Novel Writing Tips To Keep In Mind To Write A Perfect Romantic Novel

about 3 years ago
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There is a dearth of good romantic books to read; agreed. Not because there aren’t any good authors, but they seem to lost the essence of what makes a good romance book irresistible to the readers. We cannot blame cocky and cheesy romance novels.

 That\'s why in this blog, we tell you some romantic novel writing tips to write a good romance book that people will read.

Here Are The Romantic Novel Writing Tips

Every genre of book writing has a formula. As such if you take a closer look at the best romantic books to read, you will find that there is a recurring pattern.

Read Romance Novels

Reading a lot of romance novels will help you to increase your horizons. You can focus on what plot to create, what kind of characters need to be there, what kind of plot twist should happen, etc.

Follow The Formula

The formula to follow is:

  • A hero and a heroine.
  • The hero is tall, dark, handsome, brooding, and flawed yet has all the positive human traits.
  • There are the argument, quarrels, and fights.
  • There is the agony of a breakup.
  • Also, there is an irresistible sexual tension and attraction.
  • End of the world sex.
  • There are hardships and plot twists and misunderstandings.
  • And there is a happily ever after.

Emotional Payoff

Focus on the hardships and the positive lessons of life such as Hope, Loyalty, Love, Trust, and Respect. Let the reader feel the pain and happiness of the characters. Make the reader\'s eyes wet with joy.

Keep the Story Moving Forward

Let all the situations and how the characters interact or react lead to a definite conclusion.

Love should be the Prime Focus

The story should build up the everlasting emotion of love throughout leading to a happily ever after.

Show Physical Attraction

What is a romance novel without a little hanky-panky? Build up a strong physical attraction and sexual tension between the hero and the heroine. Let these elements carry the story forward.

Minor Characters are Essential

Always give due weight to minor characters. They are the vessels which keep the story moving forward.

Make the Hero and the Heroine Champions of their Destiny

Keep the hero and the heroine real. Let them be good, but they should have inheriting flaws which give a plot twist to the story to make it more engaging.

Sex is a Key Element

Let there be a reason and build up of this. A physical attraction is on the subplots here.

Locations and Settings are Important

Imagine the storyline in exotic locales of the world. The settings should be such as to elicit an “Aha” from the readers.

Develop the Character Sketches to be Believable

Put some time and effort to develop each and every character in the novel; however minor it may be.

Trouble in Paradise

Make sure to develop some believable trouble in paradise moments which will show a strain in the relationships of the characters.

Pay Attention to Dialogues

Dialogues are important. Make sure the dialogues do not hurt the characters in the novel nor the readers reading the novel.

Larger Than Life Characters

Make every character so convincing that it compels you to believe as a real personality.

Qualities of the Heroine

  • Beautiful and Smart.
  • Should have sharp physical attributes and facial features.
  • Should be an emotional person.
  • May have an innate talent for trouble.
  • Should have at least one adverse situation against her.
  • Physically very attractive.
  • The character should develop from a girl to a woman.

Qualities of the Hero

  • Should be a risk taker.
  • A quick learner.
  • Should be a protector, provider, and caretaker.
  • Optimistic
  • Kind and Compassionate
  • Easily approachable
  • Should have a conflict of interest and challenges with his integrity.
  • Well-liked and well-respected person.
  • Make his rivals admire him.
  • Should have sharp features and physical attributes with innocence and childlike demeanor.
  • Generous and Secret Keeper.
  • Tolerant
  • The character should develop from a boy to a man.

What to avoid

  • Clichés
  • Cheesy and cocky words, phrases and sentences for obvious and non-obvious situations.
  • Isolation of the love plot and characters.
  • Raunchiness
  • Stigmatization.
  • Hopping from one point of view to another without a definite or logical closure.
  • Immediate fatal attraction
  • Creating subplots unless they add up to the story. Do not drag them.
  • Putting your perspective. Keep the readers\' wants and demands in mind.


Keep these romantic novel writing tips in mind if you want to write a successful romance novel. These will help you to build up your reputation as a good romance novel writer.

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