Why Every Fabric Shop is Influenced by Hollywood

about 4 years ago
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Fashion And Hollyood Come a Long Way!

When we delve into the history of Hollywood fashion, we find that the need for costume design departments rose due to the non availability of generous amounts of costume designers in California.  Directors, like Cecil B. De Mille would feel the need for custom made costumes for the development of the plot of the film.

By the mid- 1920s known as the Jazz age, American women had started to minutely follow the hairstyles, clothes and makeup worn by the movie stars.Each studio very diligently cultivated the particular images of the stars, turning the young actresses into style icons.

One need to remember that fashion is not confined to dresses as has been mentioned.  It is not only about dresses over pants and vice versa. It is also about the jeweler, the fabric, the color, and the beading patterns.  All that the elusive star wore became the desire of the common women.They started influencing the jeweler too.

Today we are in the new genre of e-commerce.Online fabric stores and online jewelry stores, makes fashion more accessible and within reach. A person in India, can easily draw inspiration from her Hollywood influenced American counterparts.

Altered and more comfortable wearable versions of the same attires are made available by the retailers for the common fashion crazy women.  Jeweler brands, online fabric stores  know the weakness of its buyers.  

Dresses and jewelry are named after a fashion icon to increase the craze of stars as well as fashion in it. Some of the best forms of arts, like the handcrafted jewelry, nylon fabrics , polyester fabric are available on e-commerce sites, and the ones trending hot can be found here: https://www.showflipper.com

For many, the need to own a prop from their favorite movie is like a dream coming true. Some props have become the second definition of the movie in which they appeared. Viewers begin to relate these props to the characters on screen. 

We cannot really imagine James Bond without his signature gun, Charlie Chaplin without his hat and stick, and Harry Potter without his round framed spectacles.

These props soon filtered their way into the silver screen and became identities that the audience just could not get enough of. The impact of these strong visuals became the inspiration of filmmakers too, and there was a time when props had the equal importance as an actor in a film.

Fashion, Values and Controversies

Marylin Monroe's white dress was sold for over $4.6 million. Other expensive props include Aston Martin DB5 used in the movie Goldfinger for over $4.4 million. The 'Do-Re-Me' outfit from 'The Sound of Music' sold for over $1.5 million the submarine used in the James Bond movie 'The Spy Who Loved Me' for $860,000 and the green frock used by Scarlet O'Hara in 'Gone with the Winds' valued at $1.86 million.

With the value of props steadily on the increase, it is no longer surprising for these to be stolen. Some of the most famous stolen props include the famous Dorothy\'s ruby slippers that were made for the \'Wizard of OZ\' - a 1939 film production. 

The pair at the Judy Garland Museum in Grand Rapids was stolen in 2005 and until date, the police still have this case unsolved. These shoes are currently estimated to be over $3 million. One of the guns made for the movie 'The Man with the Golden Gun' (1974 James bond movie) also got missing from Elstree Studio in Hertfordshire, England where it was on display.

Occasionally, a stolen prop gets returned by the thief or recovered by the law enforcement agencies. The famous Lupitaa Nyong'o's stolen Oscar dress was found in the toilet of the very same hotel where it was stolen. 

The thief however gave a tip to a celebrity news website that the pearls in the garment were fakes. It was not possible to determine if the thief returned it because of this reason or as a result of a change of heart.

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Making a Statement

Movie props were basically used to define a look of a character or describe a scene to be played. Viewers started associating these props with whatever they saw on screen. The basic fashion necessity, i.e. the little black dress was inspired by the one worn by Audrey Hepburn. 

Everything that is seen on screen apart from the actor is considered a prop. Monroe\'s red lipstick is also considered a classic look worldwide.

Apart from classics, modern day films also create some very inspiring props that the audience absolutely loves. Most movies have props that have equal importance to the characters.

The Iron Man suit, the cars in 'Fast and Furious' series, the white mask from 'Scream', and the black tuxedos in 'Men In Black' are examples of how important a certain prop is for the movie to be a success.

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