How to Sell Your Fine Jewelry

about 6 years ago
product By Shrutika Patwardhan

Jewelry designers can now sell their creations over a wide range of platform

Sell Your Handcrafted & Fine Jewelry Online

Have a huge variety

This may be a very cliched piece of advice, but at the end of the day, all that a customer wants, is to be spoiled for choices, to have so many options, that they end up choosing at least one of the items.

The idea is to have at least one product for each and every customer that you have, that is, irrespective of whether they want fashion jewelry, precious stones, beading pattern, semi-precious stones, whether they want jewelry brands , finger rings, jewelry for hair and so on and so forth.

If the customer knows that you have tons of products of varying differences, they will keep coming back and they will tell it to their friends and associates.

Spread out all over

In order to increase the visibility of your jewelry designs and unique pieces, you need to promote jewelry online. This means that your designs need to be advertised and showcased on multiple online sites, including networking sites.

One such sure shot way of advertising your unique jewelry pieces is to become a premium member of ShowFlipper which acts as a talent manager, and  an online jewelry shop. They create videos and promotional ad campaigns to promote their artists in different ways.

On a matter like how to promote jewelry online, investment involves using a considerable amount of capital in order to put up images of you're a jewelry designs.

Be available

Clients expect assurance & complete faith in product quality.

No matter how you describe the product, customers have questions!

You should provide every resource that will help them to connect you!

Queries must also be answered or replied to in a very short amount of time.

Be open to sell customized jewelry

Many amateur jewelry designers have this burning and very important question, "Is customizing jewelry a good idea?" This needs to be answered in the light of the multiple pros and cons of customizing your jewelry based on your clients' demands.

Yes, there are thousands of clients who buy customized jewelry over the internet every day. Customized jewelry has a charm of its own.

Yes, customizing jewelry, all experts will tell you, requires extra effort and more than the average capital investment. However, customized jewelry also costs more than your average jewelry. Learn how to take care of your precious jewelry!

Another aspect of customized fine jewelry is that it needs an expert pair of hands that has had a considerable amount of experience dealing with jewelry designing and molding.

How can you be different from every other jewelry designers online?

Be creative and expand your horizons.

Let your pieces bear your personal touch.

Let your art work shine through durability, pricing and availability!

Be ready for innovation because-

A good jewelry designer always knows that a real challenge lies in when a client asks them to customize or design an entirely new set piece of jewelry right from scratch!s


The Do's of Jewelry promotion online:

Offer competitive prices because people will always opt for the better priced products.

Click, click and click. People always judge a product by the pictures first. Therefore, it is important to put up good pictures.

Video descriptions are a very fun idea rather than long and boring descriptive passages.

Don't just stick to one website. Put up your product advertisements on many websites so that many people can see them.

Offer a huge variety. Don't just stick to four or five products..

Be bold with your designs. Don't be afraid to experiment with many styles, techniques or materials when designing your jewelry.

Look for inspiration all over- be it in nature, traditional artwork, Bohemian lifestyle or Mughal furniture. Seriously, the list of possibilities is endless.

All the Do Not's of Jewelry promotion online:

While there may be a serious list of all the things that you must do for successful jewelry promotion, there is also a serious list of things that you shouldn't do while promoting your jewelry pieces online.

Do not over-price your products. This is really a no brainer. If an individual gets the same quality with better prices, they will obviously migrate towards a different designer.

Do not be ambiguous. When you are describing your products, be very clear of what it is and what the client can expect.

Do leave any room for confusions when dealing with an advertising site. In most cases, make every monetary transaction and every details of the product display absolutely clear.

Do not leave room for your clients to complain. This means on time delivery, giving the client exactly what they want and no fixing up of prices after the order is placed.

Don't be vague about the delivery period. Be very, very specific about the day the client can expect the shipment to arrive. No one likes to be told a particular time, and have to wait for it too long.

Here is a classic blog that reveals detailed and important tips on the jewelry do’s and don’t’s!


Promoting Your Handcrefted and Fine Jewelry

Think Off The Box When Promoting

1.  Giveaways

Offer your customers to link their family and friends with you, the person who does the best receives a customized piece of fine jewelry or a beading pattern!

2.  Co – Branded / Co-Sponsored Events:

Research and then team up with another business organization, arrange and plan an event together.For example a PR company going to cultural events – list yourself as a sponsor and arrange some giveaways along with email blast.

3.  Social Media /Online Socializing:

Socializing on the social media can be crazy, with networking sites popping up every day.  The simplest thing to do is join the top four or may be that come close to your target segment.

4.  Create a Video:

A little trailer of your collection is really helpful.  The visuals about your jewelry business, is a great way to tell your love story with jewelry. If you have a PC, Windows Movie Maker will do the job.  This really works.

5.  E-letters sent Monthly:

This shows your customer engagement.Monthly e-letters is a great way to keep your customers abreast of what you are up to and what is going on with your jewelry business.

Hope the above tips for marketing your jewelry range and business are as helpful for you.  Always go ahead and do the utmost because it is your business which only you can make thrives.  Have a clear and careful thought about each and every step you take in your business, right from the start.

Do you have fine jewelry to sell? Or, are you finding it difficult to identify potential customers for the same? Here is a great opportunity for you to get a wide spectrum of prospect clients who can buy your handcrafted jewelry items! Audition with ShowFlipper to get the best deals on jewelry designs, handmade necklaces and much more! Subscribe today!

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