Call for Artists Exclusive Mega Art Competition 2018

about 5 years ago
product By Altaf Shaikh

For creators to showcase their art and make money from artwork, the surest and quickest way is to enter an online art competition. Such mega art competition brings together creators from around the world where they compete and showcase their talent.

These contests not only bring various artist together but also it promotes friendship and love among them.

This is because, not only online contests are cheap but it also allows financially weak artists to participate. A fixed fee not only is affordable but is also easy.

Usually, online art galleries and art studios organize these art exhibition opportunities give a chance to artists to showcase their art.

Hence when these entities call for entries, it not only helps them to increase their revenue but also help the artists to take their art to the world.

One such opportunity to make money from your artwork is given by ShowFlipper. We call upon all creators to join our art showcase and selling platform and join our prestigious and exclusive mega art competition for 2018.

The SF Mega Contest 2018

ShowFlipper is an online art gallery and an artist management company. It provides an art showcase and art selling platform for emerging and amateur creators of art from around the world.

The SF Mega Contest is a multi-category mega art online completion for emerging and amateur creators from around the world.  Participate and compete with brilliant creators of art from 53 countries.

This is an exclusive and prestigious contest specially instituted for emerging and amateur creators where they can showcase and sell their artwork to art buyers and art collectors from around the world.

In this art competition, they can win big prizes.

Benefits of participating in the Mega Artist Contest

The major benefits of participating in the SF Mega Contest are:

This contest gives you an opportunity to sell your art to a world audience of art dealers, art curators, art collectors, art buyers and art affiliates.

As an online art gallery, we not only gives you a showcase platform but also help you to sell your art, yourself.

ShowFlipper gives three different cash prizes to winners of the contest.

Publicity across online, offline and mobile channels in the form of blogs, press releases, videos etc. We help artists not only with publicity but also help them to reach potential

Prize money will get deposit in the winner’s account. This will not only kill the headache of banking but will also keep the money safe.

Earn with unique views with the help of our unique TRP Algorithm.

Best Place to Buy Art

We have created an online art gallery for artists, writers, and musicians. This art collection platform is to help them earn passive income and exposure.

For Show-tainers, ensuring we leave no stone unturned to make your professional journey more enjoyable and more exciting. Help you sell creations online and add more ways for you to earn money on our online artist platform.

Participate in our online art contest here.

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