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about 6 years ago
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Sell Books in an Appealing Ambience

If you ever step into a bookstore, you will either be extremely attracted to it or you will simply want to leave even if you know there are plenty of books that the store has.

Booksellers from around the globe are putting their money in carefully designing the retail space to sell books. Unlike some awesome online bookstores, there are many physical libraries that have their own fair share of customers!

Book lovers around the world will vouch for the fact that all bookstores are perfect when there is ample amount of organization in arranging the fantasy books. Shop for some excellent fantasy books, mystery novels, fiction and nonfiction books online, at

Whether it is a bookstore or any retail store for that matter, the designs or the outlays are made in such a way as to attract the customers and also make them comfortable. The way a book sale is done is a great matter of research to future bookstore owners!

You can also visit any old bookstore around your neighborhood to get a clear idea of designing a library!

So, how should a bookstore is really designed?  What are the key elements that you should keep in mind while laying the outlay of your bookstore?

The Designing Of A Bookstore

The bookshelves must be big enough for the books to be stacked without looking cramped. Here is a good read about how a bookstore should look like!

Color plays a very important role in creating the ambience of a retail space. People will always be attracted into a store that is well lit, has brightly colored or white walls. 

Provide a  neutral background for the optimum highlighting of products.

It is important to make any bookstore very cozy. Every bookstore has some sort of small seating arrangement for customers to browse through books before making a purchase. 

If it is a large space, a bookstore must have a proper generalized classification of books according to the reader’s age group, the purpose of the book, creative writing books, fiction books, non-fiction books, fantasy books, personality development books, mystery novels, best seller books, bestselling novels, or any large classification that can help a customer to look for a particular book in the right place.

Are you planning to buy books online? Here is something that might catch your fancy!

While some prefer to buy books online, the charm of going through the bookstore and the smell of the books is totally a different experience and many people are attracted towards it.

For those who want to publish their books, this is one fantastic opportunity, wherein you can give an Audition, and publish your books online for a wide spectrum of audience!

Famous Book Stores That are Edgy and Classic
1.Libreria Acqua Alta

It includes the archetypal volumes of Italian books and American books, which are packed with gondola boats. 

The mind-blowing bit of this bookstore is that the store is exposed to a lovely serene canal.

Do not be influenced by the looks of the store, which is nothing short of a mess because it houses an extensive collection of art and postcards. 

The owner collects books from places and gives them a shelter in his boats, bathtubs and gondola.

2.Boekhandel Selexyz Dominicanen

A  famous book stores in the world because of the sheer grandeur of the store. 

It is simply a Dominican church built during the 13th century that has been turned into a bookstore. The church' alcoves are now used for reading purposes. 

This bookstore has been lauded because of the adaptive style and the clever re-use of the space.

3.Cafebreria El Pendulo, Mexico City, Mexico.

The bookstore has an indoor garden that gives a wonderful environment to the place. 

It was once a bar and then turned into a cafe and a bookstore. 

The deceptively simple idea of using greenery to create a unique experience for booklovers and shoppers is simply a show of genius!

4.Bart's Books, Ojai, California.

This is one of the most unique book stores and speaks volumes about a bookstore business plan in the world and the largest outdoor book store that the world has witnessed.

The bookstore has a courtyard that has several bookshelves to browse from and plenty of space to sit and sip lemonade or play chess or read your favorite book, be it a mystery novel, a fiction book or a nonfiction book!

The Importance of Bookstore Design

Bookstore layouts need to be creative and inventive and you can add some flair of architectural influence. Today’s young generation is increasingly becoming a gadget frenzy and with the digitization of books and internet availability everything is at their fingertips. 

To attract such youth, you have to make an extra effort and give them a different experience other than just reading a story.   

A fascinating blog that helps you with an easy process of publishing your books online!

Combine your bookshop with a hip-hop coffee shop or a classical theatre and see the crowd growing.  Or maybe you can even give your book a retro look.  To attract small kids have some fun things like book racks and shelves that spin.  

Create a corner for some classic, vintage books and pace some good looking covered books and make the furniture and vases around it a bit architectural to get that cool feel.

All such ideas are great to get inspired fro.  Given your space, chose your priorities as to what do you want to offer your customer and just follow your heart.  Choosing a design will be fun and an experience in art in itself.

So, if you have made up a plan to start your own bookstore, here is your plan!

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