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So many books, so less time to read! Although you can miss many of the books available to read, there are certain book you may never want to miss. So, what are the best books in 2019 that are not to be missed. We find out in this blog.

After all the Classics whose lines you probably know verbatim by now. The gripping crime and thrillers, dreamy romantic novels that already leave not even a single fissure for air to enter the hefty bookshelf on your wall. You still cannot resist buying a few more.

Because really, how can one ever resist the temptation? It is too difficult not to give in!

A great book is a best friend you can ever ask for. The most compatible companion whether you are on a train travelling for work, unable to sleep on a long flight, or simply enjoying the soft splattering sound against the window, of the season’s first rain kissing the grass and the earth, to emanate Petrichor that you are so dearly relishing, as you sip your warm cup of tea. 

It is indeed the perfect ambiance, to grab your favorite book and treat your eyes and mind to some excellent quotes, puns and a gripping story-line.

And that is the precise reason why you are here, reading this!

Hello there, bibliophiles!

This is for all you avid and voracious readers, who can’t wait to grab the newest book, enter into your own realm where you simply cannot be disturbed by earthly happenings. You’re probably waiting to latch your soul and heart onto the next wonderful book out there in the stores, so here goes!

We are halfway into the year and with just 6 more months left for 2019, this is the right time to ponder which books have made the headlines this year, sold a million copies and what you should definitely be buying right away, if not already.

So here goes, let’s take a look at the best books to read in 2019!

The insatiable thirst that you have, for the immeasurable joy of finally having reached the last page, figuring out what happens to the protagonist and antagonist, but most importantly for the third world that you enter every time the plot of a novel grips you with excitement, making you turn the page with a rush of Adrenaline, you certainly should know the best books in 2019.

So read on to know more about the best books in 2019, so you can totally win over your followers on Instagram with an unmatchable caption!


The Woman in the Window by A. J. Finn

Are you the one who loves nail-biting thrillers like The Da Vinci Code, Gone Girl and the best of all, the ‘Queen of Mystery’ Agatha Christie’s books? Then this is for you. This is 2018’s most anticipated thriller fiction book! It certainly would not come off as a surprise if it manages a spot in the traditionally and mandatory curated list of best books in 2018 in December! It has already bagged the first prize in the race to limelight with a #1 ranking in the New York Times as a Bestseller.

An American Marriage by Tayari Jones

Another one among the bestselling books in 2019 .The story revolves around the life of two newlyweds and their ordeals focusing on living the American Dream. Being one of the best books in 2018  published, this book bagged a place in Oprah Winfrey’s Book Club for the year.

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Circe by Madeline Miller

Growing up, Troy and 300 were probably some of the movies that left you in awe.  The Greek Gods, their impeccable beauty with their indomitable superpowers. Circe is a book that is sure to fascinate you. Rekindle your memories and admiration to give you an entire kingdom in your imagination. This amazing historic fiction is about the story of Circe, the Greek goddess of magic and sorcery.

Amidst these unparalleled works of fiction that are sure to cast a spell on you with lines on every page to capture your rapt and undivided attention.  Are you perhaps wondering if you can sell book online? It is possible, and better yet, it’s never been easier than this. Delve into the online bookstore and also sell book online.

 Still Me by Jojo Moyes

A fiction novel in the genre of Romance, it deserves to be listed along with some of the best books to read in 2019. It tells the tale of young Louisa Clark based in New York City as she finds a new job as the assistant of an affluent NYC socialite. Still Me is the sequel to After You, and deals with Louisa’s life as she ventures into a new world.

The Wife Between Us by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen

How about just one last taste of suspense and mystery with an icing on the cake. A psychological thriller before you go add these books into your shopping cart in lightning speed?

If a single author can send chills down your spine, make you stay up all night, then imagine what two brilliant authors could do? And a psychological thriller at that, your exhilaration to grab this book to finally be able to run your fingers over the pages is justified.

No descriptions can give you even a faint idea or a glimpse on what this is going to be. Just assume nothing and have fun guessing, as the New York Times says.

With these books, you’re set for the next couple of months. As you keep yourself busy reading and rereading your favorite parts, feeling a pang of sadness for the lines that would have tugged at your heartstrings.  And not to forget, indulge in short episodes of obsession with the character who enthralled you the most!

Happy reading!

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