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Friday, 24.05.2019

Photography Connects The Amazon Rainforest And Greenland's Glacial Landscape

In her exhibition "Tropic Ice", Hamburg photographer Barbara Dombrowski photographs people in one spot and then use the printed photos to a different spot, where she then takes their images. "Tropic Ice" consequently shows the same people in two climate zones that could not be more distinct from one another: Greenland in perpetual ice and the Amazon rain forest.

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Seatle Man Discovers Long-Lost Photos By Weegee From 1937 In His Kitchen Cabinet

By Source WP:NFCC#4, Fair use, Link

Back in the 1970s, David Young purchased a box of 73 vintage news photographs at a Philadelphia store. This year, he extracted them from a kitchen cabinet in his Seattle home, following decades-long disappearance, and recognized that they were all lost pictures taken by famed New York crime photographer Weegee, whose actual name was Arthur Felig.

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Actress Tilda Swinton Turns Curator

The actress has designed her first art exhibit, “Orlando,” which will be inaugurated tomorrow at the Aperture Foundation in New York and highlights almost five-dozen works by 11 artists. The photos in the show, few of which were commissioned for the event, explore the topics of identity and transformation from Virginia Woolf’s 1928 novel “Orlando” and Sally Potter’s 1992 film adaptation, in which Swinton was cast.

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The Joan Miro Prize Awarded To Artist Nalini Malani From Karachi

Artist Nalini Malani has obtained the seventh edition of the Joan Miro Prize, an international award that is accompanied by a $78,000 cash prize and is deemed one of the most prestigious art prizes across the globe. Malani, a film, photography, installation, video art, and performance artist, was born in Karachi in 1946.

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Anti-Brexit Artist Campaign Estimated To Raise Over £1.5m As The UK Heads To Polls

While the British public was heading to the polls on Thursday to vote in critical European Parliament elections, over 30 artists took part in a two-day display at Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac in London in resistance of Brexit (until 23 May).

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Thursday, 23.05.2019

Banksy Set Up An Unauthorized Stall In Venice And Got Thrown Out

Last week, as the Venice Biennale inaugurated for the public, the art media was sent into a frenzy when stories surfaced that Banksy may have left behind a mural of a young migrant girl in a life jacket.

This morning, the clandestine street artist posted a video on Instagram of an unnamed gentleman being forced out of the city’s St. Mark’s Square, where it seemed like he was attempting to sell art sans permission.

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Malware Turns Into Art As Virus-Infected Laptop Gains Over $1 Million In Auction

It appears that people are willing to pay an absurd amount of money – in surplus of a million bucks, in this case – to acquire a virus-infected laptop if it’s declared a work of art. The Samsung netbook in question has been affected by six infamous types of malware.

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The Symbiotic Relationship Of Art And Nature Through A Controversial Artist's Eyes

Matthew Barney: Redoubt is the latest exhibit by a controversial artist.  This latest exhibition is a formidable project by an artist conscious that his product has been divisive. It encompasses a two-hour film set in the Sawtooth Mountains, enormous intricate brass and copper sculptures of logs, and 40 imprinted and electroplated copper plates.

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Peru's Plan For Airport Near Machu Picchu Faces Opposition

Historians, archaeologists, and people in the hospitality field are all appealing to block the Peruvian government from constructing an international airport near Machu Picchu. The construction for the multi-billion-dollar airport began earlier this year and is due to be finished in 2023.

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New Art Space In New York Thanks To Art Adviser Lisa Schiff

Lisa Schiff, a New York-based art adviser, will inaugurate an art space in the city’s Tribeca area on May 29. The schedule at her New York space starts off with a Nicholas Galanin exhibit curated by Neville Wakefield.

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Wednesday, 22.05.2019

The Museum Housing Art Rescued From Stalin Now Needs Its Own Rescue

The Savitsky Museum in Nukus, Uzbekistan has one of the world’s largest collections of avant-garde art, rescued from Stalin’s grasps by an electrician. But the museum positioned in a desolate outpost now it requires a rescue of its own. Named after Igor Savitsky,  the former electrician, the museum now stores the world’s second-largest gathering of Russian avant-garde art.

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Artist Who Directs Her Rage Into Creating Artistic Pie Charts

In defiant textual drawings, videos and participatory exhibits, artist Christine Sun Kim envisions sounds and extracts spoken speech into clever new designs.  Her charcoal drawings explore operating in the hearing world as a deaf person with depictions of varying mathematical angles and pie charts.

