Times Reflected Lands

Title:  Times Reflected Lands

"Times Reflected Lands" is a free digital composition originally based on a photography worked out over 15 steps of copying, coloring, recoloring, stretching, detailed color changing etc. until the shown image was done and not one of the original photographic pixels was left. A kind of fantastic situation where everything seems to make a common sense. - A digital painting

Height: variable Width: variable

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. I am creating digitally art works since years. Some of them make me look at again, again and again, wondering how I have been able to create this ‘whatever’. Associating the world around reflecting my feelings means giving my interpretation. In the end, they are meant to be printed on high quality paper and/or presented with ‘Dibond’ and/or plexiglass in any size desired - or to be shown in digital frames. Could you arrange a show in your or on some digital display/s with them? Than...

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2015-03-31 07:23:59|3 years ago
Truly beautiful work..
2015-03-30 11:55:54|3 years ago
Great work of art, love this..
2014-07-20 12:28:06|4 years ago
You are very skilled!
2014-07-08 03:50:18|4 years ago
fantastic piece!
2014-06-20 15:37:27|4 years ago
I really like the colors chosen!