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Friday, 12.04.2019

Cardiff Museum Admits Gender Inequality

The National Museum of Wales accepted its collections "embed historical injustice" after an investigation showed male artists dominated its recent exhibits.

Temporary exhibits from  2016 to 2018 highlighted the works of 83 female artists as compared to the 273 of male artists.

Wales-based artist Shani Rhys James said there is now a need for a 50/50 gender divide in exhibits.

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‘Art On Paper’ Commemorates 45 Years

The topic is paper, and it’s a big anniversary, but that goes beyond the 45 -year anniversary of Art on Paper.

“Art on Paper” has now opened at the Weatherspoon Art Museum 45 times, by a partnership that dates back to 1965 with the Dilliard Paper Company.

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See Art-Inspired Floral Installations In Milwaukee

The Milwaukee Art Museum is hosting an event for the celebration of the arrival of spring. "Art In Bloom" is on exhibit just for this weekend. The floral installations on display will be inspired by artworks.

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Biologist Makes Beautiful, Precise Watercolors Of Viruses!

HIV, Ebola, and Zika are nasty, dangerous viruses. David Goodsell makes them look pretty! And the incredible accuracy of his depictions is motivated by science, his own research included.

Goodsell works as a structural biologist at Scripps Research in San Diego, California, and he makes watercolor paintings of viruses and cells with precise scientific specifications.

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New Japan Exhibit Looks At Avant-Garde Artists Who Worked In Their Magic In The Wilderness

“Radicalism in the Wilderness,” a careful and resolute exhibition on show at Japan Society, looks intensely into three strong positions rooted away from the late 1960s Tokyo and examines how setting one’s space from the capital and its art organizations could be its own strong excitement.

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Leonard Cohen's Life Celebrated With Music And Art

“Leonard Cohen: A Crack in Everything,” is an exhibition honoring the life and achievements of the singer-songwriter, who passed away in 2016. It appears at the Jewish Museum on Friday following a series in Montreal. The show uses visuals by Jon Rafman, a collection of processed found photos and landscapes, interspersed with audio recitation from Leonard Cohen’s “The Only Poem."

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Phillips CEO Says Collectors Profited Most From Art Market's Growth

Edward Dolman, CEO of Phillips auction house, said earlier this week that art buyers, and not auction houses or dealers, have made the greatest profit from the accelerated growth of the global art market in the past few years.

In a speech at The Art Business Conference in New York on Tuesday, he pointed out that while global art sales are rising, incomes at auction houses and dealers are dropping.

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Leonardo Da Vinci Created A “Satellite Map”  In 1502!

Leonardo da Vinci was placed at Imola, Italy, as statesman Cesare Borgia’s military engineer, he was entrusted with helping Borgia become more knowledgeable of the town’s layout. To do that, he made a revolutionary map that coupled innovative surveying techniques with his artistic vision.

The ensuing “ichnographic” map was a move forward for cartography, converting it from a somewhat imaginative activity to an informational asset.

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Court Case Concerning Modern Forgery Frans Hals Closes But Verdict Reserved Till, Summer

During a day and a half of questioning in London's Commercial Court this week, James Martin persisted with his declaration that a portrait signed Frans Hals auctioned via Sotheby’s in 2011 to an American collector for $11.75m is a forgery.

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Venetian Painter Tintoretto To Occupy The National Gallery Of Art

The National Gallery of Art has three exhibitions: “Tintoretto: Artist of Renaissance Venice,” “Drawing in Tintoretto’s Venice” and “Venetian Prints in the Time of Tintoretto.”

In commemoration of the 500th anniversary of the birth of the Venetian 16th-century master, the National Gallery of Art offers his first significant retrospective in the U.S.

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Thursday, 11.04.2019

FBI's High Profile Pursuit Of Rembrandts And Renoirs

A 17th-century Dutch painting stolen by the Nazis ended up for sale in New York in late 2017, the FBI’s Art Crime Team intervened, confirmed its identity and helped win a verdict for it to be returned to its rightful owners. This was the latest of many high-profile cases for the Federal Bureau of Investigation division assigned to working a host of art-related crimes.

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Archaeologists Identify First Example Of Prehistoric Figurative Cave Art In Balkans

An international crew, guided by an archaeologist from the University of Southampton and the University of Bordeaux, has reported the first example of Palaeolithic figurative cave art discovered in the Balkan Peninsula. Dr. Aitor Ruiz-Redondo and his team studied these paintings, that could be up to 34,000 years old.

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Central Board Of Secondary Education Makes Art Education Mandatory For Schools In India

The CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) in India has mandated the integration of Arts subject for all grades from the upcoming academic year and urged schools to add few cooking classes as an element of "culinary art" for grades 6 to 8.