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Artworks, By Asia's Distinguished Artist Zao Wou-Ki, Blend East And West

By Henri Matisse - Retrieved from National Gallery of Art, USA 25 December 2007., PD-US, Link

Asia’s best-selling master, Zao Wou-ki created 20 large three-panel canvases; the triptych works are a deliberate homage to Henri Matisse’s "Open Window". The viewers can note the resemblance in the composition among the two paintings.

The artwork is only one of more than 3,000 works he produced in his prolific career.

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Comics World Grieves The Passing Of Marvel Artist Justin Ponsor

The world of comic books lost one of its most notable artists on May 18, 2019, as Justin Ponsor passed away following a two-year-long fight with cancer, according to a post created by his family on the artist's professional Facebook page.

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A Drawing Has Been Identified As A Michelangelo Work Made When He Was Merely 12

An eminent Italian art scholar has connected a drawing from ca. 1487 to Michelangelo—and states it’s the earliest discovered work by the artist to date made when the Renaissance master was only 12 years old.

The pen and brown ink sketching, which measures just above four by eight inches describes a robed man resting on a throne with staff in one hand.

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Tuesday, 21.05.2019

Eileen Gray’s And Le Corbusier’s Architectural Masterpieces Open To Public Following Extensive Restoration

Eileen Gray and Jean Badovici's Villa E-1027 and Le Corbusier's Cabanon hut has opened again in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin in the south of France after lengthy restoration activity on the Modernist coastal homes.

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The Smithsonian Displays Whistler’s Peacock Room As The Artist Conceptualized It

Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M Sackler Gallery CC BY-SA 2.0Wikimedia Commons

The Smithsonian’s Freer Gallery of Art in Washington, DC, is showcasing its Victorian-era Peacock Room as the American artist James McNeill Whistler first intended it to be viewed. Named the Peacock Room in Blue and White, the reinstalled dining room was inaugurated on 18 May and is filled with 177 blue-and-white Chinese porcelains, returning it very close to the way it looked in the 1870s.

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The Museum Of Contemporary Art In Los Angeles Will Not Charge A General Admission Fee, Thanks To A $10 Million Reward

The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Los Angeles has elected to allow free entrance. The museum declared this weekend that it would not require a general admissions fee, although it will still charge for entry to special exhibits.

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Artist Constructed A Temple And Set It Ablaze To Honor Victims Of Parkland Shooting

A work of art was set on fire, purposefully, in Coral Springs, Florida, over the weekend. David Best, an artist recognized for constructing temples to honor the dead at Burning Man, set ablaze his sculpture, Temple of Times, to offer respects to the 17 people killed in 2018 shooting. The work was financed by a $1 million grant by Bloomberg Philanthropies.

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Artists Unveil  A Line Of Wearable Cameo Art

During the opening of the 2019 Venice Biennale, artists Cindy Sherman and Catherine Opie exhibited their collaboration: a line of contemporary cameos created from shells, inspired by their personal photos. The artists worked with jewelry designer Liz Swig of  Liz Works on a series of nine items which include rings, earrings, pendants, and even cufflinks. The line is simply named “Cameo.”

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Monday, 20.05.2019

Protesters At The Whitney Museum March To Controversial Board Member’s Residence

On Friday, at the Whitney Museum in New York, the activist organization Decolonize This Place held the last protest in its “Nine Weeks of Art and Action” series, during which one protest against Warren B. Kanders, the vice chair of Museum's board was staged each Friday.

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Artist Reflects Upon Photographs Taken During The Kosovo War

For “Family Album” Alban Muja beckoned four people to reflect on images of themselves captured twenty years ago. These photographs communicated the personal suffering behind the headlines were captured while documenting the Kosovo war. Almost 13,500 people were killed or disappeared during the conflict, which continued from February 1998 to June 1999.

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An Artist From Ecuador Is The Fastest Painter In The World

Most artists invest years in improving their artworks. But one expert in Ecuador is renowned for working in the other direction i.e. he completes his works within a few minutes. Carlos Ortega’s art has been exhibited all over the globe, from New York to London  Dubai and Tokyo. He is regarded as one of Ecuador’s cultural ambassadors.

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Brazilian Street Artist Combines Graffiti With History

Eduardo Kobra, aka Kobra, is a Brazilian street artist from of São Paulo who is recognized for his kaleidoscopic graffiti murals. He is educating his viewers about historical figures and places through his unique work which can be seen in cities all over the planet.

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Scottish Artist Investigated For His Drawings Because They Were Too Good

Artist  John Fisher, from Scotland, was reported to Trading Standards due to his photo-realistic drawings were so good people assumed they were created using an app. But John, from Ayr, Scotland showed the officers samples of his photo-realistic art to convince them that his skills were genuine.

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