Famous Art Works and Hidden Mystery

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The World Has Art Hidden In Every Nook And Corner

Did you know that the Mona Lisa has a plethora of secrets planted in the painting by none other than Leonardo da Vinci? Many have seen and many more have heard of the Mona Lisa which is undoubtedly the most famous painting by the master Leonardo da Vinci. It is also probably the most famous portrait in existence. However, it is certainly secretive as you will come to know about its hidden mystery.

Weird Paintings, Art secrets and Hidden Mystery!

The Mona Lisa is not the only example of art that contains secrets. There are a huge number of famous paintings  and weird paintings with hidden messages. There have been many artists over the ages that had hidden messages or other art within their work. For some artists such as Van Gogh, those messages were simply a way of showing off their incredible genius. For others such as Pablo Picasso paintings, hidden art was simply a way to get over financial trouble. There are even cases where the art was deliberately hidden in order to prevent art controversy or eliminate a controversial element like John Singer Sargent with his 'Madame X'.

The Mona Lisa

When there is a painting as famous as the Mona Lisa, chances are that people will look closely into it. While you may want to edge closer to the painting for appreciating its beauty better, you may be stunned by the hidden messages and contemporary art that seem to appear out of nowhere. Researchers have magnified the portrait and uncovered some amazing facts.

The right eye of Mona Lisa contains the letters 'LV' which is certainly the initials of the painter, Leonardo da Vinci. The letters in the left eye are harder to decipher but they seem to be either 'CE' or 'B'. In the background, the arch of the bridge seems to contain the number '72' or it may be an L and a 2. These may not make any sense but are definitely cool.

According to an artist, the Mona Lisa contains a number of other images that only appear when the picture is viewed at the right angle. For example, viewing the portrait upside down will reveal a question mark formed by the highlights of the portrait. If you tilt and view the picture at an angle, you will be stunned by the sight of the Mona Lisa smile which begins to seem more like a grin. Tipping the picture on its side will lead you to discover images of heads of animals including a lion, a buffalo, an ape and a horse. It is certainly a rather controversial claim but it does have a few merits.

Van Gogh

One of the most incredible things about Van Gogh is not just his prolific body of work. It is how he managed to cram hidden art and messages into many of his paintings. One of the versions of the 'Portrait of the Postman Joseph Roulin' contains the head of a donkey hidden in the beard. It is believed to be a depiction of the biblical scene where Jesus enters Jerusalem on a donkey. While biblical scenes were often hidden by Van Gogh, it was not always biblical allegory that found its way to his work. For example, 'The Dance Hall in Arles' of 1888 has 'Japan' hidden into it.

The Path of Illumination

It is not only in abstract art or contemporary art that we find hidden secrets. Apparently, the Vatican City has its own secret hidden into its streets. This theory was put forward in the book, 'Angels and Demons' by Dan Brown. According to it, Bernini hid a secret path while redesigning the city of Rome. Called the 'Path of Illumination', you need to discover the path by following clues hidden across the city in its buildings, sculptures and water features. It starts at the Church of Santa Maria del Popolo and ends at the St. Peter's Church which is apparently the Church of Illumination. While the existence and authenticity of such a path is debatable, the fact remains that you will end up visiting a number of beautiful spots in the city by following it.

Art Drop: Making Art More Interactive

While hiding art in other art is not new, hiding them in various locations for sport certainly is. In fact, there is even a day dedicated for it called Art Drop Day which occurs on the first Tuesday of every September. Art Drop Day 2015 was held on the 1st of September.

What is Art Drop?

Art drop is an activity where painters, sculptures and various other artists hide their work in a spot of their choosing and leave behind clues for others to find it. The pioneer of this movement is Jake Parker.

When embarking on an art drop trip, the artists drop off their work in a location. Then, they proceed to take a picture of the work or the location and upload it to social media networks as clues. Other people or artists will try to decipher the clues and hunt for the work. Once located, the person can keep that art for sale or hide it.

The movement is not always about a scavenger hunt. For many artists, it gives an incredible opportunity to meet other artists that they might not have otherwise met under normal circumstances. The movement goes on to show the remarkable versatility of art as a form of expression.

What Do You Know Of Art Controversy?

As mentioned before, art is certainly versatile. However, it can be quite controversial at times. Given below is a list of some of the most controversial events surrounding art

'The Music Lesson' by Johannes Vermeer is supposedly all about the lust between a young girl and her teacher.

'Madame X' by John Singer Sargent originally showed the lady with a slipped shoulder strap. Public outcry led the painter to paint the strap in the proper location.

'Myra' by Marcus Harvey is a portrait of Myra Hindley, a child murderer. What is striking is the use of a child's handprints to create the portrait.

Different philosophers and laymen had their own views about art. Even the artists view their work different as shown by the controversies surrounding their work. As for the viewers, some simply admire the skill of the artist while others try to search for hidden meanings in art. Either way, the prime aim of the artist is generally for the viewer to enjoy the finished work and they are ready to put art for sale.

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