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Friday, 29.03.2019

Photographer Ram Rahman discusses art and censorship

In a series of lectures conducted for the 'India: Art Today' conference, veteran artist Ram Rahman analyzes present-day artists’ response to the political landscape in recent years.

At the conference of seven lectures analyzing contemporary art trends and practices in the country, Ram, accompanied by six other artists, will examine dissent and awareness in art.

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Art Exhibit To Protest Transphobia And Discrimination

Over 100 testimonials written by transexual people are the centerpiece of an art show 'Ask them to Shut Up! because the voiceless need to speak!’.  Coordinated by the Sahodari Foundation's founder Kalki Subramaniam, the show will be held at the British Council from March 29 to  April 24.

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The Figure In Edvard Munch's 'The Scream' Is Not Letting Out A Scream, But Hearing One!

In a new exhibition titled Edvard Munch: Love and Angst, the British Museum highlights a lithograph variant of the picture that predated the classic1893 painting. Written on the bottom are the words by the artist: “I felt the great scream throughout nature.”

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US artist is building a border wall... using cheese!

An LA artist has begun forming a wall made out of bricks of expired cheese at the United States' border and is trading merchandise marked "Make America Grate Again" in aid of his efforts.

The wall, by artist Cosimo Cavallaro, is expected to be 6-foot high, 3-foot wide.

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Notwithstanding Controversy, Michael Jackson Exhibition To Go Ahead As Planned In Germany

Despite the restored resentment toward the deceased pop superstar, the Bundeskunsthalle art museum in Bonn, Germany has selected to hold the show as planned, from March 22 to July 14. Instead of being a tribute, the exhibit casts a rather varying, even critical light on Jackson, the director said at a press talk ahead of the inauguration.

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The Hague To Launch A Tribunal To Handle Art Disputes Around The World

The Court of Arbitration for Art (CAfA), the only tribunal in the world that will focus solely on art disputes, based out of the Hague, is set to commence work on April 1st. The CAfA was formally started in June 2018, by Authentication in Art, a non-profit organization with the Netherlands Arbitration Institute.

The CAfA will be able to carry out proceedings around the world.

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Saudi Arabia To Allow Residency To Global Artists

Foreign artists will be extended the opportunity for the first time to take up residence in Saudi Arabia.

The new “cultural residency” project was amongst a host of initiatives declared at an event in Riyadh on Wednesday to announce the Ministry of Culture’s vision and approach for the future.Click here to read more.

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The Architecture Of Qatar's New National Museum Influenced By The Desert Rose

The desert roses that have always had a great presence in Qatari geography and culture have now been immortalized in the architecture of the new National Museum of Qatar. The museum sits amid the Doha panorama and has 11 galleries.

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Women Of Ancient Egypt Acknowledged At The National Geographic Museum


The pictures of ancient Egypt that have filled the pages of history books come to life in a museum exhibit titled “Queens of Egypt: in the National Geographic Museum. Traversing 1,400 years of Egyptian history, this unprecedented exhibition of archaeological wealth highlights some of ancient Egypt’s powerful women.

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Syrian Artist Discusses Sustainability And Art In Troubled Times

As part of a series analyzing sustainability, and how it is intertwined within human lives, Syrian visual artist Khaled Barakeh addresses the issue of how to preserve culture and heritage in the light of mass immigration and dispute.

Also a cultural activist, Barakeh, also discusses how to continue making art in troubled times.

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Thursday, 28.03.2019 

Nirav Modi's Art Garners Rs 55 Crore At Auction

Fugitive Nirav Modi's art collection was auctioned off at a sale arranged by Saffronart in coordination with the Indian Government on Tuesday. The auction house filed 68 sets of art, out of which 55 were auctioned in Mumbai. The catalog, which was expected to be within Rs 30 crore and Rs 50 crore, garnered net sales of Rs 55 crore, which would be remitted to the tax authorities.

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Botticelli 'Copy' Determined To Be A Unique Original From The Master's Own Workshop

An artwork, a study entitled the Madonna of the Pomegranate, had been layered in thick coats of yellow varnish and large blocks of overpainting, veiling the fine brushwork below and directing to concerns that it was a poor-quality imitation.

But following its first restoration in over a century, experts have established the painting was created in the studio of Sandro Botticelli in Renaissance Florence – though they are unable to conclude if the artist himself worked on it.

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The US Attempts To Repatriate Painting Stolen By Nazis To Ukraine

The US Attorney’s Office stated last week that it had registered a motion to take control of a painting by Pierre Louis Goudreaux. The 18th-century French work, titled 'An Amorous Couple,' has been kept at a New York auction house from 2013, and Ukrainian officials have displayed small interest in receiving the comparatively trivial composition back since.

