How To Build Matchstick Models For Beginners?

about 5 years ago
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How to build matchstick models is a question which may have entered your mind. We have perhaps known that matchsticks are exclusively used for the purpose of lighting stoves and for making fire. However, if you peep into the minds of people with artistic mindsets, it is quite possible you will come across individuals who excel in the use of matchsticks.

If you look at a good wood art gallery, it is quite obvious that you will come across some of the best matchstick models for beginners as well as experts. It, without any doubt, is a wonderful form of artistic expression and also is a cheap and cost-effective way of coming out with something which could capture the attention of a plethora of people.

 We will look at ways and means by which it is possible to answer the question of how to make matchstick models. We are sure it will help many budding artists and enthusiasts to weave magic using the small, little matchstick.

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Why Are Matchstick Models Unique?

There are many reasons as to why matchsticks are considered unique. They could be used as support for various types of paper models. If we are a bit innovative and are ready to think out of the box, you can learn to answer the question of how to build matchstick models in the true sense of the term. As mentioned above, they are quite cheap and are readily and easily available.

While many people use burnt matches, there are others who use headless matchsticks. Just to cite an example, a bag of around 10,000 matchsticks should not cost more than 12 dollars. Hence, it is one of the cheapest yet most effective ways to express one’s artistic bent of mind. Let us now look at some simple and easy to understand matchstick model instructions.

Choose The Best Glue

The first starting point in answering the question of how to build matchstick models is to look at some good online sculpture gallery and learn basic lessons about the kind of models you can make using matchsticks. The next task is to identify the right glue which can firmly bind the matchsticks and keeps them in place. 

Though there are many options available, there are reasons to believe that PVA (Polyvinyl Acetate) is considered to be the best. It is more commonly referred to as craft glue. 

It has amazing properties: It dries rapidly, is not messy on the fingers and other surfaces. PVA is eco-friendly because it is water-based glue.

How to Get Into the Act?

If you are really keen on following the right matchstick model instructions, you certainly would do well to look at some ready to use kits. These are available in brick and mortar stores as well as online stores and this without any doubt the easiest point to start. 

These kits help you to master the art of making matchstick models from scratch. Once you make a model, you can dismantle them and start looking at other options. It will help you to understand the answer the question of how to build matchstick models much better.

What tools do you need to make the models?

Here is a  list of the basic things you need to get started. But there are other additions you can make as your skill develops. So, the list is 

a scale/ruler,

a cutting board to shield your desk,

paintbrushes in small sizes,

pair of sharp pliers,

a filer,

pair of scissors,

a sharp knife,


healthy eyesight or a giant magnifying lens.

As you can understand there are very few things here that you don't already have lying around the house.

But more than anything else, what you need is patience to carry out this activity.

How does Long It Take?

It may not be possible to answer this question in a straight-jacketed manner. The amount of time an object will take to finish depends on the size and complexity of it. Few smaller matchstick models can be built over a weekend while others can need more than 6 months to finish. Some really intricate and huge models can even take years.

Further, it also depends on how fast you are able to master matchstick model making and answer the question of how to make matchstick models within a reasonable period of time.

It Also Could Be Fascinating For Your Kids

The best thing about these matchstick models is that they are popular across all ages. You could get your kits for kids, which are safe and are free from sharp scissors and knives. There are many online outlets which offer kid-safe matchstick modeling. Kids have a short attention span and are likely to lose interest if the results are not immediately forthcoming. 

Hence, it would not be ideal to force this hobby on a child, who might get easily bored. You could perhaps get him/her started with small projects to build interest and keep interested alive for a relatively long period of time. There are kits available for such kids too.

Now that you have a basic idea about matchstick sculpture, you are almost ready to give it a try. You just need to give the sculptor idea a thought and proceed with designing. Keep trying until you achieve a goal you set in your mind.

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