Title:  Eyeman

Marine Julio Marco's combat life ended when he was sent to Queen's Naval Hospital for homicidal excesses against the VC. Fifteen years after the Vietnam War ended, a serial killer is still on the loose who murders Asians and removes the eyes from the corpses. Dr. Paul Norman recognizes the signature killings from his Navy days treating Marco and calls the FBI.


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2015-03-30 11:49:41|3 years ago
Nice Concept..!
2014-07-15 11:40:37|4 years ago
I want to read this one!
2014-06-22 19:11:31|4 years ago
Based on a PTSD patient of mine from the Vietnam War.
2014-06-22 14:52:02|4 years ago
This looks really interesting! I want to read this book!