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about 6 years ago
product By Shrutika Patwardhan

Painting in only one style seems like stagnation to me, or a limited testimony. Mother Earth shares some quiet moments

Mother Nature in Fine Art

She smokes a pipe and exhales out love; she also exhales out life. She lies flat on the grass, and then against a tree; her hair blending into the grass first, then into the bark of the tree. She is Mother Nature. From her life emerges and into her it perishes.

A leisurely gaze into the SF Studio and Vera Tataro's Earth Garden paintings stand out with naked surrealism. To paint with complete freedom, what a dream it will be! Creating a painting that is surreal and brutally direct. The kinds that will make you want to stop and stare. Every artist's dream is to achieve that ability.

Vera showcases the amazing side of nature in her paintings! It is a photo art, acrylic painting, landscape painting, oil painting, watercolor paintings with a difference! Some of her paintings show the raw attractiveness of Mother Earth, and some show her affection and love for her creations! 

She holds a pipe that exhales out her love for her beings, her true children and expects them to return her favors with the same love and affection! It is simple to the core! Yet, we humans have not understood our duties towards our real family! 

We are more bothered about luxury that we see, the artificial impact physical things create on our minds. We always forget the real responsibility, rather expectation we have towards our mother! The paintings share some quiet moments that Mother Earth spends with her loved ones. The question here is, can we be one of them?

See some of the best art work of Mother Nature can be followed here


The Beauty of Naked Surrealism

Her shows contain monumentally beautiful paintings which look so life-like, that it can be easily mistaken for a digital art piece. Earth garden portrays Mother Nature and her naked beauty to symbolize love, inner energy, harmony, tradition and its roots. It shows the raw beauty of nature entwined with the beauty of a woman.

Here is a good read that speaks on surrealism and nudity from an artist’s point of view!

Nudity is something that has always faced the wrath, be it paintings, oil paintings, contemporary art,  photo art,  african art, fine arts, or models displaying antique and handcrafted jewellery.

 Is it no fabrics or the fabric art that adds layer to ones nudity? So, why did Vera Tataro choose a subject with a 3d gallery that might be a talk of the town? Interestingly, Vera dismisses the aura created by a controversial subject.


Creating a Difference with Earth Paintings

The Earth garden creations have different paintings of Earth. It has picture-like smooth undertones with a crisp finish. Vera's works had always been a subject of scrutiny during the past.

 Her way of dealing with criticism is simple. "I heard a lot of criticism for my work but I never changed my own view or changed my work for anyone. If someone feels threatened by an artist, it may be because the artist had pointed at something what people fear." believes Vera.

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Showflipper: A Powerful Platform For Artists

Vera Tataro has been the ShowTainer who has successfully created a niche for herself! She has got massive following and great backing from her fans with the quality of work she has come up with. 

Owing to the red hot topic of preserving the nature, Vera has also touched the delicate cells of the heart of the people! And proudly so, ShowFlipper is one medium where you can find the opportunity to be a part of her artwork!

One cannot help but gets attracted to the power of hypnotism while going through Vera’s work. Especially the ones that reveal the unparalleled beauty of our creator!

 There are artists who have tried to describe the nature through poems, books , novel and other writings, but the way Vera Tataro makes you come close to nature is an over-whelming experience! It is a journey that moves you from the core!

Visit and browse some of the best paintings of Vera Tataro here. Get answers for why you should be on the good side of mankind! She brings you close to Mother Earth! Experience the real and never seen before beauty of nature through the eyes of Vera Tataro.

Celebrate life to the fullest through the vision of the artist. Be a part of the world, where Mother Earth feels comfortable!

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