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Petals- Poetry Collection

by Dattaprasad Thite

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Petals Book

Petals- Poetry Collection

The Petals- Poetry Collection was uploaded by Dattaprasad Anil Thite on Dec-31-2018.
This is a Books. This is a form of poetry.

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Rating & Review (1)


Miana Vasilovici
I\'m really curious about the poems because the cover looks fantastic!

i love poetry. it soothes the mind..

Maria Dragomiroiu

Lora Minculescu
Really beautiful cover. Would like to see more from you!

Malena Scott
wonderful cover!

Malena Scott

Nicely done! It looks so delicate!

Dattaprasad Thite
Thanks Ivan...hope you will enjoy the poems too...just like the title!

Dattaprasad Thite
Hi Anna! Thank you so much!

Dattaprasad Thite
Yes Adam...Thanks!

Dattaprasad Thite
Thank you so much David! You will surely love poems too that are inside it!

Dattaprasad Thite
Yes, pink shade here is very much attractive...thanks Mary!

Dattaprasad Thite
Thanks Miana...if you are so much fascinated by the cover, I am sure, you will like the soul too...!

Dattaprasad Thite
Thanks Seraphinne for your nice made my day...!

Ioana Manole
Good idea.

Really well done!

I like how the title sounds!

David John
Really nice cover.

Beautiful shade of pink.