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Friday, 01.02.2019

1)      1) Hidden Painting of Christ found beneath a $450,000 Painting

The 16th-Century art by  Flemish Renaissance artist Jan Sanders van Hemessen was found by trader Dorothea Apovnik Vienna. She had bought the original art at an auction in Munich, Germany, where the “heavily-soiled” painting was promoted as a "17th-Century work from the Italian school".

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2) A French Painter, Fallen From Fame, Gains Historical Significance

The art of Pierre Puvis de Chavannes, one of the least renowned influential artists of 19th-century France, is illustrated by a large show of small works.

The show “Pierre Puvis de Chavannes: Works on Paper and Paintings” at Michael Werner Gallery in Manhattan is a significant event or at least a rarity. It assembles almost 90 works by the 19th-century French painter, whose  name is more well-known than his artistic accomplishment.

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3) 10 times famous works of art were discovered to be fake

Some specialists estimate that about 20% of paintings in influential museums may not be genuine.

In 2018, a guest curator serving on a grand re-opening at the Terrus museum in France discerned that an artwork alleging to be by artist Etienne Terrus pictured structures built after his passing in 1922.

The museum began an inquiry and consequently verified, according to The Telegraph, that they determined that 82 of the 140 pictures in the museum were not by Terrus.

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4) Freud painting of teenage Guinness heir set to make €7m at auction

A rarely-seen Lucian Freud art of the scion to the Guinness estate in Wicklow is anticipated to obtain €7 million as it goes up for auction next month.

Head of a Boy, a portrait of the late Garech de Brún when he was 16, was drawn in 1956 when Freud was married to de Brún’s cousin, Lady Caroline Hamilton-Temple-Blackwood.

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5) A Painting of PM Modi by Nagpur-based artist gets Rs 5 lakh

A painting by artist Bijay Biswaal of India's PM Narendra Modi has fetched Rs 5 lakh in an auction, The painting depicts the PM holding a bag on a railway station in India. It was sold as a part of the auction held by the Cultural Ministry of India of the gifts received by PM Modi n his tenure so far.

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6) A Jewish collector's beneficiaries want US painting on loan in Germany

The inheritors of a Jewish collector say an artwork from a Texas museum on loan in Germany was stolen from their family by the Nazis, and have registered a legal petition for its restoration, a German newspaper reported Wednesday.

The painting is on loan from the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston and is now on display at the Barberini Museum in Potsdam, near Berlin. The painting formerly belonged to Jewish-French collector Gaston Levy, but was confiscated by the Nazis in 1940, said Christoph Partsch, a lawyer for the family.

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7) Modern Indian art is in high demand

Improving wealth at home and growing global interest have joined in recent years to push the market for modern Indian art to new heights; and where once it was only a few famous names who could drive top prices, now lesser known artists are starting to be acknowledged. The demand took off with the initiation of major auction deals in the mid-1990s, reaching a peak in 2008. The contemporary Indian market has yet completely to recover from the global financial crisis, but values for modern Indian art declined only briefly.

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8) Mumbai’s Kala Ghoda Arts Festival to commence this weekend

Mumbai’s Kala Ghoda Arts Festival (KGAF) is all set to begin for the year 2019. An important occasion, this much-celebrated gala will be running in its 20th edition this time. This yearly festival is a combination of art, culture, cinema, theatre, art, music and a lot more, and the venue as always is the Kala Ghoda art district. Timings to the event are from 10 AM to 10 PM every day.

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9) An ice sculpture of American Indian removed from Michigan festival

An ice sculpture of an American Indian in headdress has been taken down from the exterior of a hotel in the Upper Peninsula.

The sculpture was erected as part of Sault Ste. Marie's Ice Festival. Aaron Payment, chairman of the Sault Tribe of Chippewa Indians, said it could be thought offensive.

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10) The era of sensational finds at Pompeii is not over

Pompeii has been much in the news of late, with impressive finds making headlines throughout the world. Graffiti and frescoes whose stunningly fresh colors had prevailed unseen for nearly two millennia: all have come to light in the last year or so.

This recent stream of stories about important new discoveries is a consequence of the Great Pompeii Project. This was established in 2012 in acknowledgment to a series of obstacles in the preservation and administration of Pompeii.

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 Thursday, 31.01.2019

1)      1)When Science meets art!

Science and art are considered to be separate – either one can’t be earnest about both, or an interest in one must link to activity in the other. In reality, many scientists engage in and create art.