According to a senior official, it will be mandatory for schools to reserve at least two periods per week for art education.

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Astronomers Capture The Black Hole In The First-Ever Photograph

Humankind is now closer to understanding one of the universe’s most abiding mysteries: the black hole. Once deemed unobservable, black holes are dense fields of matter that produce gravity fields so strong that even rays of light cannot evade their grip. But now, astronomers have recorded a mind-blowing image of the dark circular void encircled by fiery light.

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A Small Minnesota University Museum May Own A Munch

An incomplete portrait bequeathed to St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota, in 1999 could be a long lost artwork by the Norwegian master Edvard Munch.

A recent investigation of the painting’s provenance and scientific examination of the materials utilized give credibility to the statement. But now it’s up to the Munch Museum in Oslo to have the final say.

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Artist Creates Sculptures Using Paints

Alison Palizzolo's recent artwork is a pleasingly messy, a mix of acrylic paint, ceramic stucco and an iridescent medium, which she layers on the canvas in a heap of thick blocks and blobs of color. She applies palette knives instead of brushes and the resulting products are more low relief sculptures than they are paintings.

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FBI Initiates A Campaign To Repatriate Native And South American Works

The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) art crime team is seeking aid to restore thousands of objects, works of art and Native American human remains, seized in 2014 in Waldron, Indiana, from the estate of the late ethnographic collector Don Miller.

Since then the department has repatriated approximately 12% of the compilation, including transporting a few articles back to China, Spain, Colombia, Mexico, Canada, Peru, Cambodia, and Iraq.

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EU Ratifies New Regulations For Cultural Heritage Imports

The European Council on Tuesday ratified new rules to shut down the illegal trafficking in cultural goods, including demanding import licenses on artifacts that are over 250 years old.

The new edicts apply only to cultural goods imported from nations outside the EU.

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A Peter Paul Rubens Exhibit In San Francisco Honors His Unusually Normal Life

Peter Paul Rubens, the great Flemish painter who commanded European art in the first half of the 17th century was genial and well-connected, charismatic and educated. He served the authority happily, adopted and furthered the prevailing ideology of his day, flourished as a businessman and was acknowledged and celebrated in his time.

The San Francisco exhibit, “Early Rubens,” is about an artist who was adequately formed in his early 30s and entered the world stage equipped to make the utmost of each opportunity.

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Japan To Honor Artists And Scientists On Its 2024 Banknotes

On April 9, the Ministry of Finance revealed new designs for both the Japanese yen banknotes and coins; the ¥500 yen coin and ¥1,000, ¥5,000 and ¥10,000 yen notes will all receive new artworks on them. The designs will include beautiful ukiyo-e woodblock print art and one of Japan’s initial pioneers for women’s education.

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Wednesday, 10.04.2019

Manchester Galleries Using Art To Try To Better The World

For the head of Manchester's two main public galleries, art isn't just for gazing at, or for purchasing and selling - it can enrich our lives in some surprising ways. Alistair Hudson has supplied Manchester Art Gallery and sister venue the Whitworth a new purpose - to be useful.

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Guggenheim Museum Tackles Overwhelming Questions About Minimal And Conceptual Art

The Guggenheim Museum in New York, has on view, two artworks by Dan Flavin (or perhaps two halves of one artwork). And they’re not on view so much as on private show for attendees of “Object Lessons: The Panza Collection Initiative Symposium.”

The symposium is a two-day affair assembling a starry bunch of curators, conservators, art historians, and museum administrators to discuss the issues relating to authentication, fabrication, and the overall deliberation of Minimalist and Conceptual artworks.

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Saudi Arabia Enters Venice Biennale For The First Time Eight-Year Hiatus

Saudi Arabia is participating in the Venice Biennale (11 May-24 November) with an exhibit of new works by the land art pioneer Zahrah Al Ghamdi. The nation was last represented at the 2011 Biennale; this year the exhibit is sponsored by the Saudi Ministry of Culture and commissioned by the government-backed, Misk Art Institute in Riyadh.

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UNUSED Collaborates With The Vincent Van Gogh Museum Summer Collection

The Van Gogh Museum is serving up yet another awesome collaboration. The museum ties with low-key, A$AP Rocky-approved Japanese brand UNUSED for a compact array of graphic-heavy t-shirts and summer shirts, putting the distinct artwork of Van Gogh on full display.

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In Hong Kong,  Hotels Are Now Patrons Of Arts

The hotel lobby is a privately owned public space and can now function as an art gallery; at least in Hong Kong. It has been a developing trend among hoteliers to serve as such, giving something to those not spending the night.

