Duty Crew

Title:  Duty Crew

December 25 is the last Christmas of U.S. involvement of the Vietnam War as President Nixon vows to end the war by any means. North Vietnam launches statewide assaults on all U.S. military hospitals by American activists outside and within the hospital staff. Murder and chaos are goals and one Navy Nurse at Queens Naval Hospital uncovers the plot. She's targeted for destruction by a hospital corpsman as political activism breaks its vows of nonviolence.


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2014-07-09 09:20:25|4 years ago
Wow, it would be really great to have a movie with Kidman and Crusie after your book!
2014-06-28 16:12:25|4 years ago
I envisioned Nicole Kidman as Nurse LT(JG) Minnie Zettler and Tom Cruise as LT (Dr.) Paul Norman.
2014-06-28 15:02:54|4 years ago
I'm sure this is a great book, would be interesting to be made a film after it.
2014-06-22 19:12:06|4 years ago
Dedicated to all nurses especially Navy and military nurses.