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The Strange World Of Abstract Art In Museums.

Gone are the days when people collected only paintings and photos like fine arts, stamps, manuscripts, abstract art, sculptures ,contemporary art, stamps, coins and ruins from excavation sites or specimens of life forms. If you look around, you will be surprised to find that people around the world collect and maintain their own personal museums of different objects that nobody thought could be turned into a collection.

You will be quite amused to find people who collect and preserve music and musical devices, photos  and also people who collect bizarre objects like nails, claws, shoes, hair, fruits, (even a particular fruit) books and novels and things like that. So here is a compilation of the most off-beat objects that are being collected, restored and put on display in existing museums and also in museums that specialize in a particular collection of something very uncommon.

The National Music Museum

You might be surprised to hear that there is a museum that is dedicated to everything related to music. This is located to the east of Mount Rushmore. Approximately, a six-hour drive from the place, this museum is all about music. This is the unlikely

National Music Museum in South Dakota.The museum is famous because of one of its exhibits, which is a 500-year-old Cello that is noted to be the oldest cello in the world.

The National Music Museum was started by a single man named, Arne B. Larson (1904- 88) who was a friendly band director in Brookings but the lesser-known fact about him was that he was a very enthusiastic collector. Therefore, he decided that his hobby must be turned into a formal collection and he approached the University of Vermillion to have his 2500 odd instruments from his collection, archived.

The Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum in Osaka, Japan

Trust Japan to come up with the most bizarre things. This place will surely give you an insight into the surprising things that people collect. This museum is a hot choice for students and penniless college folks because it archives the history of the ramen noodle in honor of the ramen inventor Momofuko Ando.

The fun part of this museum is that it is shaped like a giant cup o\' noodles packet and houses a workshop for making your own ramen noodles and a life-size model of Ando\'s research shack. The best part of this is the fact that the entry to this archive is completely free!

Barbie Collection by Jian Yang

Jian yang has a huge collection of barbie dolls in his neatly arranged living room of his row house. This man is a 33-year-old man from Singapore who has a professional interest in toys. He works as the director of strategy at Omicon Media Group. He began his barbie collection when he was just 13.

His doll collection is numbered around 6000 pieces and he has won the Guiness World Record 2013 for the largest collection of Barbie dolls after Bettina Dorfmann who owns around 15000 dolls.

Leila's Hair Museum - Independence, Mo.

If you are tired of your short hair, head over to Leila's Hair Museum in Independence, MO where you need to pay only a fee of 5 dollars to experience America\'s well-known hair museum.

This place will make you wish you had longer hair because of the sheer variety of hair and hair styles that are exhibited in the place. There is also available, jewelry made completely out of human hair. The oldest collections of hair dates back to the 1800s. Does this make you wish to catch up on the odd things people collect?

The World's Largest Hot Sauce Collection by Vic Clinco

This crazy man has the world's largest hot sauce collection, which makes him one among those who have strange collections. He has collected about 6000 odd hot sauces from around the globe which includes the very rare  Blair's 16 Million Reserve' which is supposed to be the hottest sauce ever made anywhere in the world.

The Largest Collection of Already-been-chewed Nicotine Gum by Barry Chapell

If a collection of nails or hair has grossed you out, then brace yourself to read about the man who has the obsession of collecting post-chewed nicotine gum and turning it all into a giant gum ball. Barry started chewing Nicorette on an international flight because he couldn't smoke and that is when he started collecting every single nicotine gum he has chewed.

Life must be sweet

Sucrologist means one who collects sugar packets and sugar cube wrappers.  Phil Miller is a Sucrologist. Yes indeed, Phil has been collecting since 1978.  He was the Presidents of the United States sugar packets, and he hasn't stopped since. Life must be sweet if you collect sugar packets.

Museum of Toilets

This tells you the story how toilets have evolved over the time across the world.  Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak offers a study of this essential, though rarely discussed topic of at the Sulabh International Museum of Toilets situated in New Delhi. The exhibit looks at the historic evolution of the toilet and looks at how toilets vary around the world.

The Garbage Museum

You have been to dinosaurs museums before?  Now go and have a look at the Garbage Museum’s Trash-o-saurus. It is an extra-special dinosaur made from a ton of trash and this amounts to that generated by an average person each year. Visitors get a unique perspective on Connecticut’s trash by walking through a giant compost pile and following the process of recycling from beginning to finish .  The dino has a message to us also.

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