Who will weep for me

Title:  Who will weep for me

A medical student, law student, dental student and a mob-connected friend have maintained their bond from high school days when one of their group is murdered by the Boston Strangler. The four grief-stricken men set out to seek and destroy the killer amidst fruitless efforts by Boston Police and the FBI in the 1960's. The Strangler targets young nurses fitting the profile of his unwed nurse mother. The 8th victim triggers events which could lead to a direct confrontation ahead of the police.


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2015-04-01 06:43:30|3 years ago
sounds interesting
2014-07-11 18:55:29|4 years ago
So this is a fantastic story or is after a real case? really interesting!
2014-07-08 13:27:59|4 years ago
I went to high school with the Boston Stranger's killer.
2014-07-08 04:02:35|4 years ago
psychological one, very interesting storyline you created there.
2014-06-22 19:10:46|4 years ago
The Boston Strangler was once a high schooler too.