right way.

What should artists do in order to market themselves properly?

Now as per the mistakes are concerned, they are critical as they cost the artists majority of their revenue. All the effort put behind the creative aspect of the art goes in vain due to these crucial mistakes and the artist fails to earn the appropriate amount he deserves in return of his wonderful creation. 

Though it can be very heartbreaking to fall victim to such consequences, it must be remembered that every human commit mistakes and the best way to use them is to learn from them and hence rectify them.

The mistakes mentioned above are crucial in terms of effective marketing but once rectified, they can serve as huge boosters to their market value. Here we will discuss about some remedies that can be very helpful in order to rectify the marketing mistakes and propel the market value of the creations of an artist.

Be your fan's role model

To put more emphasis on the above stated point, the artist needs to give the most priority to his fans. It is a very significant point to remember that it is the fans that make a star. In case of an artist, their fans and admirers would play a significant role in establishing and reinforcing your brand name further.

Therefore, it would be really mindless of an artist to ignore his or her fan mails and messages. He must ensure most of the fan mails are being replied to in a somewhat charming manner so that the fans begin to admire him more because of his humility. Keep a tab on all your emails and take time off your busy schedule to view them and answer them personally if possible.

Be available to your buyers whenever and wherever possible

Buyers obviously prefer artist who provides them enough time and attention for interactions. Do not make your prospective buyers hustle through numerous web pages in order to purchase some of your work.

Your email address should always be available to them so that they can interact with you whenever required. A healthy interaction with potential buyers providing them a vivid presentation of your artwork does a whole lot of good in strengthening your fan base and loyalty from buyers.

Build a strong network

It is one if the principal task to build a steady network of resources, which enhances your market manifold. Begin small. You need not start out with networking events comprising of 500 strangers desperate to make connections. Gather a small group of your friends and known associates and have them extend the invitation to their resources.

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