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Valerie Solanas: The Woman who shot Andy Warhol

She was once named “the Robespierre of feminism” by the renowned writer and activist Norman Mailer. She was endorsed by the National Organisation for Women and praised as “one of the most influential spokeswomen of the feminist movement” by the radical lawyer Florynce Kennedy. But you’re more likely to recognize Valerie Solanas for her attempted murder of Andy Warhol.

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Six World Famous Paintings Of Rooms Brought To Life Using CGI

Artists who chose to depict rooms in their art during the 19th and 20th century are honored for their artworks. Vincent Van Gogh's 'The Bedroom' and Wassily Kandinsky's 'Interior (My Dining Room)' are examples of the artworks recreated using CGI rooms.

Using CGI technology Home Advisor has turned these famous paintings into 3D rooms in the 21st century. From ornate furniture to the minuscule pots and pans you might encounter in the kitchen; they are all included.

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Malaysian Artist Peels The Immortality Away Greek Philosophy Characters

23-year-old chemical engineering student Mandeep Singh was so "gripped" by the Latin phrase “memento mori”, which translates to “remember, you must die”, that he resolved to peel away the sheet of immortality from apparently immortal beings and expose the skeleton underneath in his ink drawings.

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Why 20th Century Hong Kong Artist Luis Chan Is So Celebrated In China

Last month, a major exhibit starring more than 100 of the late Luis Chan Fook-sin’s artworks opened at the Power Station of Art Museum in Shanghai. That the art by Chan, a Hong Kong visual artist, is so celebrated in China is surprising, given that Hong Kong usually occupies the edges of the country’s mainstream cultural narrative.

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Museum Of Contemporary Art Tokyo Reopens With A Massive Exhibit

Following almost three-years-long renovations, the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo has re-opened its gates with the show, “Weavers of Worlds: A Century of Flux in Japanese Modern/Contemporary Art.” It’s an ambitious effort that literally runs through most of the museum building and spans an entire century’s worth of art.

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Tuesday, 09.04.2019

A Study Says Leonardo Da Vinci Was Ambidextrous

Leonardo da Vinci's earliest-known rendering has confirmed that the Renaissance master was ambidextrous, in-depth research has determined. A study of two texts drafted by the artist explains that he was able to write flawlessly using both his left and right hand, art specialists say.

A previously undiscovered landscape drawing by the Italian artist was also exposed on the back of the original artwork.

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Dutch Soccer League Honors Rembrandt On Its Official Ball

Commemorating the 350th anniversary of the death of Rembrandt, the Dutch soccer league has presented an official ball inscribed with the artist’s face and selections from his artworks. The design is being created with the help of Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, which is celebrating a “Year of Rembrandt .”

The league says the ball will be utilized in all of its matches on April 28 as a preview for next season.

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10 Malaysian Artists Recreate Baroque-Inspired Artwork With A Modern Twist

In 2009, Malaysian artist Ali Nurazmal Yusoff produced a work titled Imitation Master After Caravaggio, which, as the name suggests, was an emulation of the Italian master’s 1594 painting, The Cardsharps. Recreating the original painting, Ali Nurazmal then painted himself into the composition in a tongue-in-cheek fashion, infusing a sense of present-day reality, right down to the cartoons on his t-shirt.

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United Colors Of Benetton’s Latest Collection Will Showcase Artworks By Indian Artists

Art and fashion come together for United Colors of Benetton's latest collection. The brand’s #UnitedByArt spring/summer 2019 collection stars work by Indian artists.  United Colors of Benetton has made diversity and personal expression its central values. The five-decade-old company has turned uniting art, people and causes, into its mission statement.

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A Traveling Art Exhibition Features Filipino Folklore In Singapore

A collection of stories from Filipino folklore can now be appreciated via a colorful new art installation highlighting over 60 hexagonal lightboxes by Filipino painter Rodel Tapaya.

Each lightbox has a scene from Tapaya's existing compositions, many of which use fables and folklore of the Philippines and are layered with modern allusions.

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The Story Of Edvard Munch

Stored away in the basement of Oslo’s Munch Museum prevails a wealth of artworks. From madonnas and vampires, lions and tigers beside the hefty white machines from which they were printed, still blackened by printers’ ink.

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Mumbai Duo Start An Art Page Highlighting Art Made From Instagram Tools

A page launched by Komal More and Tanishka D'lyma features artwork made using Instagram tools.

TaKo (an acronym of their first names) Insta art has over 20 posts so far, they've declared the plan of only utilizing IG tools to make artwork that comprises of landscapes, typography, and food.

