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As a creator of artwork, an artist probably has very less time to think about how to promote and sell artwork online, let alone set up a business and become an art entrepreneur. However, times have changed and an artist should learn to be an “Artpreneur”. A good business plan is that which gets constantly updated. The steps change but the goals remain the same. Here's for all the emerging and amateur artists out there. We have put together a Business Plan for Artists to follow with steps.

Here Is The Business Plan For Artists To Make Money Online

A workable business plan for artists is a viable step by step document for growth. Through this plan, artists can sell art online and make money easily.

Define and Assess your Art

The first step is to know what your style of creativity is. Then define your style. This becomes your artist statement later when you promote your artwork. The next thing to do is assess your art.

For this, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Where do you as an artist stand in the local, national, and international art scenario?
  • Will your style of art survive the local, national, and international competition?
  • The type of artwork are you creating?
  • What is the medium of your art? What is the style of your artwork?
  • What's it that you are trying to communicate with your artwork?
  • What are the likely places where your art can be used?
  • Does your artwork belong in a gallery or in commercial places?

Answering these questions will help you to identify your target audience and clients.

Brand Positioning and Marketing

Based on the definition and assessment of your artwork, branding and marketing gets determined. Once you have a clear idea of who is your target audience, you need to build up a targeted strategy. This will allow you to communicate, express and sell your artwork effectively. The best brands have consistency in their value promotions. The key to a good branding promotion is having online assets that will help you to share your value proposition efficiently.

Set Goals

Setting measurable goals helps you to set targets. Analyze your potential and set realistic goals such as:

  • How many creations will you produce in a year?
  • Revenue would you like to achieve in a year?
  • How many gallery presentations to get in a year?

Once you set up reachable goals, stick to them and try to achieve.

Create An Action Plan

Just like any other business plan, Business plan for Artists needs to be put down on paper. Note down the things or activities are you going to undertake to promote and sell your artwork online. Once you have determined what you would achieve, how you would achieve and have set goals. The next part is to write down a clear path of action.

Your action in your artist business plan should have your artist biography, statement of intent, goals and how and in what ways will you achieve them. Also, make sure you also include roadblocks that could come in your way and how to tackle them.

The plan should be a work document for a whole year. It should be divided into sections with one goal to achieve. This will lead you to achieve all your goals.

Put Your Business Plan For Artists Into Action

The last step is to put your plan in actual action. If they give results, well and good, if not, change the plan of action but not the goals.

Execution is often the hardest part and even harder is to revisit your plans to modify your action plan according to circumstances. Revisiting your action plan helps you to stick to the plan and goals you wish to achieve.

This will keep you motivated and help you to make necessary changes which will help you to gain more.

Steps To Showcase and Sell Your Creation

Create an Excellent Piece Of Work

If the art piece is lacking inspiration, one may occasionally find it difficult to come across patrons! So, it is of great importance to make sure that your piece of art is made heartily with all detailing in place and is awe-inspiring.

Getting Across To the Right Niche Audience

Experienced artists often have the opinion; marketing your work to a consumer who may not be too interested in making a purchase may not yield rich outcomes. It may instead result in the seller exhausting himself with his efforts which may not have been directed too well.

Instead, an artist must make sure that they find and address their niche audience. This gives one a higher chance of getting across to the consumer, make art sales, and maybe even create sustainable relationships that enable one to find repeat consumers over time.

  • What is your niche consumer cross section?
  • Are you trying to create art which attracts business persons in their 40s?
  • Is it something people in the hospitality industry would adore?
  • Or something for people who prefer dwelling deep into the art and cinema of the older times?

The World Today Comes Across As a Global Village

In the era of internet and social networking, the world has shrunk and today comes across as a global village. Getting across to your preferred audience cross section is easier than it’s ever been and it is more affordable as well. There are more ways to connect with your preferred audience than there may have ever been before. You could put social media to avail for marketing your work.

A very significant advantage of connecting with the buyers is that they often prefer to get the real story from the source who knows about it in maximum detail. Making an attempt to connect with your niche audience, all by you is probably the best way to go about the same.

Email Marketing Just Might Be The Tool For You

Email marketing is an important pillar in any Business Plan for Artists. It is a tool which enables you to connect with just the right consumer cross-section that matters. You may come to realize that you have patrons in typical locations across the world who would be delighted to go ahead with a theme in their living environment by going for a piece of art created by you. And it is as easy to get across them as dropping an email.

Through email marketing, you could build consumer relationship by being in touch with the consumer and may even find some repeat consumers in the process!

Capture The Interest of The Viewer

Interact in a way that addresses the fancy of your audience and brings them closer to art. A potential buyer may be inspired to make a purchase based totally on the vibes that you promote.

Bring Variety in Your Marketing Efforts

There are numerous ways to get across to a potential buyer for artists, such as social media. Connect with them, communicate with them and capture their interests with your art. The right kind of PR efforts could make a world of difference for promoting your art business!

Make Conscious Efforts to Promote a Call-To-Action

Choose to frame a message in a format that enables your buyers to take a definitive action. This may help you sell art online. You just may inspire a patron of art to go ahead and be a repeat consumer.

A Referral Program May Help You Make the Distance

Share messages, a portfolio of art and other streams with potential buyers. Ask them if they would like to refer someone who has similar inclinations.

This may help you come across all new channels to market and sell your art.

A Secondary Art Sale Channel Too Is Going To Yield Rich Outcomes over Time

Even if you choose to set up a primary sales channel as your primary mode of communication with a potential buyer; you must make sure that you invest in some secondary sales channels as well.

The possibilities are endless!

You could put up your work for sale in art galleries, social media channels, online stores or even appreciation groups. As more and more patrons develop a taste for your niche of art, the higher is the visibility of your artwork.

Work towards Making a Unique Image And Identity

When you create an identity which is your own, it lets you come across a buyer cross-section that likes the very genre of art that you create. The consistency could work across how your work is made, your websites are designed or even the written material that goes along with the visual content.

Even if you choose to set up a primary sales channel as your primary mode of communication with a potential buyer; you must make sure that you invest in some secondary sales channels as well.


Are you ready to take your artwork in front of your audience with one of the most amazing business plan for artists, that is your plan?

Creators need to have a business plan for promoting and selling their art online. If a creator wants to achieve a successful career and establish an art business; then they must have a business plan which is easy to execute and can give high returns.

Selling art is also an art. We at ShowFlipper help emerging and amateur creators showcase and sell their art to a global market of art buyers.


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