Fiction and Nonfiction Books Reveal Personalities

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Personality Test by Fiction and Nonfiction Books

If there is one thing that a book lover will tell you, then it's that books are the ultimate guides to your soul, to that one hidden world where bird sing and troubles melt like lemon drops, where the truth shines brighter than the sun and where death is but the inception of a grander adventure.

Over the years, thousands and thousands of articles have been published,researches done,experiments carried out,all relating aspects of your personality to the book genres that you read.

So, aren't you curious to know how your favorite genre reveals your personality? Don't you want to know if fiction makes you politically more tolerant or whether biographies make you more critical of the author's texts? Go ahead, see what's your book personality.

Scientific Evidences

The most recent study in the field of correlation between an individual's personality with the reader's choice of books, was in 2011.

In this experiment, 3000 participants, including adults from university students as well as online participants were asked to state their preference of music, fine arts and abstract arts, books, movies and other forms of entertainment.

It was discovered that there is a direct correlation between the choices of books that the people read as well as their taste in other mediums of entertainment. For instance, the "artistic souls", the ones who enjoyed good food, opera music, fantasy books, loved to buy fine jewelry, foreign films and art, tended to gravitate more towards poetry and classics.

On the other hand, "extroverts", who loved cerebral entertainment, gravitated towards more experimental matters like erotica,thrillers,science fiction, history and science books.

Reading fiction books make you a practical person!

The most debatable of all is the genre of fiction. The more "practical" people brand it is a waste of time, since it is all "make believe". However, studies have shown something extremely surprising about people who still love and read fiction books.

If you are a lover of fiction, chances are, you make a better friend, are more sympathetic and an all-around nice person. You may have more successful relationships in your life, because "the same psychological processes are used to navigate fiction and real relationships.

There are some good reads about popular teen fiction books on the web!

Science fiction:

One of the most flexible and, if properly executed, one of the most versatile genres is the science fiction. Be it sword wielding ninjas in space ships, aliens talking to mankind or space an odyssey, science fiction has captured minds for centuries.

On a deeper level, science fiction speaks to people who feel isolated or have felt isolated at a certain point in their lives. Science fiction puts things in an order, in an otherwise alien, no pun intended, environment and makes connections more psychologically available.

Some popular teen Sci Fi books on the web include “The Hunger Games” and “The Catching Fire” and can be read here!

Reading nonfiction books makes you a better person!

On the other hand, reading nonfiction appears to be much more straightforward. It is credited to helping build up your reasoning and logical skills. Perhaps that is why schools all over the world, are trying to make nonfiction a mandatory part of their curriculum.

So, if you are an avid reader of nonfiction, chances are, you are a more logical person than your peers. Psychologists say that people, who tend to choose nonfiction over other genres, are more likely to work in jobs like in the corporate world, instead of more unconventional and artistic jobs.

Some noted sites that hosts nonfiction books include and offer a great resource of entertainment and for the audience!


You read only and only romantic books? All hard core romantic novels like Mills & Boons ever since your teenage days?

A hopeless romantic,yes,that is what you are.Accept it

You might have had your heart breaks in your teenage days and find your story in that corner of your silent reading space. Having fantasy books on your bookshelf is one way of identifying your instincts!


This is a very difficult genre. It needs creative writing skills. You cannot easily make a person laugh unless you are witty.

So you like to sharp and witty and want to be someone who brings smile on everyone’s face.You perhaps like to be the ‘funny guy’ everywhere.

Mystery Novels:

You’re almost Dr Watson? Aren’t you? You can give those ideas to Mr Holmes yourself. You can smell it everywhere.The smell of crime.

The curious cat that you are, just don’t get killed. Yes, you have the most curious mind and like your brain cells to work hard and keep guessing.

So, you read books that provide that exercise to your mind. You might also be having a high level of alertness.

Wondering where you can come across such good reads? Here is one great site that leaves you spellbound!


Famous people and their struggle inspire you. You are always looking for a motivation and you take refuge in the famous peoples’ lives.

You are awe-inspired by their strength of character. You want to know how they made it and search for a similar inspiration in your life too.


What led the World to the War? You are always curious. Who Built the Roman Empire? You just want to know. You find history more fascinating and mind boggling than any science fiction. You love the evolution that human beings have been through the ages.


Your choice of reading materials can point to a set of preferences you might be having. However, a concrete assessment with facts and figures is not available about this correlation between books and their revelation about their reader. But, most of the time the assessments are bang on!

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