Here are some of these people who study, and teach, the sciences at Stanford University but also participate in the arts, both professionally and informally. From amateur dancers to experienced painters, these scholars give us an insight into the many ways science and art converge.

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2)  Sneaking into the Mind of Alex Katz

Alex Katz isn’t sweating the permanent installation of 17 large-scale paintings across the 400-ft train platform at the 57th Street subway station. “If they f**k it up, they’ll just have to do it again,” he said, sitting in the green room at the 92nd Street Y on a rainy night this week. Katz seemed to scowl as he heard the questions and friendly as while answering them. “How do the paintings look?” he repeated. “They look sensational. It’s something that hasn’t been done before. The station was a depressing place before.”

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3)  Tech that Recreates the Paintings

The team used RePaint to reproduce many oil paintings created principally for the project by an artist. The developed technique called ‘color-contoning’ involves using a 3D printer to lay down clear inks in thin layers, much like the wafers in a Kit-Kat. They combined this with an established technique called ‘half-toning’, where an image is produced by lots of tiny dots of ink, rather than consecutive colors.

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4) West love to explore the Chinese Art

The revival and strengthening of the Chinese art market had an intense impact on transfers of all Chinese artworks throughout the world. In recent years, the prices of many Chinese artists have increased exponentially, thanks to a passionate and eager determination to regain charge of their heritage.

Chinese artworks are traveling back in their country of origin: Chinese collectors are now the largest buyers of Chinese art. Because of this, Westerners wanting to participate in the exchange are forced to follow the price changes or stop altogether. As the heart of the global Art Market shifts towards the East, new price stability is rising. And Chinese artworks are the first to profit.

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5) Troy Peer Alleged of Selling Iraqi Antiquities

Troy Peer has claimed of trading the Iraqi antiquities from the Ashurnasirpal II’s Nimrud palace and trade it abroad to get the benefits. Last November the works were exported to the UK. Firstly the panels were unearthed by Austen Layard and were procured in Baghdad in 1856 by the 9th Marquess of Lothian.

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Wednesday, 30.01.2019

1)  British Museum teams up with the Louvre for revamp of Egyptian Museum in Cairo

The British Museum will participate in an ambitious €3.1m pan-European masterplan aimed at revamping and transforming the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square in Cairo, focusing on areas such as collection management, communications and audience engagement. But the 2,000-year-old Rosetta Stone, one of the British Museum’s most important exhibits, will not return to Egypt as part of the initiative, insist officials in Cairo and London.

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2)  Leonardo da Vinci's thumbprint discovered on drawing in Royal Collection

A Leonardo thumbprint has been discovered on one of his works in Britain’s Royal Collection. The mark, from his left thumb (the artist was left-handed), is on a medical drawing. Alan Donnithorne, the collection’s former paper conservator, found that the reddish-brown ink of the print is the same as that on the drawing, so Leonardo presumably “picked up the sheet with inky fingers”. There is also a smudged mark of his left index finger on the reverse.

The mark is “the most convincing candidate for an authentic Leonardo fingerprint” among the Queen’s 550 works by the great artist.

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3)  A New Luxury Condo Is Invading the View Through James Turrell’s ‘Skyspace' —So He Decided to Close It

James Turrell has closed his beloved Skyspace installation at MoMA PS1 after a nearby construction site protruded into view of the artwork. According to Gothamist, Turrell asked that the installation be closed until the scaffolding is taken down.

The work in question, titled Meeting, which is a permanent installation, requires an unobstructed view of the sky.

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4) The British Museum Says It Will Never Return the Elgin Marbles, Defending Their Removal as a ‘Creative Act’

British Museum director Hartwig Fischer is facing international backlash after defending an English nobleman’s removal of sculptures from the Parthenon in the early 1800s as a “creative act,” and reiterated that the museum’s trustees would not support repatriating them to Athens.

The museum director’s comments have already sparked rebuke.  Vardas said that Fischer’s comments came from a place of “amazing historical revisionism and arrogance.”

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5)  A Banksy Mural Dedicated to Victims of the Paris Terrorist Attacks Was Stolen From the Bataclan Theater

A ghostly, veiled figure painted by Banksy on an emergency exit door of the Bataclan theatre in Paris, the site of the 2015 terrorist attack that left 90 dead, stood quietly for seven months after it first appeared last June. But on early Saturday morning, thieves removed the entire door and took off with the work, which is believed to be Banksy’s tribute to those killed more than three years ago.

