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Krishna Abstract Painting

by Chandranath Banerjee

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Krishna Fine Art

Krishna Abstract Painting

The Krishna Abstract Painting was uploaded by Chandranath Banerjee on Feb-11-2019.
This is Fine Art. This is a form of paintings.
The product will be available in unframed format.

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This one is such a unique Art piece

Rebecca Hollard
such strenght!

Dattaprasad Thite
You have painted His fingers on the flute so suggestively, as if those are controlling the universe!

Ioana Manole
I love the strenght of the raw red, it empowers Krishna. He really looks like a God.

Aarti Bhate
Delightful, wonderful painting, So beautifully done!!

Alojz Drazen
I love this! It\'s so full of power! Great work!