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German Advisory Panel Urges The Restitution Of Hitler’s Art To Heirs Of Jewish Magnate

Two compositions by the 18th-century artist Bernardo Bellotto that Adolf Hitler acquired should be restored to the heirs of Max James Emden, a Jewish retail magnate from Hamburg who lost much of his assets as a consequence of Nazi persecution, a German government panel has decreed.

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Da Vinci Works Highlighted In A Saudi Arabia Exhibit On The Theme Of Energy

The intersection of culture and information is being underscored in a new exhibit in Saudi Arabia. It displays works by ­Leonardo da Vinci and contemporary Swiss architect Philippe Rahm, side-by-side, investigating the theme of energy throughout history.

At the exhibit, a pair of five-meter spheres hover from the ceiling; The extraordinary sculptures symbolize the Sun and the Moon and were specifically created by Rahm in France for the exhibit.

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Tate Museum Discovers A Pink Sky Hidden Under Van Gogh Landscape

Art historians have acknowledged for some time that there is more to Vincent van Gogh’s pictures than what we see.

Conservators at Tate Britain newly discovered that under the gloomy sky of a countryside view painted by the Dutch artist hide the sterling pink tones of the twilight sun.

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Augmented Reality Takes People 'Inside' A Rembrandt Painting

Guests at the Mauritshuis museum can now use their smartphones to experience The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp by Rembrandt, in augmented reality, as a result of Dutch design agency CapitolaVR's efforts.

To commemorate 350 years since his passing, CapitolaVR designed the Rembrandt Reality app that employs augmented reality to allow people to "step inside" one of the artist's most well-known compositions.

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How France's celebrated artworks were protected from the Nazis

As soon as the war started in 1939, Louvre’s then chief curator, Jacques Jaujard, set his comprehensive plan into action and a guard of over 200 trucks removed 3120 of the Louvre’s 3691 paintings. So, when the Nazis marched into Paris, the museum was almost empty.

US journalist Gerri Chanel’s Saving Mona Lisa is a book about this heroic attempt to save the greatest treasures of the art world, from Nazis, during the German Occupation.

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Paintings Discovered In An Attic Are Now On Show At The Orlando Museum Of Art

For almost 50 years, over 400 paintings and hundreds of drawings by Belgian artist Louis Dewis were stored in an elderly woman’s attic; only to be discovered by her great-nephew, Brad Face. Now, Dewis’ artworks, mostly excellent landscapes of Europe, are on display at the Orlando Museum of Art.

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A Bangladesh Exhibit Highlights Women Artists

Life 2019 is a group art exhibit highlighting paintings by 39 female professionals.  It was opened at Gallery Cosmos in Bangladesh on the country's Independence Day, by the chief guest, Australian High Commissioner HE Julia Niblett.

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Wednesday, 27.03.2019

Bus Shelter In New York To Be Transformed Into Art Exhibits

100 city bus shelters in New York will be converted into stages for an exhibit of works by photographer, Elle Pérez.

The exhibit, “from sun to sun,”  by Perez will open on Aug. 13. It is the first show that is a collaboration among the charitable Public Art Fund and the advertising firm JCDecaux, which regulates the ad area for nearly 3,400 bus shelters in New York City.

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A Sheika From The UAE Turned Dubai's Neighbor Into A Center For Arts

Hoor al Qasimi is the president and founding director of Sharjah Art Foundation and the director of the Sharjah Biennial, the president of the Africa Institute, the curator of the upcoming 2020 Lahore Biennial, and a board member at MoMA PS1 in New York City as well as KW Institute for Contemporary Art in Berlin among others. She is also the youngest daughter of the ruling Sheikh of the emirate of Sharjah.

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Queen Of Sheba Links Three Major Religions Via Their Arts

Simplistic and precise, the biblical anecdote of the Queen of Sheba has driven innumerable, impressive artworks. Three significant religious beliefs—Judaism, Christianity, and Islam—traversing Asia, Europe, and Africa have saved her for their own in greatly diverse literary and artistic depictions.

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FBI To Reinstate A Nazi-Stolen Artwork To Jewish Collector's Descendants

A painting seized from the home of Adolphe Schloss during the World War II occupation of France, by Germans, will be restored to his descendants in New York, the French authorities stated on Tuesday.

The composition, "A Scholar Sharpening His Quill," by Dutch artist Salomon Koninck, was a piece of an extensive collection of Flemish and Dutch artworks owned by Schloss, a Jewish art collector who resided in Paris.

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Italy And China Combine Forces To Fight Looting Of  Art

Italy and China have decided to combine forces and combat the illegal trafficking of artifacts as part of a historic deal signed among the two nations. The Italian government also declared it will yield the 796 articles that had previously been illegally transported to Italy from China, following a court ruling in Milan, last November, stating that the items should be restored.

