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Most Famous Artists That Emerged From Czechoslovakia

Popular Czech Art and Artists

The Czech Republic is known for excellent visual as well as plastic art and Czech art is particularly popular around the world. There is a long list of famous artists worldwide that originated from Czech Republic. These artists are especially known for the Art Nouveau style and the Frantisek Kupka.

Different forms and periods of Czech art

It is said that art became recognizable in the country with Gothic period with one of the first Czech Republic artists being Master Theodoricus. He is credited to design the Chapel of the Holy Cross which is considered to be one of the treasures of Bohemian art from the medieval period.

Then came the period of Baroque art when the land produced popular artists like Petr Brandi. He is also an eminent figure of the baroque period not only in Czech but also across the world.

The 19th century in Czech Republic art saw inspiration in the national revival and blossoming in visual arts too. Thus, during this time artists were busy decorating the National Theater, which was the main point where the artists could show their skills. Particularly noteworthy in this period was the success of the Fin de Siecle. This was followed by the coming of the 20th century Czech art. In the works of the artists of this period, realism and symbolism became predominant. Cubism followed next and is till date associated with architecture of Czech. Today, in the Prague art galleries and museums, the art from older days are preserved and exhibited.

Given below is a short list of popular Czech painters, authors, musicians and sculptors who have major contributions in the world of art in the country:

Vladimir Preclik, the internationally recognized writer and sculptor

This famous painter was the member of the Czech art and culture for several decades and made significant contribution in the field. Born in the country on 23 May, 1929, he exhibited his sculptures all over the world, including countries like Canada. He participated in the World Top 100 exhibition for sculptors. Leaving us with a strong legacy on April 3, 2008, Prelick's works are preserved in galleries, museums, and private collections. Also an author and was associated with the Czech Pen Club, his works have traveled far and wide, including Switzerland, USA, and Japan.The Statue of David is a classic and noteworthy example here.

Josef Sudek, the founder of modern photography

Josef Sudek worked on the elemental and earthy subjects. Born in Kolin in Bohemia in the year 1896, his photographs are emotional, dramatic, and intense. He was particularly interested in the refractive quality of glass. In his childhood, he was into the trade of bookbinding, and later found a place in the Hungarian Army in the year 1915. After being wounded and having his arm amputed when he was serving the Italian Front, he began studying photography in Prague and made a living out of his disability pension. He pursued his interest for photography and held his first one-man show in the Krasnajizba salon. Sudek used his exotic format for creating a series of cityscape of Prague, which was published in the year 1959.

Frantisek Kupka, co-founder of the Orphic cubism and abstract art movement

Frank Kupka or Francois Kupka is one of the most popular graphic artists and painter of the Czech Republic. His style is Symbolism, Art Nouveau and belongs to the Orphimism and Abstract Art movement. In the earlier phases, Kupka's works were based on realism, but later shifted to pure abstract art form.

David Cerny, an internationally acclaimed Czech sculptor

Prague is full of sculptures by Cerny who is famous for his weird and different sculptures like a giant baby crawling up the Zizkov TV tower. Born in 1967 in Prague, he was once arrested for his "hooliganism" or acts of civil disobedience that he showed. Cerny is evidently a rebel by nature and is always sparking controversies about himself. His famous works include Quo Vadis, Pink Tanks, and the hanging man.

Karel Capek, the Czech novelist, playwright, short-story writer, and also an essayist

Born in 1038, Capek suffered spinal problems all throughout his life. Yet, that did not stop him from studying philosophy in Prague, Berlin, and then later in Paris. He wrote along with his brother who was a painter and created illustrations of several books that are written by Karel.

Alphonse Mucha a Czech Art Nouveau painter and decorative artist

Mucha is a pioneer of the Art Nouveau that characterized curvaceous forms. Mucha art posters are the best examples of the Art Nouveau. He was well-known for as a decorative artist who showcased his own distinctive style. His brilliance can be found in the form of illustrations, paintings, advertisements, designs, and postcards. Not known to many, Mucha was a deeply religious person. One of the popular artwork by Mucha is the 'job', which depicts a woman with gravity-defying whorls of hair and a cigarette in her hand - what is unique about this poster is that it was made for cigarette paper.

Franz Kafka, the founder of the Kafkaesque syle

Kafka, a world renowned writer, has published a couple of most popular novels in the world - Amerika and the Trial and the Castle. Born in 1883, he was a student of law. From Kafka came the term Kafkaesque after his impersonal and complex stories. Interestingly, most of the works of the Franz Kafka were published posthumously.

Jan Saudek, the renowned Czech photographer

Hailing from Czech Republic, Saudek is one of the best ranked photographers of today. Some of Jan Saudek photos, were used as the covers for the albums like Anorexia Nervosa and Soul Asylum. However, his works have found mixed reception in countries around the world since many of his photos are often seen with nude or semi nude portraits. His posters and painted backdrops create a dreamy feel to the photos which is why Saudek is especially known for painterly world creations.

Czech supermodels are well known for their pleasant and natural beauty. They have been appreciated for their classy looks all over the world!

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