Pay the Ferryman

Title:  Pay the Ferryman

There is evil to be found in the light, upper faces of the world; and often enough it calls to the deeper evil only found in the limitless darkness. When this has been stirred there is only one answer; only one way forward; and every move brings a new crisis.

There on the pleasant farmlands a new evil has taken root,growing unseen amongst the trees and mushrooms of the hidden valley. There it grows, striving against the unfamiliar light; but even there the Ferryman watches.

Sleeping Beauty may rest in the hidden valley; and find solace that her prince will awaken her; but the path is strange and dangerous.Carl might think that he is just visiting his uncle on the farm; but there are much deeper things that are waiting for him to play his role in this deplorabledrama. Ruwaida might think that she is playing a game against her father’s authority; but his authority is absolute; and he will take any measure to make her; and Carl; understand that his word is final. There is no mercy; there is no remorse.

Mr. Shafik might think he holds all the cards; but there is one card that he has neglected to play; or didn’t know was in the game; that of the Ferryman.


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