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Saturday, 20.04.2019

An Exhibit In Vienna To Highlight The Female Artists Of Austria’s Golden Age

In Vienna, “City of Women: Female Artists in Vienna, 1900–1938,” a comprehensive exhibit up until May 19 in the city’s Lower Belvedere, follows the work of female artists in early 20th-century Austria, who held their own beside men like Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele

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In A Mumbai Exhibit, Visitors Can Create Art On The Spot!

A huge curved wall with various doodles is the most striking part of the studio-like exhibit area at the Piramal Museum of Art in Mumbai. As people walk in, they notice the drawings and paintings on the floor too. Gradually you discern that these ‘works of art’ have been created by visitors.

An ongoing exhibit is helping its visitors to see, touch, feel and create their own art on the spot.

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Following Dispute, Over Its Pro-Refugee Message, Documenta 14 Obelisk Returns To Kassel, Germany

Since its introduction, only two years ago in 2017, at Documenta 14 in Kassel, Germany, Olu Oguibe’s 50-foot-tall obelisk art Das Fremdlinge und Flüchtlinge Monument (Monument for strangers and refugees) has already had a complex history. First shown in Kassel’s main square, it was procured by the city government but entered in a state of isolation following being taken down in September of last year.

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Capturing The Boundless Cosmos On The Met Museum’s Rooftop

Alicja Kwade’s rooftop assignment at the Metropolitan Museum of Art shrinks the atmosphere to human scale, challenging the limits of perception in the process.

Titled “ParaPivot I” and “ParaPivot II,” the sculptures are a model of our Solar System, that seems like the destruction of a giant orrery suspended mid-collapse.

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A Railway Station In India That Resembles An Art Gallery

The Indian Railways has station bookshops and station masters to engine types and the operations of the various gauges. But, PrintWeek India shares images of Central Railway's Thakurli Station. The railway station has a myriad of colorful and inspiring artworks, painted on its walls.

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Friday, 19.04.2019

13,000-Pound Concrete Blocks That Can Be Moved With One Hand Give Essential Clues About How Stonehenge Was Made

This week, at the TED 2019 conference in Vancouver, the research firm Matter Design and the materials manufacturer CEMEX debuted a new series of hulking concrete forms—part interactive art installation, part scientific experiment—called Walking Assembly. Like the rocks of Stonehenge, each of Matter Design’s units weighs several tons—and each can also be moved with one hand. 

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Exhibit Of Sikh Paintings By Western Artists For The First Time In India

The Hubris Foundation has unveiled a collection of stunning paintings titled 'Sikhs: an occidental romance'. The collection contains paintings about the Sikh world by artists from all over the world. This grand compilation of artworks is being shown in India for the first time.

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Scottish Pensioners To Create Permanent Graffiti On A City Wall

A group of Scottish pensioners will use spray cans for the first time to conceive a part of permanent street art for a city wall. The 16 senior citizens have contributed days in the classroom getting to know about street art, as a component of the Nuart Aberdeen festival. They will use their theory lessons on Friday and spray-paint a mural on a wall in the center of the Granite City.

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Guggenheim’s Hilma Af Klint Show Most Popular In The Museum's History

The Solomon R. Guggenheim museum’s exhibit “Hilma Af Klint: Paintings for the Future” has formally become the most-visited show in the museum’s 60-year long history. The solo exhibit for the Swedish artist, which has been extensively lauded by critics, has brought in over 600,000 visitors.

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An Art Project That Will Not Be Finished For The Next 100 Years

Future Library, which began in 2014 and will take a century to realize. For the project, in May 2014, 1,000 Norwegian spruce trees were planted in a forest on the outskirts of Oslo, and in just under a century’s time they will be felled to produce the paper for a compilation of texts penned by 100 authors. Each text is presented yearly and will survive unseen until published in 2114.

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Thursday, 18.04.2019

World Heritage Day 2019: Why Is April 18 Is Observed As World Heritage Day

April 18 is recognized as World Heritage Day each year to honor and uphold cultural heritage across the planet, thanks to the forces of the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS). The ICOMOS, in 1982, proposed that April 18 be marked as the International Day for Monuments and Sites and UNESCO accepted the proposal the following year during its 22nd General Conference.

