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Why is an Artist statement really required

2018-02-28 19:17:56
product By Shrutika Patwardhan

How Artist Statements make a difference?

Redefining an Artist Statement

So, many of you who though what an artist statement is, you have come to the right place! This blog not only makes you understand what the concept is, but also reveals its importance with the tiniest of details!

Maybe it's as a result of artists are such great visual thinkers, or even as a result of it's virtually not possible to translate between mediums. Regardless of the reason, writing a brand new statement is enough to make someone pull out their hair. 

Writing a description can seem intimidating. An artist's might think that his work does the talking so why should he write another description. The statement for an artist is like an introduction to his own work.

Remember as an artist, the statement you write will help you talk freely and confidently about your work and you can use it to promote your work. Here are some tips on how you can go upon writing it:

1. Where will this art speak return from? Believe it or not,any form of art, be it abstract art or fine art, it will return from somewhere which place is usually terribly fascinating, if you are into art theory. During the 1970's, a huge amount of French philosophy was being translated into English, and a number of universities included this material into their analysis, curriculum. 

What came to be remarked as post structuralism overtook the lot of formal, modernist types of art theory and criticism that students like Clement Greenberg had been writing.

2. Who are you actually writing for? Consider your audience. If you are writing a university application to study MA or a practice-based PhD, you wish to be writing in a very completely different manner than if you are applying for a residency at a public funded establishment. 

Likewise, if you are writing for an art gallery and their audience, you will write otherwise than for a repository. You must take into account the audience that you are writing for.

3. Which words does one use? Words like metaphysics and philosophy have a protracted and complex history. It is okay to use adjectives that are less commonly used in everyday language. Musical could be a sensible adjective and it means that flowing, that is however your creative person statement ought to scan. 

A synonym finder is your friend. Keep your sentences short and learn the way to punctuate them. As Evelyn Waugh once said: "One forgets words as one forgets names. One's vocabulary needs constant fertilizing or it will die"

Consider carefully regarding adverbial phrases like "radically questioned". Questioning one thing already implies a way of curiosity and intellectual confidence; therefore why describe it as radical? After you finally begin writing your statement

4. Kick off with a Bang. Almost each artist's statement that one reads starts out with the words "My work is", "My painting/drawing/sculpture/video/performance is impressed by", or "In my work". I herewith call an official moratorium on all of those openers! 

In a very competitive field like this one, you would like to be standing out from the pack. Once a dealer or custodian or jury or grant committee flips through page of statements, you wish yours to be a breath of contemporary air.

5. Less is better. Seriously! I notice that several artists hide behind long sentences, as if the lot of they write, the nearer they'll get to the reality. However if folks have to read paragraph after paragraph, they could suppose your work can't hold on its own, which could be a big-time kiss of death. 

A giant a part of what I do with other artist's statements is reducing sentences and words. Nobody, from dealers to curators to your audience to your own mother, desires to scan a book to get a gist of the work.

6. Learn to like Language. Short doesn't need to mean content-less: Maximize your impact with distinctive, fascinating verbiage. Youre an artist! Ensure you've got each long and short sentence that produces a rhythmic rhythm that's pleasurable to read. 

Please, whenever doable, use active instead of passive tense, and notice verbs and adjectives that basically strike to the center of what its you are doing.

7. The language should go with the effort. Is your work whimsical? Or is it violent? What's the scale? Ensure your prose reflects the qualities of what it describes. Usage of verbs and adjectives that basically match the qualities of your artistic output can produce a press release that each excites and informs.

 Have you ever found an excellent quote from another artist, writer, thinker, or student that you just feel speaks to your method, form, or content? Think about employing it as an introduction to your statement, or maybe the statement itself! I like to recommend yearning for inspiration on-line or within the art theory books gathering dirt on your shelves.

8. Get another person to review your work?Just like once we create design, generally we have a tendency to be involved in the writing of the description that it may be hard to achieve. Ensure you get a contemporary set of eyes to look over your statement before you publish it or send it out. 

That why, will be able to get a much better sense of the rhythm and flow of the prose whereas your critic can see however well the words really match the work.

