How to Take Good Instagram Photos Of Yourself?

about 4 years ago
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For all the social media enthusiasts out there, a week is a long time and a day gone by without posting a picture is a disaster. But clicking cool, so-called post-able pictures is no cakewalk. Especially if you are using your phone to click a selfie. And even when you manage to get a few nice selfies, the dilemma of which one to post is a conundrum in itself. If you are wondering how to take good Instagram photos of yourself, welcome aboard.

We empathize with your problem to the full and are here with some awesome mobile photography tricks to take better selfies.

Clicking the right kind of selfie comes with a mix of the right timing and good composition and settings. What do you see when you visit an online photo gallery on e-stores like ShowFlipper? Awesome compositions and intriguing contexts, right? That is the key. Get these things right and you will have a string of going ga-ga followers. Here’s how to take good pictures of yourself in simple ways.

Selfies don't just cut it to have a better fan following on Instagram. You must also know how to click other types of photos as well. You can get started with these landscape photography tricks.

Stpes: How to Take Good Instagram Photos of Yourself

Setup Your Phone

Before you can even think of clicking an okay picture, you absolutely need to change your camera settings, syncing them to the selfie mode. First of all, you need to turn off the HDR mode on your camera. The HDR mode applies multiple exposures of the same photo in the same frame to get maximum details that are not much needed. It’s better to keep things simpler. Also, while clicking pictures in the influence of a bright source of light, do not forget to under-expose your shot. This helps in preventing the undue regions from getting highlighted.

Compose Your Photos Well

The main aim of a good Instagram photo is to draw in followers. You can click a good photo and get a mediocre response as opposed to clicking an awesome photo and getting an unending string of likes and heart emoticons. The subject composition makes quite the difference in both the cases. If you are going to be posing in front of a scenic view, make sure that you blend in well but not so much so that the focus shifts entirely from you to the view. Balance is the key here. Create a context, work in the background but keep the focus on yourself. The prime rule for taking selfies.

 Use Grids

The smartphone of today come equipped with a cool grid tool that divides the whole area into a grid of squares. The main subject should always be placed at the center of this grid. This is known as the golden rule of thirds in photography and emphasizes on aligning the subject with the gridlines, so it perfectly fits into the frame.

Create Your Own Signature

There are literally millions of Instagrammers who are slaying it with their style and signature. So what is it that sets you apart from this battalion of young millennials ruling the starry world of Instagram? Take some time to answer this question and then align your photos with your answer. Create a theme of your own and stick to it. The theme sort of then becomes your signature on Instagram. As the saying goes, you can’t satisfy everyone. But you can very speedily gain a fixed niche of followers to your theme if you create a brand out of it.

Mind the Color Palette, Lighting, and the Angle of Photography

Choosing the right colors for the framing of your Instagram photos is very important if you want to draw the traffic to your posts. Always choose warm, cozy, or pastel shades from the palette, especially if your selfies are fashion or travel based. You can choose cold colors while clicking natural selfies.
Another important factor to be kept in mind is the lighting. The outdoor selfies should always be underexposed to counter the effects of excessive lighting. If you are shooting indoors, make good use of any natural source of light that might be present. Avoid using artificial lights as they usually tint your selfies.

The angle is also crucial while taking a selfie. If you are clicking a standing selfie, make sure you hold the phone high so your face appears sleek. Holding the phone low might make you look like a potato, killing the buzz of the photo. Similarly, try exploiting angles that allow natural light to enter the photo and make you look good.

Final Verdict

The timing of the shot should also be minded as it could make or break your selfie. Wait for that breeze to make your hair blow, wait for the sun to come out, or wait for the snow to fall before you click that perfect natural selfie. Similarly, if in a bar, wait for the disco lights to come in sync with the mood of your selfie before clicking the button.

Taking a perfect picture for your Instagram feed is not all that difficult if you keep the above points in your mind. You can browse through the feeds on the Instagrammers who sell photographs online to see what works for them and then incorporate these ingredients into your photos to attract followers to your wall. So next time when you are clicking a picture for your Instagram feed, just remember what we discussed here and rest assured, you will be good to go.

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