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TIME Lists Artists David Hockney And Luchita Hurtado Among Its 100 Most Influential People Of The Year

The yearly list of TIME magazine’s 100 Most Influential People has been declared, and it lists a few art notables, like the Venezuelan-born artist Luchita Hurtado; Jeanne Gang of architecture firm Studio Gang; and British artist David Hockney.

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Gagosian Gallery To Host A Benefit Exhibition For Notre-Dame

After the collectors pledged substantial sums for the reconstruction attempts for the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris, Gagosian Gallery is also joining in forces as well. In June, The Gagosian will host an exhibit at its gallery in the French city from which all proceeds will go to the enterprises that will restore the cathedral following the fire that broke out Monday.

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The Bauhaus Legacy: More Than Just A Style

The Bauhaus, viewed by many as the most prominent design school in modern history began 100 years ago this month.

The tiny school in Weimar functioned as a beacon through the post-World War I despair in Germany. Founder Walter Gropius intended for the students to direct their abilities toward rebuilding a broken society, by uniting art and design under one roof.

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Ai Weiwei Devises Portraits Of Missing Mexican Students Using Legos

For the 10th anniversary of MUAC-NUAM, the Museum of Contemporary Art at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, the Chinese artist-activist Ai Weiwei has devised a unique art installation based on a national struggle—the 2014 abduction and killing of 43 student tutors from Ayotzinapa in Guerrero state.

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Wednesday, 17.04.2019

Efforts To Restore Art From Notre-Dame Advance As The French President Pledges To Rebuild

Following Monday's fire, the French culture minister Franck Riester has affirmed that most of the religious relics and artworks inside the Notre Dame were salvaged. The French president Emmanuel Macron declared on Monday night that the cathedral will be rebuilt after it was seriously damaged by the fire. A national fundraising campaign was started on Tuesday morning in aid of the reconstruction, and hundreds of millions of euros have now been vouched by private donors.

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Two Stolen Van Gogh Paintings Restored

Two restored paintings by Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh remain on easels during a show at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The two compositions were stolen and had disappeared for 14 years prior to being recovered in Italy in 2016. Both artworks sustained damage and were found without their frames.

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AI Robot Paints Moonscapes Using Imagery From NASA And China's Lunar Rover

 A Hong Kong artist has devised an artificial intelligence (AI) robot which generates its own paintings. Victor Wong worked three years to develop and program the robot named A.I Gemini and teach it artistic procedures. Randomness has been included in its algorithm, meaning Wong cannot discern what it will paint before it starts.

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Natural History Museum Will Not Host Gala For Brazil’s President

The American Museum of Natural History stated Monday that it would no longer receive an event at the museum by an external institution that was to have praised President Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil, whose environmental policies have garnered a great amount of criticism.

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Georgia O'Keeffe Museum Intercepts Guests' Color Blindness

Color-blind visitors be able to enjoy the vibrant colors that are a trademark of Georgia O'Keeffe paintings! The Santa Fe museum stated on Monday that it is collaborating with California-based EnChroma to increase the gallery experience using special glasses. Starting this May, visitors with red-green color blindness will be able to borrow special glasses to see the paintings.

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Tuesday, 16.04.2019

 Fire Breaks Out At The Notre Dame Cathedral In Paris, Causes The Famous Spire To Collapse

A fire broke out at the cathedral of Notre-Dame in Paris on Monday evening and firefighters strived to stop the blaze which prompted the collapse of the church's roof and spire. It was reported that fires broke out around 6:30 pm, and the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, verified on Twitter that “a terrible fire” was ignited at the medieval landmark.

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How Henri Matisse Found Inspiration In The Notre Dame

The fire that raged through Notre Dame has made us all look at this great cathedral differently. Parisians and outsiders alike are now worrying about what lies forward.

In 1914, months before the Great War, Henri Matisse was doing the same. The French master had painted Notre Dame in broken impressionist brushstrokes and as a ghostly, purple silhouette under a light blue sky.

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Pittsburg Synagogue Affected By A Mass Shooting Beckons For Art For Its Fencing

The Pittsburgh synagogue where 11 people were killed in a mass shooting last year is encouraging young people all across the globe to submit artwork to envelop the fencing circling the still-shuttered structure. The art project is called "#HeartsTogether: The Art of Rebuilding."

