These 5 Best Mystery Books Will Keep You At Edge Of Your Seat

about 5 years ago
product By Pallavi-Bhonde

People love to read suspense thriller novels. It is ingrained in the psyche of people to read books that will keep them on the edge of their seat. That\'s why, we compiled a list of best mystery books or best mystery novels out there. These are some of the mystery fictions that book readers swear by. Let us get to know about them, one at a time.

Here Are The Best Mystery Books Of All Times

Cotter by Peter Glassman

Jacob Cotter is a veteran and survivor of the Civil War. He also successfully graduated from Yale University with a surgeon’s certificate.

Cotter has a moral compass which fields him against accepted norms of ethics; once as a student in Connecticut and the other as a surgeon in Texas.

Cotter is content with his medical practice saving lives of people. Dr. Cotter wants to build a hospital in Endura, Texas for the good of society. However, the land mafia is up in arms against him.

Cotter also finds out that among his new found enemies is the person who apparently killed his father. Will Dr. Cotter wield the stethoscope or guns or both at the same time?

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The Eyeman by Peter Glassman

A conspiracy involving the unauthorized murder of four civilians during the Vietnam War has resurfaced in a suburban naval hospital. The prime suspect Marine Lance Corporal Julio Marco is getting medical help.

Dr. Paul Norman and his team at the Naval Hospital find something amiss when they are threatened to get transferred to Vietnam. Dr. Norman reaches out to FBI Special Agent Kurdley Talbert and gives him details about Marco and his war victims to launch a furious investigation.

Julio Marco is none other than Rupert Peterson, Chairman of Noel Enterprises, a company that provides medical supplies.

Marco’s former aides eliminate all trails of their misdeeds and indict Dr. Norman as the “Eyeman”. Marco is now planning to kill Norman and his wife, while FBI Agent Marvin Pellicle exonerates Dr. Norman.

But will Marco get his due of justice?

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The Celibate Mouse by Diana Hockley

Detective Senior Sergeant Susan Prescott has fled to her relatives who live in rural America. She is trying to escape professional as well as personal tragedies.

But as she lands in her rural settings, she becomes a witness to a murder which drives her in the midst of people who inexplicably become strangers.

Can her destiny give her a vacation she so desperately desires?

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Blackwater Fever by Peter Glassman

A medical emergency in the form of malaria super bug grips American forces in Iraq. Back in the US, CDC chief and his two cronies make a fast buck with insider information on the drug for the superbug.

As more people who volunteered to be a part of the testing end up bed ridden, will Nosh and Finder crack the case?

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Rogue Wave by Helen Marie Osterman

Emma Wintberry and Nate Sandler are an idyllic suburban American couple who have been planning and saving for a beach vacation.

Emma is a clairvoyant person and develops serious apprehensions about this trip but nevertheless she accompanies her partner reluctantly.

At the beach, Emma responds to an SOS call for help without having any idea that the wife of a drug lord is held captive. In all the saving, Emma loses Nate to a rogue wave and is left alone to fight unforeseen consequences.

Will Emma save herself?

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Do you buy mystery books online?

I hope that these best mystery books satisfy your hunger for mystery. What are the other best mystery novels that you like? Do let us know in comments. You can explore more and buy mystery novels online, and buy novels online of other genres as well on Showflipper.

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