Best Website For Artists to Sell Their Work And Make Money Online

about 5 years ago
product By Pallavi-Bhonde

Imagine an art website that helps you to make money every day by showcasing and selling art online. ShowFlipper does give you this amazing benefit. It is an online art studio and an artist management company. This art selling platform has multiple ways to make money from art online. And no doubt it is the best website for artists to sell their work. Let\'s know more.

What Makes Showflipper The Best Website For Artists To Sell Their Work

Sell Art Online

ShowFlipper gives you a platform to create your own profile and upload your best creations. Your profile becomes a “Show” and you become a “Show-tainer”. Unlike other online art galleries, it charge only 10% of the total sales. The creator whose artwork gets sold retains 90% of the sales.

Artist Management Company

Showflipper helps emerging and amateur creators to start their career by giving them a platform to showcase their talent to the whole world. Its network of art buyers, art collectors, art curators, art dealers and art affiliates is always ready to promote and sell new artworks and creators.

SF Mega Contest

Our SF Mega Contest is a prestigious international online art contest. Here, artists compete with one another for multiple prizes in different categories of art. This makes Sowflipper the best website for artists to sell their work.

The TRP Model

Our Talent Rating Points Model is unique. The TRP Model helps you to earn money and popularity on the basis of Views, Shares, Reactions, and Comments. Based on the average of these four factors, a number is assigned to your Show. This will help you to earn money as well as win the Mega Contest.

Dedicated Creator Account

As a registered member of ShowFlipper, the creators enjoy multiple benefits of and from their accounts for a whole year. From your account, you can reach out to fellow creators from around the world. Connect with your fans and buyers by linking your social media accounts. Get the latest news and industry insights through newsfeeds.

Maximum Artwork Uploads Facility

Your SF account comes with a facility to upload up to 100 creations at one time. If you wish to have more space, you can get it by just sending an email to the customer support. This again makes it the best website for artists to sell art online.

Affiliate Income

As a member of ShowFlipper, you, the creator automatically become an affiliate. You will have access to more than 7000 creations of other artists to sell through your network and earn money. Showflipper has bridged the gap between a gallery and an artist and have imagined all artists as galleries. As an affiliate, you earn 5% commission on every artwork that gets sold through you or your network.

The Wallet System

Your SF account comes inbuilt with a multi-purpose unique wallet system. It populates and calculates your earnings through ShowFlipper’s various formats of making money online. Your online wallet also gives you the facility to share your unique affiliate URL in your network, through social media and WhatsApp.

Easy Payout

We provide easy payout options for artists to their bank and/ or PayPal accounts from their SF accounts. The minimum balance required for successful payout is 25 USD. You just need to send an email to Showflipper, requesting a payout to your preferred medium.

Marketing and Sales Support

Showflipper\'s marketing and sales teams help popular Creators and Shows to reach their full potential by helping them built content to promote on various online, offline and mobile channels to drive sales.

Take Your Art Career to the next level

As a creator, it is difficult to be business minded at the same time. Showflipper understands this problem and hence trying to solve some the most important real-world problems of artists. Come sell your art online through this best website for artists to sell their work online.

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