The above points tell the importance of what is an artist statement and why is it important!

If you follow these steps I am sure you will be able to achieve your goal of writing a great statement which will be read by your peers, friends, contemporaries, and your audience.

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Best E Commerce Sites for Artists

2018-06-19 13:46:27
product By Yogesh Deshmukh

When everything in the world today is guided by online forces, it is really no surprise that the artists of the day seek refuge with wonders of the phenomenon that is an internet. There is really no better place for reaching out to people, advertising your work, and creating your own brand name than getting your art some online space and selling art online

Many of the e-stores today like ShowFlipper feature an online art gallery of their own where they exhibit artworks from the leading as well as budding artists across the world. Some of the best e-commerce sites for artists have paved the way for upcoming artists to sell art online in a hassle free and trusted manner.

The physical constraints of having to find a real place to feature and sell your artwork can be too tedious for an artist, especially when the competition has grown cut-throat. If you are an aspiring artist or even an established one, you might be in the search for the best place to sell art online yourself. 

While the market is replete with e-stores and sites that facilitate selling art online, here, we chalk out the best e-commerce sites for artists where you get the actual value and deserved recognition for your work and come up with some selling art online tips.

Amazon Art

The e-commerce giants have gradually expanded to every domain possible. They are doing a great job of being one of the best e-commerce sites for artists with their expansion as Amazon Art.

Currently, the website can be undoubtedly classified to be the best for 2-D artists like illustrators, painters, prints, or photographs. Though you cannot sell 3D artwork in this platform, we hope and guess that the e-commerce behemoth isn’t just going to sit back there and miss out on the party and that an improvisation in the site will soon incorporate the sale of 3-D art as well.

You need to register on the site as a seller before you could start trading on one of the best best e-commerce sites for artists. You are then required to choose a plan which will guide the sale produced on your artwork.

 The site charges you a bit of your profit for using its platform to air your work and the charges differ from plan to plan. So choose wisely while you select your plan.
If you are an artist with a portfolio in the field of 2-D arts, you must try Amazon arts. Don’t worry about the accompanying costs.  Once you establish your repute as an artist online, the money will come flowing back to you in no time.

E Bay

The e-commerce site allows you to auction your work directly or even sell the buyers at a flat rate. Unlike Amazon art, the e-store lets you work on your own plans, not levying any of its own over you. In that way, it’s more easy and breezy to sell on. You can directly ship your art to your clients for a flat fee. Alternatively, you can just auction your work online and sell it to the highest bidder.

With a large number of visitors flooding the site each month, the online platform is a promising one for the budding artists willing to establish a brand name in the field of digital and classic art forms.
The e-bay lets you keep most of your profit, and charge just a small fraction of the selling price for your artwork.


A bit different from the usual e-commerce sites for artists, this one is a boon for the digital artists. It allows you to sell prints online and deliver to your clients via a download link in their e-mail inboxes. The site has a large community of digital artists featured on it. Hence, it is a good place for new-age emerging creatives to expand their network and establish a name in the market. Non-digital, hand painted work though can’t be sold on this site and is one major downside of it.


The most economical of all online e-commerce sites for artistss out there, Etsy gives artists the ease of doing business online. Not only can fine art be sold here, but it is also a good online space for handcrafted artwork. The low transaction fees make it a haven for emerging artists who seek to maximize profits and enhance their reputation.


The online art gallery at ShowFlipper features artworks, both 2-D and 3-D art directly from the artists behind the creations. As an aspiring artist, you can exhibit your work and portfolio at the site and let your customers interact directly with you. The site allows you to buy and sell all kinds of artworks. This includes sculptures, paintings, handicrafts, digital prints, and wall arts alike. You could be working in any domain of modern or classic art, there’s a room here for everyone.

Having a real physical store is a great idea but not always a feasible one. Having a portfolio online across an art e-store helps you establish yourself as an artist. Plus, it also brings you financial security faster. The world of online art stores is worth exploring for all the benefits that encompass them. So register soon and reap the benefits.

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