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Graffiti Crew Creates Art On The Ocean Floor In Bali

1UP Crew, an acronym for One United Power, made a trip to Bali last year for Sea Walls, an art festival hosted by non-profit PangeaSeed. The festival was to raise awareness for ocean conservation.

Spurred by the disturbing scientific fact that the world has lost half of its coral reef in the past 30 years, and is predicted to lose up to 90 percent by 2050, the Germany Crew decided to create a functional statement installation. They conceived and installed an artificial coral reef in the shape of their moniker.

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Artists From More Than 52 Countries To Enter The 13th Havana Biennial

Artists from 52 countries will transform public spaces of Havana and other provinces of Cuba, using art. From April 12 to May 12 for the 13th Biennial of Havana, organizers verified on Monday.

This year's theme being 'The Construction of What is Possible' dedicated to commemorating the 500 year anniversary of the establishment of the city of Havana.

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Museum Of Vancouver Offers A Little Insight Into Canada’s Residential Schools, As Being One Of Its Darkest Chapters

The 'There Is Truth Here'  exhibit has been organized by the University of Victoria, following many years of research by anthropologist Andrea Walsh.

Walsh curated the show in collaboration with survivors and their families and offers a different way into this dark chapter of Canadian history when Indigenous children were separated from their families and sent to these schools with the objective of acclimatization.

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Monday, 08.04.2019

How Da Vini Explored The Power Of Water With His Art And Inventions

Leonardo da Vinic's notebooks reveal his absorptions with the power of water. He aspired to learn about the ebb and flow of tides, the sources of rivers and seas and the water cycle, as well as the impressive impacts of water in erosion, floods, rain, and storms. Water was a force to be reckoned with — as a concept and as an actuality.

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An Indian Village, That Looks Like An Art Gallery

In the charming village of Naya in West Bengal, India, every wall is a canvas and everyone exercises ‘patachitra’, a kind of ancient folk art. They don’t just draw; they also sing as they unfold the scroll and present their artistry to their audiences.

This art tells stories that extend from traditional mythological and tribal tales to Indian history and even present-day subjects.

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Vincent Van Gogh's Works Were Inspired By Bronte And Dickens

When you take a closer look at Starry Night Over the Rhône, which Van Gogh painted in 1888, you will see a faint resemblance to Gustave Doré’s Evening on the Thames. Not in the actual view of the colors but the consistent pattern made by the gaslights as they flared over the river.

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Art enthusiasts can now lease Monet's House

A house reportedly owned by the Impressionist master Claude Monet is available for the general public to rent. For only $315 a night, you can stay inside the three-bedroom residence in Giverny, France. Denominated ‘The Blue House’, the rental has stunning blue shutters on the exterior, enveloped by striking gardens that are claimed to have starred in some of Monet’s works.

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Rediscovered Painting Might Actually Be By Malevich's Pupil

Advertised as a rediscovered masterpiece by Kazimir Malevich, and picked out by the critics, the painting has now been revealed to have been by someone else.

After meticulous research, art experts now have come to the conclusion that it may have been the work of one of Malevich's pupils, Maria Dzhagubova.

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German City Where Bauhaus Was Born Honors Centenary With A New Museum

The city where the Bauhaus was started a century ago is giving tribute to the school behind a series of modern design icons with a new museum. The museum, opened on Friday, is meant to secure it in its tumultuous historical circumstances. The art school, which commenced work in April 1919 under architect Walter Gropius.

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Mumbai Gallery One Of 16 To Get Invited To An International Show

In its fourth issue, Art Bahrain Across Borders offered a global exhibition of 16 prominent galleries welcomed from 11 nations around the world.

Cosmic Heart Gallery from Mumbai was one of these 16 international galleries invited.

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Wallinger's Upside-Down Globe On The LSE Campus Angers Chinese Students

British artist Mark Wallinger has generated a diplomatic difficulty by representing Taiwan as an independent nation in a notable public art installation in central London. The art labeled The World Turned Upside Down, is a 4-meter-diameter globe, is situated inverted on the north pole, arranged on the street outside the entrance to the London School of Economics (LSE).

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Amateur Metal Detectorist Discovered An Ancient Roman Coin Describing The ‘First Brexiteer’

A precious 24-carat gold coin approximately 2,000 years old has been uncovered by an inexperienced metal detectorist in a field in Kent, England, close to the site of an ancient Roman path. Now it could sell for almost £100,000 ($130,000).

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First Painting From Colonial Latin America To Be Displayed In Spain

A composition from Peru on loan to the Prado Museum in Spain presents two remarkable moments in Spain’s colonization of the Americas. The unidentified 18th-century canvas depicts the marriage union of an Inca princess and a conquistador, observed by Inca royals in gold regalia, and black-cloaked Spanish clerics.

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