Near Death Experience To Contemporary Abstract Art

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I choked for fifteen minutes under the sea as the waves carried me forward and backward.

Near Death Inspires An Abstract Art Canvas In An Artist.

Rony Bolivar Gonzalez has learnt from life the hard way. He was just 9 years old when he fell into a ravine. He wandered towards the bottom of the hill and was found hours later."There I discovered human solidarity." says Rony, a self-taught artist. 

Then at age 15, he had a near death experience when he almost drowned in the sea."I choked for fifteen minutes under the sea as the waves carried me forward and backward; swallowing a lot of water and trying to unplug my ears, you see, the water has always been in my life."

Rony was not the only person to experience the outer world. A world that seemed so close yet, far away from the grasp of his breath. Many people who found themselves stuck in a parallel and invisible world running besides the human fraternity, few of them came ahead and took the canvas to describe the experience.

A medium of fine art or abstract artwork was a perfect way to portray what they saw, who they met, what they experienced! It is not always you come across such people. They might have never seen today’s day, had their fate designed other plans.

These people have treasured their memories for the ones who are curious about afterlife, a bridge that starts when the breath ends! People have also come up with a unique and advanced way of reflecting their experiences using scientific technologies. 

This kind of digital art has been widely appreciated by audiences across the world. Remember the number of times you have seen Abstract Art for Sale? Or if you have ever wondered when did geometric abstraction start? Often it has it's seeds in such trauma. But isn't this how art therapy works?

The unique and trending form of digital art has been a trending topic among artists around the world and there are some excellent blogs on the web that reveal more on the subject!

Who can benefit from art therapy?

“Struggling to say goodbye to my wife, I wrestled with my emotions. Telling her that I loved her very much was as much of a goodbye as I could utter because of my emotional distress. Sort of relaxing and closing my eyes, I waited for the end. This was it, I felt. This was the big nothing, the big blackout, the one you never wake up from, the end of existence.” Professor of Art, Howard Storm’s near death experience changed his life forever.

This North Kentucky University Professor was almost dead due to a perforation in his stomach and had one of the most profound experiences of afterlife. What emerged when Professor Storm woke up was a completely changed man. He resigned as a Professor and devoted his full time to Christ Consciousness.

His Art Work depicts Christ and Abstract images of landscapes. According to him, “God is the Greatest Artist” and his art work is his way of praising the treasure of books and novels, which you can go through for decoding the experiences of the survivors of fate!

Abstract arts come in varied forms and while some of them inspire an individual to hold the brush against the canvas, there are few who motivated artists to come up with a social cause. Just the way Heinz Sterzenbach began a unique form of abstract arts!

Creating Rebel Art to Break Stereotypes

This deep connection to water was probably the reason Rony developed his unique and contemporary art form, Fluidalismo. Rony created the Fluidalism style in 2012 as a pictorial style of art that gives waves and adds flow to a rigid form. If you have pondered questions like what did pop art rebel against? Then Rony is your type of artist.

He calls it 'giving waves' to an image; waves to give life to a painting that make it look as if it's in motion. He calls it a form of rebel art to break stereotypes.

"Fluidalismo is remotely related to abstract art; it may also be related to surrealism, that lacks objective rationality of reality." Rony is an ardent admirer of artists like Da Vinci, Van Gogh, Frida Kahlo, Goya, and Dali.

Rony has had his fair share of experience about the world beyond imagination! He feels one should often spend his day with love, peace and harmony instead of fighting for what will never go back with him after his journey on this planet! It has taught him about the deeds we do.

“Our Creator is The greatest Artist”

Artist, David Copson, who specialize in hand drawn color separation, gave up his 10 years work as a technical director and took sudden interest in the style of art inspired by quests of vision, near death experience and surreal journeys.

His spatial paintings take you to a hyper real and thrilling deep space. This is perhaps a pure form of abstract expressionism. And what is a abstract expressionism you ask? Well, it was a reaction to the emotions prevalent in post-World War II society in the West. And similarly, a lover of abstract image would love his complex use of colors in ‘The Realization’. 

Another painting of David is ‘Unfolding’. This vividly reminds you of the tunnel through the outer space to heaven. However, like his paintings, David’s life through the world of art and self realization in the Inyo Mountains is very gripping and make you ponder on life and afterlife.

Spirituality And Abstract Art Expressionism

Abstract expressionism involved unnatural and intense brushwork, always based on the painter’s inner emotions and upheavals. Famous painter, Kandinsky saw his abstract art as another path to spiritual attainment.

During his near death experience Alexander MD, experienced God as travelling through time and as a brilliant orb of light. Modern day abstract arts and fine arts also depict God as an ecstatic helm of love unlike Michelangelo’s anthropomorphic God. What these experiences and paintings more commonly try to express is that the Eternal from which we emerge, we return to at Death.

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The moral of the story!

Though this human cycle has been one of a kind that nobody has yet defied, the world has witnessed a few exceptions wherein some people began their journey but somehow escaped back to the real world! These people are not just ordinary, but lucky and worthy, as they shared their experiences through a medium called fine arts and abstract arts!

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