Helios Rain

Title:  Helios Rain

U.S. Air force Major Mathew Collins is still a military target in his San Antonio plastic surgery practice. Collins is sole survivor of his special operations unit in Afghanistan after attack by Iranians with a toxic Trichothecene called the Helios Rain. The U.S. fears its next home attack will be with this chemical agent which kills by paralysis. Collins now has super strength as does another survivor-an Iranian soldier who is sent by Iran to find him before the U.S. makes an antidote.


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2014-07-15 13:36:28|4 years ago
Thrilling title!
2014-07-15 12:20:50|4 years ago
Insanely strong storyline. Amazing!
2014-07-12 16:13:27|4 years ago
An Afghanistan returnee is pursued by Iranian terrorists in San Antonio.
2014-06-30 15:41:57|4 years ago
An Air Force doctor survives an Afghanistan chemical attack and Iran searches for him in the US.
2014-06-27 14:08:11|4 years ago
An Air Force Plastic surgeon survives a chemical attack and Iranian terrorists want to know why.
2014-06-26 14:12:11|4 years ago
Iran has a chemical agent which requires the sun (Helios) to make it lethal.
2014-06-26 14:12:02|4 years ago
Iran has a chemical agent which requires the sun (Helios) to make it lethal.
2014-06-26 14:09:21|4 years ago
Iran's chemical toxin delivered by spray at night needs the sun (Helios) to activate it.
2014-06-25 14:46:24|4 years ago
Iran will use the chemical survived by Mathew Collins for their next 9-11 attack.
2014-06-24 18:57:48|4 years ago
I am curios about it. Can you describe it a little more?
2014-06-22 19:09:14|4 years ago
Based on reality of Islamic extremists possession of chemical agents.
2014-06-19 11:48:20|4 years ago
Very Interesting story