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An Exhibit To Honor Van Gogh's Years In Britain

The time Vincent van Gogh spent in London, is perhaps not the most well-known period of his life. But now, a major Tate exhibit called' Van Gogh and Britain,' will attempt to correct that.     

The program will incorporate 50 works by van Gogh, as well as other works by 19th-century British masters that he respected and 20th-century British painters his work motivated.

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Stolen Picasso Retrieved By Real-Life 'Indiana Jones'

A stolen painting by Pablo Picasso, named Buste de Femme (Female Bust), is said to have been retrieved by the so-called Indiana Jones of the art world, a Dutch art investigator stated on Tuesday.

The artwork, which the Spanish artist never sold, was misappropriated from Abdul Mohsen Abdulmalik, a Saudi Sheikh, from one of his yachts in France on March 11, 1999.

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A Drawing By Renaissance Painter Giorgione Discovered In A Library Book

One of the most mysterious personalities in Renaissance arts, Giorgione, has been recognized as the artist behind a sketch that survived undiscovered for more than 500 years on the back cover of a book in the University of Sydney library.

Librarian Kim Wilson at the University unearthed the red chalk drawing of the Madonna and Child in a 1497 copy of Dante’s Divine Comedy in the University’s Rare Books collection.

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An Andy Warhol Retrospective At The Whitney

The Whitney Museum of American Art ’s exhibition will feature more than 350 works of And Warhol. “Andy Warhol — From A to B and Back Again” is the largest retrospective of Warhol’s overflowing career of nearly 30 years. It is an in-depth analysis of the artist who is full of intrigue and wonders more than three decades following his death in 1987.

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Rooms From Well-Known Paintings Come Alive With CG

Rooms from well-known paintings not only provide an understanding of the life and vision of the artists who produced them, but they’re also a window into history. From Van Gogh’s simple interior in The Bedroom to Roy Lichtenstein’s eccentric Pop Art version of the Interior with comfortable compositions from 1991, each iconic painting furnishes viewers with an idea of the trends of the era.

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Tuesday, 26.03.2019

Digital Billboards Across Sweden's Capital Display Positive Art To Brighten Up The Public

A tailored algorithm responded to real-time free data accumulated from Google searches, news, social media,etc., to evaluate whether people in Stockholm felt sad, anxious, bored, exhausted, or frightened.

This information was used to project one of six compositions that displayed the opposite emotion on 250 digital screens, in an effort to shift the public's mood.

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Airport Facilities Transformed Into An 'Art Park' In Shanghai

Tank Art Park, Shanghai’s latest artistic space, is the innovation of Beijing-based gallery Open Architecture. It was opened to the people this weekend.

Occupying five abandoned aviation fuel tanks and their surroundings, which previously belonged to the Longhua Airport, have now been converted into a blended cultural area that unites art, nature, and leisure.

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An Unusual, Art-Filled House On An Average Street

A modest 1914 clapboard cottage outside of the District in Hyattsville is something of a phenomenon on an otherwise regular piece of American suburbia.

A. Clarke Bedford's residence, in Maryland, is totally covered with metal, glass and flung objects painted, fashioned, bolted, wrapped, sawed and pierced into art!

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French Masterpieces Retitled After Their POC Subjects

French art classics have been renamed after their long-neglected black subjects in a revolutionary new Paris exhibit on the portrayal of people of color in artworks.

Edouard Manet’s Olympia, for example, has been renamed Laure after the woman who modeled as her black maid. Several other significant works have been likewise renamed after the identities of their sitters, were tracked by the organizers.

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Art-Activists On The Value Of Challenging Complicity In The Art World

The Sacklers made their wealth from Purdue Pharma and critics claim that the family’s competitive business policies served to feed the opioid crisis in the US.

In recent days, officials for the National Gallery and Tate have each publicly declared that they will decline large donations from them, notwithstanding years of government budget cuts, and the rising threat that Brexit presents to their funds.

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Graphic Novel Resurrects Writings By Salvador Dalí And The Marx Brothers

A collaboration between Salvador Dalí and the Marx brothers was never produced because even though Harpo Marx enjoyed the script, the MGM executives, apparently hated it. It was titled Giraffes on Horseback Salad or The Surrealist Woman. This script has now been revived in the form of a graphic novel by Manuela Pertega’s illustrations.

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William Wordsworth's House And Museum To Be Extended

William Wordsworth is a well-loved poet who served as the Romantic Age in English literature. His residence, called Dove Cottage is accessible to visitors, complete with a museum that houses letters, journals, and even artworks of his.

