Red Rose

Title:  Red Rose

A tribute to the spirit of Christmas. A fine art mixed media, eye catching and colorful painting on paper inspired by the colours red, green and black for decor by Ufaq Ehsan. This perfectly sized painting would look amazingon your wall at home, office space, theatre, hospital, restaurant, hotel orany where you desire. This beautiful, unique, one of a kind painting can be bought online at affordable price.


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I am of the belief that what we see, feel, hear and sense, influences us greatly and therefore is reflected in everything that we choose to do as well as who we become. Sounds, fragrances and people inspire the colours I choose and the imagery that prevails in my work. Being surrounded by colours from the time we are born, to the moment when the eye blinks for the last time; I not only acknowledge their role in existence itself but also openly admit to utilizing their essence to create my pai...

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