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Tuesday, 29.01.2019

1) Artist Marc-Antoine Coulon Collaborates With Luxury French House Pellegrino Paris

Renaud Pellegrino, who has been designing luxury handbags since 1983, has always cited art, colors, and textures as his biggest influences for his brand, Pellegrino Paris.

To mark his occasion, the French luxury Maison presents '35 Ans', an exclusive collection that has seen 11 talented artists put their own special stamp on the Pellegrino classic 'Julia' evening minaudière (its shape evokes a matches box) including the mega-talented Marc-Antoine Coulon.

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2) An art opening at Chernobyl

Ukraine wants to rebrand the infamously ruined area. Will we soon be seeing influencers there in hazmat suits?

I traveled to Ukraine in November 2018 to see the activation of an art project in the Chernobyl exclusion zone.

The project — and the attendance of media at it, including me — was funded by the Ukrainian Ministry of Culture and called ARTEFACT.

The artist, the curator, and the government workers spoke in their press releases and speeches about changing the face of Chernobyl.

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3) Lagos artist brings color to the city's slums

Gani Taiwo is brushing up on his latest project at the Ijora Badia slum in Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial hub.

The 41-year-old artist and social activist is determined to use the colorful murals he paints on the slum’s new public toilets to improve the settlement’s profile and raise the spirits of its residents.

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4) Artist sets record with 250-feet artwork

Artist Jayakumar VS’ record-setting 250-foot artwork is a tapestry of the different cultures in Kerala

Stacked side by side, the drawings measure up to 250 feet long and five feet in height: a record-setting feat which achieved Jayakumar a place in the Universal Record Forum. The mammoth work by the Punalur-born artist was displayed at Sargam 2019, held this month at Asan Memorial Senior Secondary School, Egmore which celebrated the cultural heritage of Kerala.

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5) Illinois man goes from master counterfeiter to master artist

 A man has gone from master counterfeiter to master artist. Arthur Williams opened a gallery to display his paintings in his hometown of Bridgeport. At one point, he was considered the best counterfeiter in the world for mastering the 1996 one-hundred-dollar bill, supposedly impossible to replicate.

His skill landed him in prison in 2006, and that's where he picked up his first paintbrush.

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Monday, 28.01.2019

1) Postcards from the art world

When Jeremy Cooper was a cash-strapped history of an art student in the late 1960s, he hitchhiked around Italy collecting postcards from every church he visited. At the time, full-color illustrated books were beyond his means, so the postcards were an inexpensive way of obtaining high-quality images of 14th-century Italian art. His fondness for postcards remained and decades later, while he was working as an antique dealer, he started to notice a large body of work that had never been fully explored: postcards created by contemporary artists.

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2) Art inspired by spirituality, environmentalism at the Clare Art Gallery

Naturalist John Muir once said: “The clearest way into the universe is through a forest wilderness.”

Mary Conrow Coelho took that sentiment and turned it into art: a frog, a moose, a duck, autumn leaves.

An exhibit of Coelho’s watercolors, collages, and mixed media works are on display now at Clare Gallery in Hartford. Coelho takes quotes from spiritual teachers and other luminaries and interprets them visually as elements of nature and the universe. These images are complemented by imagery resembling Celtic knots, stained glass, and Chinese patterned windows.

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3) Mona Lisa Isn’t Staring At You, Scientists Say

Ever feel like the eyes in a painting are following you? That creepy feeling of being watched by a picture is known as the “Mona Lisa effect” — but it might need a new moniker. Two researchers recently put Leonardo da Vinci’s famous portrait to the test and claim the lady’s gaze might not be so magical after all.

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4) How Monet's paintings trick our eyes

During three trips to London at the turn of the 20th century, Monet painted more than 40 versions of a single scene: the Waterloo Bridge over the Thames River. Monet’s primary subject was not the bridge itself, however, so much as the landscape and atmosphere of the scene, with its transitory light, fog, and mist.

A recognized master of landscape painting, Monet was an integral founder of the Impressionist movement, which embraced the philosophy of expressing the fleeting sensory effects in a scene. The Memorial Art Gallery partnered with the Carnegie Museum of Art and the Worcester Art Museum to analyze the pigments of color Monet used in his Waterloo Bridges series.

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5) A signed copy of Cranford Returns to Elizabeth Gaskell’s House

A signed copy of Cranford once gifted by Elizabeth Gaskell to a friend has been returned to her Manchester home after over 110 years.

Purchased by the Gaskell Society, this signed first edition is now on display in the author’s House, alongside the fascinating story of the book’s four owners.

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