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French Task Force Amplifies Efforts To Repatriate Art Looted Under Nazis

A new task force in France has been granted a larger decree to seek out and return artwork that had been stolen or sold under duress during the Nazi occupation, after years of critique that its reparation attempts were not sufficiently proactive.

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Luxury Fashion Brands Invest In Artworks For Their Flagships

Louis Vuitton reopened its renovated flagship store in Florence in March 2019 to a large fanfare from the fashion industry. The brand made a great performance of the fact that, besides all the luxury apparel and accessories, the store is now brimming with artworks by Italian artists like Osvaldo Medici del Vascello and Massimo Listri.

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Monday, 15.04.2019

Havana Biennial Kicks Off With A Bang

Havana’s 13th Biennial was inaugurated last weekend with art by over 300 contemporary artists from 52 countries taking center stage in the city’s museums, galleries and open-air locations, and many more simultaneous exhibits.

The conversion of the Malecon seafront boulevard into an open-air, interactive gallery, has become one of the most successful venues of Cuba’s most prestigious art event.

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The Story Of Salvator Mundi

In 2005, an unusual painting emerged on the website of the New Orleans Auction Gallery, a little agency headquartered on the shores of the Mississippi River. Twenty-six inches great and 18 and a half inches wide, the painting portrayed Christ in Renaissance-era robes, one hand lifted in blessing, the other holding a diaphanous sphere. “After Leonardo da Vinci (Italian 1452–1519),” read the brief. “Christ Salvator Mundi. Oil on cradled panel.”

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A 3D-Printed Press That Enables Anyone To Print Art At Home

Printmaking has been about for centuries, and it’s still widespread today amongst many contemporary artists who desire to achieve the traditional, embossed aesthetic. However, printing presses are costly and very heavy, causing them to be unavailable to a lot of people. That’s why Martin Schneider is has taken on the purpose to ensure basic printmaking machinery is accessible to everyone by devising a miniature, 3D-printed press.

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The Frescoes Of The Sistine Chapel Now In Southern California

A traveling exhibition stars 34 of Michelangelo’s celebrated Sistine Chapel frescoes, including the famous “The Creation of Man,” comes to Southern California. The frescos have been digitally embellished on fabric panels. They are presented in the exhibit in approximately the same location as they are in the Sistine Chapel, both as walls or as a ceiling.

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The Loan Of Rembrandt Self-Portrait To Gagosian Raises Eyebrows

Commercial space in London is a dubious spot to display a Rembrandt, but for Larry Gagosian anything is achievable. Rembrandt van Rijn’s late masterwork Self-portrait with Two Circles (around 1665) is on display at Gagosian’s Grosvenor Hill gallery till May 18 as result of a partnership with an innovative new charity that now controls many of England’s most historic estates.

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Artists Recreate Banished Dictator's Treasure In 3D!

London-based husband-and-wife team Pio Abad and Frances Wadsworth Jones have attracted attention to the fate of what has become remembered as the Hawaii Collection, a treasure of jewels Imelda and Ferdinand Marcos brought with them, encased in disposable diapers when they escaped into exile after the 1986 People Power Revolution.

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Kevin Spacey's Portrait Going On Display At V&A Raises Issues

A portrait of the actor Kevin Spacey, who is facing assault charges in the US, is expected to go on display at the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) in London later this month.

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Edgar Degas Exhibit Begins At Lightner Museum

A new show at the Lightner Museum in St Augustine stars the work of the 19th century French Impressionist painter and sculptor Edgar Degas. Degas came of age at the peak of the Realism movement yet the Lightner’s Megan Mosley said the artist had something unconventional in judgment for his work.

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Two New Exhibitions At The Philadelphia Museum Of Art

Two new shows will be opening on April 16: “The Impressionist’s Eye” and “Yoshitoshi: Spirit and Spectacle” at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  In these exhibits, one can see the rarely showcased pen-and-ink illustrations by acclaimed painter Vincent Van Gogh, a fragile watercolor by Henri Toulouse-Lautrec and an initial triptych portraying an 1858 Japanese fireman’s parade.

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Edvard Munch: Love And Angst Review

In his paintings and particularly his passionately experimental prints, the destitute, brilliant Munch designed a universal expression of despair.

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