The Wordsworth Trust has revealed a proposal to further enhance the experience. The cottage will be rebuilt to be a more genuine reconstruction of how it would have been when the Wordsworths resided there.

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Poet Nikita Gill's Next Book To Be Based On Greek Mythology

Nikita Gill is renowned for her feminist poems, writes significant short poems that audiences are able to relate to. The poet, who has a big fan following, often posts her poetry on social media.

She stated on Twitter that her next compilation will be inspired by Greek Mythology.

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Indian Authorities To Auction Off Nirav Modi's Art Collection

Indian tax authorities are expecting for a boon with the auction on Tuesday of unique oil paintings that were previously part of fugitive billionaire jeweler Nirav Modi's collection and have been taken by the government.

Auctioneers say the auction is the first of its class in a country where authorities have ordinarily auctioneered property, gold, and even luxury items, but not art.

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US Museums To Close The Skills Rift In The Conservation Of Chinese Artworks

Significant grants pledge to convert the area of Chinese painting conservation in US museums, which appeared to be endangered a decade ago. Back then, there were barely four superior museum conservators, in the country, with expertise. All were Chinese-born and had been tutored in Beijing or Shanghai in the 1970s when the arts were on the emergence again following the artistic impediments of the Cultural Revolution.

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Monday, 25.03.2019

Experts Declare Disputed Van Gogh As Authentic

A composition at a Connecticut gallery that has long been speculated to be by Vincent van Gogh has been confirmed by Dutch experts.

The Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art in Hartford stated that “Vase With Poppies,” has been validated by researchers at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam as having been created by the Dutch artist in 1886.

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Bengaluru Artist Recognizes Abhinandan Varthaman With His Art

A Bengaluru artist has used his artistic talents to pay tribute to Indian Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman. The artist, AC Gurumurthy, has created a portrait of the Indian Air Force Pilot using his typewriter.

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Claude Monet's Iconic Painting Up For Auction

The painting is a piece from Monet's iconic Haystacks series, made in the early 1890s, and is expected to be sold for US$55 million. Titled Meules, the artwork is one of only four compositions from this series to appear for auction this century. It will be one of the focal points of Sotheby's Evening Sale of Impressionist & Modern Art.

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Renaissance Master Tintoretto’s Bold Works Showcased In A US Exhibition

It is plain from the first significant Tintoretto retrospective outside Europe, which began on Sunday at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, is that the "impetuous genius" doubters vilified for his free, "unfinished" manner was a daring innovator whose influence can still be perceived today.

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Jean-Michel Basquiat Art, Created Using A Xerox, To Be Showcased

Nahmad Contemporary is exhibiting Jean-Michel Basquiat | Xerox. Curated by Basquiat expert Dieter Buchhart, the exhibit is the first intensive examination of the remarkable body of work that the artist created utilizing Xerox photocopies as his primary medium and compositional focus. Over 20 historic compositions are characterized by an abundance of Basquiat’s initial Xeroxed postcards.

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Art Dealers In A Dispute Over £1m Chagall They Purchased From A Fraudster

Three London art dealers are in the middle of an international legal dispute over their acquisition of a £1 million oil painting from a sentenced fraudster.

The men are cited of neglecting to discern various “red flags” and risk legal action in the US following the purchase of the Marc Chagall painting.

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An Art Symposium In Los Angeles

On Soul of a Nation's inaugural day, The Broad will present a day of enriching discussions, artist talks, and poetry, coordinated by UC Irvine professors Bridget R. Cooks and Frank B. Wilderson III. The event will incorporate compelling discussions between artists featured in the exhibition, as well as renowned art historians and curators.

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Vancouver Art Show Investigates The Increase In Resentment And Racism

In an example of a group of portraits called Angry White Men by Vancouver artist David Haughton, who says he desired to examine the surge of rage and evil amidst hate groups and the disenfranchised persons. Vancouver govt. declared it as a official tourist spot in Vancouver.

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India Declares The Artist Line-Up For A Gandhi-Themed Exhibit At Venice Biennale

India launches its entry to the Venice Biennale this year following an eight-year hiatus by a Gandhi-themed show and a line-up of seven contemporary artists.

This will be India's second foray at the biennial, having debuted in 2011. The exhibit will commemorate 150 years following the birth of the Indian freedom leader Mahatma Gandhi.

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Aichi Art Museum Uploads Masterpieces For Free Public Usage

Gems by artists such as Edvard Munch, Gustav Klimt, and Ito Jakuchu can now be downloaded and used unobstructedly from the Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art, which has uploaded over 1,200 compositions in the public domain.

The Aichi museum is entering the global trend to advancing the free application of out-of-copyright artworks.

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